Lucky’s Furiend Fortune Wants a Furever Home

I hope that all of you kind humans are having a good day.  As you know by now, I don’t just share stories about diabetic cats, but of all special needs cats.

I am sure you are all familiar with Lucky‘s story.  He continues to recover, and he is not yet ready for a furever home.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants Fortune to Find a Furever HomeBut because of your kindness, the wonderful humans at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team were also able to rescue another cat at the shelter where they found Lucky.  And this sweet girl, named Fortune, is now ready for a furever home.

Fortune had been at the shelter even longer than poor Lucky.  She, too, had a wound on her neck, and she also was stuck in the shelter until HART rescued her.

She is now completely healed and ready for a furever home.  And she’s a very smart and loving cat.  She managed to pull up the heating vent in the room where she was kept and went for a stroll through the ducts!Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants Fortune to Find a Furever Home

Fortune doesn’t get overstimulated anymore, but she will let you know when her limits are reached.  She is a total lap cat and a purring machine.

But there is one thing that makes her a special needs cat like me.  And while we are both grey cats, she is not a diabetic cat.  Her condition is worse than mine.  Fortune is FIV positive.

You may think that because of this disease, Fortune cannot go to a home with other cats.  That’s not necessarily true, as FIV can only be spread through deep wounds and scuffles between cats in a home do not usually result in these.

If you are interested in adopting this wonderful girl who just needs a special human to open their heart to a special needs cat, please submit an application to HART.

As a diabetic cat, I am a special needs cat.  I promise you that my fellow special needs cat Fortune will be a loving addition to your home.

What better way to celebrate adopt a shelter cat month than adopting Fortune or another special needs cat?

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

I hope that all of you are having a good day so far.  This month is adopt a shelter cat month and this is something that is very near to this diabetic cat’s heart.  I was adopted from a rescue group, and all of the cats that my human has lived with were rescued cats.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat reminds you June is Adopt a Shelter Cat MonthYesterday I told you about Diabetic Cats in Need, and the wonderful work that they do.  They are just one of the organizations with many cats they hope to adopt out.  In their case, of course, they take care of diabetic cats like me.

But there are many cats who are in shelters through no fault of their own.  Most trap, neuter, and return organizations can tell you stories of the many human friendly strays that they run into.  This isn’t because of the cats.  It’s because of irresponsible humans who leave their cats on the street to fend for themselves.  Even expensive purebred bengal cats are not immune to this, as the story of Duke shows.

The cats who fend for themselves on the street in some ways have it better than many cats.  Cats who end up in shelters pretty much have a death sentence attached to them.  Seven out of ten cats who go to shelters end up euthanized.  Kittens have a good chance of getting adopted, but adult cats, especially those with special needs like diabetic cats, are pretty much doomed.  A black diabetic cat may as well have a needle stuck in him when he gets put in the cage initially.  He’s not getting adopted.

That is why the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States, and American Humane Association all back June as Adopt a Shelter Cat month.  Because this is kitten season, shelters which are normally crowded are now overflowing with cats needing a furever home. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat reminds you June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

There are so many things that you can do.  You can adopt a cat, but if that’s not feasible, you can volunteer, donate money or goods, or just spread the word.  If you’re going to adopt, please consider adopting a diabetic cat like me or other special needs cat.

Help a deserving cat get a second chance at life.  Even just sharing this story helps.

Vote for Diabetic Cats in Need

Hello, everypawdy!  One of my favorite organizations is Diabetic Cats in Need.  They help humans who do not have the resources to care for diabetic cats, and they also help by fostering and adopting out cats who are suffering from diabetes.  One of my human furiends adopted a diabetic cat named Missy from them.  DCIN was able to move Missy all the way from the east coast to California and she is settling in well.

Diabetic Cats in Need had this handsome boy treated at Helping HandsNow they are entered into a contest to win $1,500 in surgical services from Helping Hands, which is a low cost veterinary surgical center in Richmond, Virginia.  Several cats from DCIN had their dental treatment done at Helping Hands, and the results were very good.  Since DCIN often turns to Helping Hands to treat their cats, having a credit there would go a long way to making sure diabetic cats like me get to stay in their homes or find new ones.

It is very easy to vote.  All you have to do is go to the Helping Hands website, scroll down to where the voting takes place, and click on the group you’d like to vote for.

I know I ask you to vote for me in the Modern Cat cover contest every day, and I’ve been doing this for a while now.  But unlike that contest, which runs for a few months, this contest only runs for about two weeks. Diabetic Cats in Need

DCIN is up against many other very worthy groups and they need your help.  Many of you kind humans have given money to help Michigan Cat Rescue take care of Bindy, or to help Lucky with his treatment, or to help Simba get his enclosure.

Here is a chance for you to help a charity that is very dear to this diabetic cat’s heart because of who they help.  And it won’t cost you any money.  But it may save a cat’s life!  Please vote and share this link, and vote every day between now and June 16.

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.