Little Bear Needs Your Healing Thoughts

When my human first told me I should blog to raise awareness of diabetic cats, I thought that was all I would do.  But then I saw that there were so many special needs cats who needed attention.  I can’t help them all.  But I want to help as many of my fellow special needs felines as I can.

One of my favorite special needs cats is Little Bear.  You may know his story from the Amaze Cats contest, as he was the winner of the contest.  He beat many of my furiends, including Lincoln the formerly quadriplegic cat; Anakin the two legged cat; and Pretzel.

In case you don’t know Little Bear’s story, he was born with severely deformed legs.  As a diabetic cat, I have to deal with ear sticks and insulin shots to treat my condition.  That is nothing compared to what LittleMeet Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Little Bear Bear has had to endure.

Little Bear’s hind legs are backwards.  It’s like you took his right foot and put it where his left leg ends, and did the same with his left foot.  But while this presented a challenge, it’s nothing compared to what happened to his front legs.

His front legs were bent in the shape of an L.  It’s like if you humans had arms that were fused in that shape and you were born without an elbow joint.  In order to correct this condition, Little Bear had to endure two surgeries from the veterinarians at Tufts.  In March, Little Bear had the first surgery, and it went well.  He obviously wasn’t very happy, and he Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants you to Send Healing Thoughts to Little Bearhad to learn to use the straightened leg, but he recovered and went back for the second surgery.

After the second surgery, things did not go as well.  A few days after returning home, Little Bear stopped eating, and was running a fever of 103.  He went back to Tufts to get an IV, and to be monitored closely.

Little Bear seems to be doing a lot better, and his human is hopeful that he can return home either today or tomorrow.  If you look at this picture of him and his human, you can tell they have a very special bond.

Please send healing thoughts to Little Bear.  He is a tough cat who is dealing with challenges that make the ear sticks and insulin shots a diabetic cat has to endure look like nothing.  He needs your thoughts so he can recover more quickly.

A Very Happy Rescue Near This Diabetic Cat

Hi, everypawdy!  I love to share happy stories with my human friends because it makes this diabetic cat’s heart beat quicker, and helps reduce the blood sugar.  Or so my human thinks.

Today I get to share a story of a very happy rescue that’s near me.  As you know, I live with my human and Jacey in San Diego.  Well, the San Diego Humane Society shaBagheera the Diabetic Cat is so happy Karma was rescuedred a heartwarming story of a kitten rescue and I wanted to pass it along to you.

About a month ago, field officers with the San Diego Humane Society responded to a call of a cat meowing between the walls of a barber shop.  They searched for a way to get to the cat, but found out that the cat was unfortunately trapped between the walls.  Making things worse, the poor girl had been stuck there for two days.

It’s important for you humans to remember that we are nimble, agile, and fast, but sometimes, we can get ourselves into situations we cannot get ourselves out of.  That is what happened here.

With no alternatives, the officers contacted the owner of the building, and got permission to cut into the wall to help the cat escape.  And the fire department, which you humans love to joke always gets cats out of trees, came in and cut a hole in the wall so the officers could get the cat.

After the kitten, who was later named Karma, was released, she was immediately taken to the San Diego Humane Society’s Paws Kitten Nursery.  Karma quickly grew stronger as she was given food, medicine, and lots of love.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat introduces Karma the KittenAnd the best part of this story is that Karma found a furever home last week.  She is just one of the nearly 2,000 kittens that the San Diego Humane Society will admit into their kitten nursery this season.

Wonderful stories like this are why my human donates to the San Diego Humane Society.  If you’d like to help create some more, you can donate to them in my name.  And if you can’t donate, please share this story.

Don’t you just love happy endings?

Three Happy Stories to Start off Your Week

I hope you had a great weekend.  Today is Monday, so that means that this diabetic cat will be abandoned for a while when my human goes to that place called work.  I don’t like how this work thing has a leash on my human.  Why can’t he refuse to have that leash put on him like I do?

I don’t want him to leave because I want to celebrate three happy stories.  First is what’s going on with my furiend Lucky‘s recovery.  In case you don’t remember, Lucky was tortured by an evil human who doused him with acid, but he was rescued by the Homeless Animal Rescue Team in Fairfax and is recovering.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is So Happy Lucky is Healing!Lucky had a visit from two humans on Friday.  One was shorter, and kept talking to him.  The other one had a camera and kept on taking Lucky’s picture.  One of the pictures shows how well he is healing.

You can see from the picture that Lucky’s wounds are a lot less raw and red than they were.  In fact, Lucky is healing so well that they are going to close some of the wounds that were left intentionally open.

Bindy, who was beaten because she got pregnant and saved by Michigan Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Bindy is EatingCat Rescue, is also doing better.  Remember that the big concern about Bindy was that she was not eating on her own.  She was being fed with a syringe.  But this weekend, Bindy started to eat on her own!  Bindy likes to have her foster human right there when she is eating.  And while she is still on medication and weak, the fact that Bindy is eating is a huge step forward.

Finally, Tenth Life had a wonderful story to share.  On Easter Sunday, some cruel human threw a cat out of a car and then kept on driving.  A kind human was walking by, saw this happen, and picked up the sweet girl, who Tenth Life named Easter Lily.  Not surprisingly, after being tossed from the car, Easter Lily was bleeding from the mouth, and had shredded nails.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Easter Lily is HomeShe was sent to a foster home, and was recovering, but then just when you thought her story couldn’t get sadder, it did.  Easter Lily escaped.  Many kind humans volunteered to help Tenth Life find Easter Lily, and they went out in the cold rain to do it.  And it paid off, because Easter Lily was found!

Now do you see why this diabetic cat wanted his human to be around today?  Wouldn’t it be fun to celebrate this with him?  Unfortunately, as a diabetic cat, I cannot have cake.  But maybe I would watch my human eat it.

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.