Lucky Shows Off his Sphinx Pose

Today is Monday, and my human tells me that is when many of you go back to that thing called work.  I have mixed feelings about that thing.  As a diabetic cat, my human being away means less ear sticks, so that is good.  But I do miss him when he is away, and the ear sticks to test my blood sugar readings only take a minute.  The rest of the time is enjoyable.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is happy Lucky is feeling playful!Speaking of enjoyable things, my good furiend Lucky is feeling pretty playful.  You can see from this picture that he is feeling much better.  It is amazing what the kind humans at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team and their veterinary partners at Parkway Veterinary Clinic were able to do.  And of course, the star of it all was Lucky himself, who is healing amazingly quickly.

And that amazingly quick healing presented a problem and is why Lucky is still in the spa at Parkway.  Just like you humans, when we felines heal from a wound, the skin contracts.  With the kind of massive wounds that Lucky had, these contractions can cause serious problems.

And that is what happened to poor Lucky about four weeks after his initial injuries.  Lucky is a tough cat otherwise he would not have survived his initial injuries.  But the pain he was suffering from as a result of the contractions in his skin caused him to stop responding to his caretakers, and the veterinarians at Parkway made the decision for immediate surgery to relieve the pain.  If Lucky wasn’t at the spa, he would have suffered longer.

Lucky is now receiving treatments from a cold laser.  He also receives at least two applications of a silver sulfadiazine.ointment each day.  Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Lucky and His Cute Toes

Unless there are unexpected complications, Lucky won’t need any more surgery.  He will, however, need another two months to finish healing.  His wounds are down to two large abrasions.  If you remember, when Lucky first went to be treated, this represents tremendous progress.

Lucky is another example of how special needs cats, whether they are diabetic cats like me or victims of cruelty like Lucky, have lots of love to give.  If you’re the right human for us, let us into your home and heart!

Interesting Facts About Polydactyl Cats

Is everyone having a good Sunday Funday?  I hope you are.  Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I’m not just a diabetic cat, but I am also a polydactyl cat.  Yes, I am a mitten kitten, Hemingway cat, or a poly.  And my thumbs are semi-opposable.  I use them more as pincers, but they allow me to pick up things and do things that amuse my human.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's right paw with the extra toeWell, except when he has to do what humans who take care of diabetic cats do with the ear sticks for blood testing and shots of insulin.  Then I am not happy with him, and those extra toes come in handy in expressing this.

There are many things that people do not know about polydactyls like me.  Courtesy of Catster, here are some interesting facts about polydactyls:

  • Polydactyly comes from a genetic abnormality.  Most cats have 18 toes, with four regular toes and a dew claw on the front and four toes in the rear.  In my case, I had five full toes with a dew claw on the front, and four regular toes and a dew claw on my rear toes.  My human had the front dew claws removed because they were always becoming ingrown.
  • The term polydactyl comes from Greek.  It’s a combination of the word poly, meaning many, and daktylos, meaning digits.
  • The term Hemingway cat comes from a gift of a white polydactyl cat to the famed writer.  A ship’s captain gave a white polydactyl cat to Ernest Hemingway, wBagheera the Diabetic Cat's fellow polydactyls at the Hemingway homeho may have been the ultimate cat guy.  He had as many as 50 cats, and around half of them were polydactyls.  If you visit the Hemingway home in Key West, you will see some of Snowball’s descendents.
  • The most toes on record for a cat was 28.  He is an orange and white tabby from Canada.  There are rumors of a cat with 32 toes.  However, there are no pictures of this cat, who was called Mickey Mouse.  And it’s possible he had double paws, which is different than polydactyly.
  • Many Maine Coons are polydactyls.  It only makes sense.  Having that extra toe helps get through the snow that is prevalent where Maine Coons originated.  At one point, up to 40 percent of these cats were polydactyls.  Polydactyly is an accepted breed trait for Maine Coons at cat shows.
  • Mariners used to consider polydactyl cats good luck.  Our extra toes helped us balance in rough seas, and they also were rumored to make us better mousers.  Our travels on ships may explain why you can find us in so many places.

My extra toes are why my human has said that I’ve always been a special cat.  Since I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, he says we just added “needs” into there.

And now you know why polydactyl cats like me are special!

A Round Up for the Week

Hello, everyone.  It is Caturday today, and so my human didn’t get a chance to post for me until now.  He was busy volunteering at an urban garden near where we live.  So he gets to to play around a lot of plants, and he does not let Jacey and me out on the balcony?  We want our catnip!  I will have to have a talk with him, and may have to swat him a time or two. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wishes You Happy Caturday

He did not completely ignore me, though.  Diabetic cats like me need to get our insulin even on what you humans call the weekend, so he was up early to give it to me.

I wrote about the things that you humans have to consider when you want to adopt a diabetic cat like me.  We sugar cats need homes, but it has to be a home where the human can handle the additional responsibilities.  If not, then maybe adopting another special needs cat or a black cat might be good.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend LincolnAnd remember this is a good month to adopt a cat who is less likely to find a home.  June is adopt a shelter cat month.  You can find wonderful cats who need homes this month.  Please consider a special needs cat if you can.  If you can’t, won’t you let a black cat into your life?  They are the last to be adopted, and you can’t tell me that a black cat like my furiend Linky isn’t adorable and loving.

Speaking of kind humans who take care of cats, there is my favorite charity, Diabetic Cats in NeedThey are in the lead for a contest to win $1,500 in credit at a low cost vet clinic called Helping Hands.  Can you help them win?  They do wonderful things for diabetic cats with humans who do not have the ability to handle the added responsibilities that a diabetic cat requires.  They provide financial assistance and help rehome diabetic cats.  Let’s help them win!

I hope you all enjoy your Caturday!

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.