African Jungle Cat Hybrid Simba Needs Help

Remember how I told you the story of Simba, who is 75 percent African jungle cat?  He still needs our help.  Diabetic cats like me require a little extra attention, but we are domestic cats and we do not act like early generation hybrids like Simba do.

The proof of this occurred when Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue, where Simba is receiving lots of love, had a surprise visit due to completely false reports of animal neglect.  Because of the report, the local animal control officials had to visit Spots and Stripes and examine all of the animals.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Says Leave Exotics in the Zoo!The result was Simba acting like this, even after the human he didn’t know left.  And this was towards the human who is taking care of him, who he had started to trust.  He was in full defensive mode, refusing to eat, and extremely upset.

Spots and Stripes is seeking donations to pay for an enclosure for Simba.  For a few more days, any donations for the enclosure will be matched.  The enclosure will cost $1,850, and it will allow Simba to have a home where he can enjoy himself and where Spots and Stripes can continue to work with him.

Now, you may think, an enclosure?  How cruel for such a beautiful creature.  That’s not true.  The enclosure is really the only way that Simba will be able to live with Spots and Stripes because he is so much larger than the other cats that he can do some serious damage.  I am a large cat.  One of the reasons I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat is because I dropped down to 12 pounds.  I am now up to 18 pounds.  But Simba dwarfs even me! Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad to See Simba in a Better Mood

This is Simba in a better mood.  Would you like to see him in this mood all the time?  You can help do this by donating for his enclosure.  Whether it’s $1, $10, or $100, your donation will help Simba have a happier life.

Can you show Simba just a little of the love you’ve shown this diabetic cat?  Please donate if you can.  If you can’t donate, please share this so that others can.

Justin Brings Out Best in Humans

Being a diabetic cat is not easy, but I know I have a human who loves me and will care for and protect me.  Unfortunately, not all of my feline friends have the same.  Poor Justin, a four week old kitten who only weighed one pound at the time, did not have this.  And an evil human took advantage of this to torture the poor kitten.

Justin was found burning in the middle of an intersection in Philadelphia.  Right after the evil, cruel deed, though, the good deeds from humans started.

A kind human put a coat on Justin to smother the flames, saving the poor kitten’s life.  He was taken to Crown Veterinary Specialists, where he was treated for his injuries.  And they were horrible.  He suffered second and third degree burns on his back and head.  These burns forced the veterinarians to remove most of his ears.  His back has bald splotches, and he bears the scars of his torture.

Justin’s story spread very far and wide.  Humans from everywhere wanted to help this poor kitten.  Justin’s medical expenses were paid for by donations that totaled $20,000, coming as far away as the other side of the planet in New Zealand.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants you to Meet JustinJust my furiend Lucky, Justin will have no problem finding a human to give him a furever home with lots of love.  More than 100 applications to adopt Justin have flooded Animal Alliance, which is the organization that took in Justin and got him the attention he needed.

This adorable kitten has doubled his weight since the attack, and he is recovering from the last of his surgeries.  He had the last part of his burnt ears removed.  Wounds on his back were closed, and the scarring tissue from the burns on his back was treated for the last time.

The human who runs Animal Alliance said it best.  The evil done to Justin is very sad, but then when you see the heartwarming response to the torture, it restores your faith in humanity.

This diabetic cat is honored to share a species name with a tough little kitten like Justin.

Maggie’s Eyelids Are Healing Nicely

Do you remember my furiend Maggie, who was born with no eyelids?  You’ll remember that she was rescued by kind humans after being tossed in a dumpster, and she had surgery to fix her eyelids.  Every time I think it’s tough being a diabetic cat, I remember that there are many other felines out there with far more difficult challenges.

Maggie had to go back in to get some follow up surgery.  It wasn’t as long or challenging as the surgery she had before to give her eyelids.  It was just a touch up, so that her eyelids wouldn’t irritate her eyes and scratching her cornea.

You see, when Maggie got her eyelids constructed, there were some very small hairs on the skin that was used to create the eyelids.  Now, for most parts of the body, those tiny hairs wouldn’t mean a thing.  It wouldn’t matter for a human, and it certainly would mean nothing for a cat who has fur.

But because they were in heBagheera the Diabeitc Cat is so Happy Maggie is Recoveringr eyes, it was like having tiny little pieces of sand constantly rubbing against her eyes and scratching her corneas.

So on Thursday, Maggie had to go in to get those hairs removed through a technique called cryosurgery.  The hairs were frozen so they would fall out and not grow back, and Maggie’s eyelids would stop irritating her.  This surgery had the potential to make Maggie’s eyelids look puffy and swollen, but she wouldn’t be in any pain and she would have those annoying little hairs removed.

I am happy to tell you that Maggie’s surgery went very well.  She was a little groggy due to the anesthesia when she went back to her humans.  But she recovered well and she was hopping between the laps of her humans even when she was wearing the cone of shame.

She is now happy at home and spunky enough to want to compete with me in the Modern Cat cover contest.  Well, I am fine with her competing against me.  Whether it’s a diabetic cat like me or a cat with far greater challenges than a diabetic cat faces, having a special needs cat win is big.

It will show many humans that there is nothing wrong with a special needs cat’s heart