Can you Help Michigan Cat Rescue?

I hope you are all having a good day.  Do you remember my fellow special needs cat Bindy?  I feel a little strange calling myself a special needs cat when I compare being a diabetic cat with a human who loves him and who takes care of him with what happened to Bindy.  She was beaten by the humans who were supposed to take care of her.  Why?  Because they didn’t do what humans should do with all of us felines and get us fixed.  So Bindy got pregnant, and then they abused her.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to help Michigan Cat RescueWell, a wonderful organization called Michigan Cat Rescue nursed Bindy back to health, and now she is available to a human who will give her a good home.

Bindy is not the only one of my fellow felines that Michigan Cat Rescue has helped.  She is just one of many cats that they are looking to place in a furever home.

Now, so many people have said that if they could adopt Bindy, they would.  Or that if they lived closer to her, they would give her a good home.  And that is a wonderful thing to say, but you can do something even if you don’t live anywhere near Bindy.  You can help the organization that saved her and helBagheera the Diabetic Cat hopes you can donate this foodped her heal.

Michigan Cat Rescue is in need of kitten food.  They feed their kittens Purina One kitten food or Purina One Pro Plan kitten food.  If you are close to them, you can purchase a bag of this food and place it at Classic Pet Supply in Warren, Michigan.  If you do not live in the area, you can call Classic Pet Supply at 586-774-5047 and tell them you’d like to purchase food for the rescue group.  Or, if you like, you can go to their PayPal account and donate through there.

Let’s help a group that helps so many of my fellow felines, including cats like Bindy who make a diabetic cat’s challenges look easy.

Things to Love about Polydactyl Cats

Hello, everyone.  Today I want to have a little fun.  As you know, I am a diabetic cat, a bengal cat, and a polydactyl cat.  That makes me a very unique cat!  I recently told you some interesting things about polydactyl cats.

Well, one of the people at Catster decided that just knowing interesting things about polydactyl cats wasn’t enough.  She decided that she had to highlight the things she loves about us.  And she certainly knows about polydactyls, since she is in Maine.  The Maine Coon is one breed that is well known for having cats with extra toes

Well, here are my thoughts on what she loves about us polydactyl cats:

  • We have built in snowshoes.  She says that snowshoe cats do not have anything on polydactyl cats.  Well, she probably is right, but just because we can walk in the snow does not mean we want to.  When my human lived in Maryland, I would touch that cold white stuff and turn around and go back inside.  Now that I am a southern California cat, the idea of snow and me is just not something I want to Bagheera the Diabetic Cat as a mitten kittenentertain!
  • We are really cute as kittens.  My human called me his tiny little mitten kitten when he first got me.  I will let you judge for yourself whether I was cuter than the average kitten because of my extra toes.
  • Polydactyl cats have more feet to massage.  This sounds like a good thing, but I do not like my human fussing with my feet.  If he does, I will swipe at him and bite him, so he doesn’t do it much.
  • We give you lots of nail trimming practice.  Now this is funny to me.  My human trimming my nails?  Forget it.  As a diabetic cat, I am used to getting my blood sugar levels tested.  Let’s just say that if my human tried to trim my nails, he would be able to do the same with his blood.  There is a good reason for this and it highlights the downside of being a polydactyl cat.  My dew claws got ingrown, and it bothered me.  So I did not like my human messing with my paw or my nails.  He eventually had the dew claws removed so that it would not cause me any pain.
  • Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's extra toeWe can use our extra toes like thumbs.  Yes we can.  And I do things that amaze my human’s friends.  I have even been able to pick up pens and pencils and hold them between my first finger and my thumb, just like you humans.  Give me enough time and I will learn to write, and then my human is in big trouble.

What do you humans think of these things?  Are they more reasons to love us polydactyl cats?

I have always been a special cat because of my extra toes.  Now, as a diabetic cat, I’m extra special!

Our Furiend Lucky Has Left the Spa!

Lately, much of the news I have shared with you has been sad news.  So today, I am very happy to give you wonderful news.  You remember that our furiend Lucky was recovering from the horrible injuries that were inflicted on him.  A cruel human dumped acid on our ginger boy.  But after that horrible treatment by one human, many humans rallied to help Lucky recover.

His wounds were gruesome and ugly, and he had to stay at the recovery room at Parkway Veterinary Clinic.  As a diabetic cat, I complain a lot about the needle sticks and ear sticks.  That is nothing compared to what Lucky had to deal with.

But this didn’t stop Lucky from showing that he had a big heart and lots of love to give.  He even called the recovery room the spa!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Lucky has a home!The spa was Lucky’s home for months, as the injuries that were inflicted on him healed.  It was always supposed to be a temporary place for Lucky, and while he was happy there, he always wanted to go to a home.

Well, today, Lucky got his wish.  He left the spa today, and made it to a foster home.  There were many people who wanted to take in this brave and loving cat so that he could experience the love and care that he deserves.  While Lucky would have been happy to go to any of these homes, he ended up going to the home of the photographer who has shared so many wonderful pictures of Lucky with us.

Lucky will have an appearance in the Washington DC area coming up, and he says he has a new furiend to share with us.  And don’t forget, Lucky already has one furiend who is looking for a furever home, Fortune. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Fortune needs a home

Lucky, Fortune, and me are all special needs cats.  I am a diabetic cat.  Lucky had to deal with his horrible injuries.  And Fortune had to deal with a bad wound on her neck and is fighting FIV.

But while our challenges are all different, there is one common bond we have.  As this video of Lucky making biscuits should show you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with our hearts.

When it’s time for you to bring another furiend into your life and home, I hope you will consider adopting a special needs one.