Happy My Human is Around, But…

Today is one of the days where my human is around a lot.  Both Jacey and I love him, but there are some things that he does that drive us nuts.  Jacey likes to open drawers and cabinets, and when he is not around to tell her no, she does it as she pleases.  Bagheera the Diabetic Cat sees Jacey do this a lotBut when he is here, he will tell her to stop, and she does.  She doesn’t like it, but she does it out of respect for him.

And for a diabetic cat, when the human is around, it means lots of ear sticks.  This is so he can get a better feel for what my blood sugar is doing.  I got an ear stick first thing in the morning with my morning food and before my morning shot, but that is something I expect.

Then my human went back to sleep for a while, so I was left alone and wandered around the house.  It has been relatively cool, so my human opened the window and I sat by it so I could smell the outside air and watch what was going on.

He woke up, and used that noisy machine that makes some kind of brown liquid from these beans that it grinds.  I do not like that machine because it is noisy, but I tolerate it because my human tells me he needs it.  And just when my annoyance from that loud machine went away, he gave me another ear stick.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's human helps grow food like thisWell, then the human went to volunteer at an urban farm, and he came back smelling bad.  Jacey and I do like to smell the neighborhood on him, but not like that.  He did bring some noms back, but he told us that they are for humans, not us felines.  At least he let us out on the balcony so we could nibble on the catnip, but guess what I got?  Another ear stick.

Such is the dilemma of a diabetic cat.  Having my human around means that Jacey cannot be as playful as she likes to be, which means she does not have as much fun.  But at least she doesn’t have to deal with the ear sticks because she is not a diabetic cat.

My human has made this tolerable, though, with some noms and lots of pats on the head.  So I guess I will keep him around.

Check Out Another Blog About Diabetic Cats

Hello, good furiends.  It is almost the weekend, and this is a mix of good and bad news for a diabetic cat.  It means I get to spend more time with my human, which is always good.  It also means that I’ll get more ear sticks, as this is his chance to see what my blood sugar levels do throughout the day.  During the week, when he is at that work thing, he cannot do this, so he takes advantage of the weekend to get more readings.

If you have some time this weekend to look at interesting blogs, may I recommend one that features writing from a fellow diabetic cat?

Paws and Effect is a blog written by three cats with a little help from their human.  They answer letters from humans who have questions about cat health, behavior, or anything cat related.  The reason they write is simple.  Just like Jacey and me, they cherish the relationships felines like us have with their humans and they want to do what they can to make that relationship a good one.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to meet SiouxsieThere are three four legged advisers, and one is a diabetic cat like me.  Siouxsie Mew is the top cat, and queen of all eastern cats.  Good thing she didn’t claim the western territory, or I would have to let her know that Jacey is better suited for that role.  Siouxsie’s human adopted her when she was only six weeks old, and she wasn’t really ready to eat solid food yet.  But now Siouxsie is fully grown, and she has stepped into her role as the queen very well.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to meet ThomasThere is also Thomas T. Bombadil.  He was three years old when his human adopted him, and had been through a series of traumatic events.  Thomas was not feeling well when his human came to look at cats to adopt, and he was thinking that he wanted his spirit to be free.  But his human adopter saw through his suffering and sickness.  Even though he was covered in mucus from his nose, his human knew he could become a playful and fun boy.  And that’s what he became!

Finally, there is my fellow diabetic cat Belladonna Moonshadow Kelley.  Her human found her at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team shelter in Maine.  Belladonna was there because the humans who were taking care of her didn’t think they could handle the care a diabetic cat requires.  HART has a room full of super sweet sugar kitties like Belladonna and me, and they took her in.  Belladonna and I share more than just being diabetic cats.  We are committed Meet my fellow diabetic cat Belladonnato educating humans on feline diabetes and helping share stories of other diabetic cats that need help.

On what Belladonna calls Sugar Kitty Wednesdays, she highlights a diabetic cat who needs a home.  Maybe you can visit Paws and Effect and see if you can help one of these sugar kitties find a home?

But even if you don’t, and you just want another blog written by felines to read, please visit my furiends there.  This weekend would be a great time to start!

Help Kiwi the Shelter Kitty’s Humans

Hello, kind humans.  I have to share some sad news today.  One of my favorite furiends on Facebook was Kiwi the Shelter Kitty.  She often posted stories about special needs cats and asked people to help adopt them.  As a diabetic cat, any feline that wanted to help special needs cats is fine by me.  Kiwi the Shelter Kitty also came from the same place where my human started his love affair with cats.  And she lived close to where I lived before my human moved to southern California.  So I share a special kinship with my fellow feline Kiwi.

Kiwi’s humans clearly loved her, and she loved them.  She referreBagheera the Diabetic Cat sends headbonks to Achilles the Hund to them as Sir Furreh Face and Lady Nom Nom.  They are very kind humans, and they adopted a tripod cat Kiwi called Achilles the Hun.  She called the human in the white coat who took care of her Mr. Grabby Hands.  You had to love Kiwi’s spirit and heart.

She did so much to help her fellow felines, but unfortunately, nothing is forever.  Kiwi was diagnosed with a granulomatous neoplasm enveloping her lung.  Mr. Grabby Hands, as Kiwi referred to him, operated on her to try to remove it and give Kiwi a chance to continue to do her good work.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to help Kiwi the Shelter Kitty's humans

Unfortunately, it was not to be.  Kiwi didn’t make it, and left this world on the operating table.  Her spirit said that she knew “no greater joy den da gentle care, playful humor, and loyal companionship I shared with my beloved family. Dey risked everyting—der wealth, der credit, der dearest hopes—to bring me to da finest possible vet specialists.”

And now Kiwi’s humans, who are already heartbroken, need help.  Kiwi’s medical bills were very high.  The cost of the surgery, even though it was not successful, is around $9,000.  My human tells me that Kiwi lived in a place with a very high cost of living, so to pay that on top of the bills for things humans need is a tremendous burden.

Kiwi has 7,300 fans.  If ever fan donates just one dollar to help, that will help her humans get a long way to paying her bills.  I know how generous Bagheera the Diabetic Cat’s Buddies are.  There are 1,250 of you.  If each of you donates just one dollar, that will get Kiwi’s humans very close to where they need to be.

These humans are suffering already, because they have lost their dear feline friend.  Can you help so that they do not suffer too much financially?

It would make this diabetic cat very happy, and it would make Kiwi’s spirit happy.

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.