Miracles Continue for Burned Kitten Justin

Hello, everypawdy.  I hope that you enjoyed Jacey stepping in for me yesterday.  I figured it would be good to let her talk.  Every now and then, this diabetic cat likes to take a day off so yesterday was a good day for Jacey to talk.  And boy, does she ever like to talk!

You will remember that I shared the story about burned kitten Justin with you.  Thanks to kind humans like you, Justin was given a chance to recover.  While he will bear scars of his abuse for the rest of his life, he has made a miraculous recovery thanks to the efforts of Animal Alliance of New Jersey and Crown Veterinary Specialists.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's furiend JustinWell, Justin is doing a lot better, as you can see.  He has decided that he likes his lamb chop and he is going to hug it so that it is not taken away from him.  You can see the scars, as he’s missing most of his ears, but other than that, doesn’t he look like a happy, playful kitten?

The lamb chop was a gift from his foster cousins, and Justin took right to it.  There’s nothing like having a furry friend like the gift you give him!

Justin is acting like a normal kitten in some other ways.  Sometimes, he is very mischievous.  Other times, he likes to be wrapped up in a little blanket like the little baby that he is.  He also loves to hop into baskets.  And just like many cats, Justin loves to get massages behind his ears.  He rewards his foster human with purrs and kisses.

You can see how well he has recovered.  He’s just as playful as any other kitten.  Isn’t he adorable?  The missing ears almost make him cuter!

Justin is another special needs cat that I love to talk about.  Whether they are diabetic cats like me, or cats recovering from abuse like Justin, what is important is that there is nothing wrong with our hearts.

Jacey Wishes You a Happy Fourth

Hello, kind humans.  Today is the Fourth of July and here in the United States, it means that our human does not have to go to that work thing.  So I decided that I, Bagheera the Diabetic Cat, would take a day off as well.  Jacey has agreed to fill in for me, and she has some things to share with you.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and JaceyHi, everyone.  Bagheera has turned the blog over to me today.  He and our human both agree that allowing me to talk now might give them both some peace and quiet later today.  I love to talk, so I will share some interesting stories with you.

The most important thing is that since today is July 4, you humans in the United States need to remember that your pets, whether they are felines like me and Bagheera the Diabetic Cat, or canines, do not like loud noises.  So make sure you keep us safe.

These few days are when the humane societies in the United States get the most calls about lost pets.  It’s bad enough for a pet without special needs, but for a diabetic cat like Bagheera, it can be deadly.  So be careful today, and be extra careful if you have a special needs pet.

Speaking of special needs cats, remember our furiend Lucky?  He is such a sweet boy that he is trying to help other cats that need furever homes.  You’ve heard about his rescue mate Fortune.  He has Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey send healing thoughts to Ericanother one who can use your healing thoughts.

Eric is a kitten who is the result of irresponsible humans.  Someone dumped an unwanted, unaltered cat at a kind human’s barn.  Eric was born as a result, and he overcame two rounds of a nasty upper respiratory infection that killed many of his siblings.

He is facing a third bout with the disease, and he is in bad shape.  But I think that if we all send warm healing thoughts to Eric, he will pull through.  Please send some his way.  Eric is not a diabetic cat, but Bagheera thinks he is tied to all special needs cats.  And that is why Bagheera wants to highlight him.

Well, from Bagheera, me, and our human, have a fun and safe Fourth!

Abused Cat Bindy Is Ready For Adoption

You kind humans remember that I shared the story of Bindy, who was abused because some cruel humans decided that she needed to be punished for getting pregnant.  Michigan Cat Rescue took Bindy in, and she was in bad shape.  She wasn’t eating, and had to be fed with a syringe.  She also had an infection that needed to be treated.  And there was the problem with the poor girl’s eye.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to meet fellow special needs cat BindyWell, Bindy has come a long way from the abused, frail, sick cat since Michigan Cat Rescue started her on the path to recovery.  First she started to eat on her own.  Then she started to come out and interact with the her foster humans.  And now, she has taken the final step and is ready for a furever home!

Bindy will always be a special needs cat.  But as you hopefully have learned by now, a diabetic cat like me does require some extra attention, but not too much.  Bindy will require less attention, because her condition won’t get worse without treatment and can’t be treated anyway.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat loves how much better Bindy looks

Bindy went to see an eye specialist a couple of days ago, and the specialist had good news.  Many of us thought that Bindy lost her eye when she was abused.  She didn’t.  An ultrasound showed that Bindy didn’t have an eye in the empty socket to begin with.  So she was always a one eyed cat.

Amazingly, despite being abused, Bindy is a very sweet and loving cat.  She is shy, but this is not surprising at all.  If you give Bindy time, she will warm up to you.  She will need to be adopted into a quiet home, and having a mellow cat who will keep her company would be ideal.  Bindy is afraid of dogs, so she cannot go to a home with canines present.

Michigan Cat Rescue would prefer to adopt Bindy to a home in Michigan.  If you live there, and would like to adopt her, please fill out their adoption form.

Bindy is another cat that shows whether they are diabetic cats like me or have other special needs, for the right humans, we can be very loving companions.  Bindy deserves a loving home, and I hope she finds one soon!

I am a bengal cat who was born in 2005. In the summer of 2012, I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat. I want everyone to know that diabetic cats like me are just as fun and loving as cats without the disease.