Give Smokey the Cat a Paw High Five

Hello, everyone!  I hope you are having a good day.  I want to introduce you to a new furiend of mine.  Smokey’s story started off sadly, but it has a happy ending.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Introduces SmokeyPoor Smokey was abandoned by his first humans, and he had to find a place to live.  Being resilient, just like all of us cats are, he found an old house for shelter.  It was dirty, smelly, damp, and had lots of nasty things in it.  But at least it kept Smokey out of the rain.  He was able to get in and out of the place by going through one of many broken windows.

One night, Smokey was going through the neighborhood exploring, and he found a nice, warm, comfortable seat.  It was on the porch of the humans who would take Smokey in.  Since Smokey is a black cat, he thought he would blend in and nobody would see him.  Well, one of his humans did, and turned on the light and said hello to Smokey.  At the time, Smokey didn’t like humans too much, so he ran away.

Night after night, Smokey would come back to visit and his humans would feed him and give him water.  Smokey started to go into the house, and spend time with his humans.  One day he went in, and his humans wouldn’t let him out.  And in the morning, they let Smokey out, but with a catch.  He went into a box and then into a car.  This diabetic cat hates those rides.  Smokey did, too.

Smokey went to the SPCA to make sure he wasn’t some other human’s cat, and after after they found he had no microchip, he was given to his current humans.  That was nice, but then Smokey had to deal with another shock, and it’s one that this diabetic cat can sympathize with.  His humans moved.

It was a nice place, with a pond, and a balcony that overlooks it.  But Smokey wasn’t sure about this place.  Cats always need a little time to get used to their surroundings.  It took me a while, and it did Smokey.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Introduces Smokey

But Smokey is very happy now.  He’s in a place where his humans love him and will never abandon him.  And he loves to play with them and just like me, he occasionally play bites.  But his humans don’t mind.

Smokey is another case of a cat that many humans would ignore became a loving and friendly creature after being shown love.  My human tells me that since I am a diabetic cat, I shouldn’t get my heart beating too fast.  I can’t help it.  His happy story makes my little feline heart beat quickly.

A Very Special Cat Needs Help

Hello to my furiends.  I send you happy wishes for the day, because I have a story that started horribly but which could have a happy ending if you help.  You know I am a diabetic cat, but I have a human who takes care of me and protects me.  Unfortunately for one cat, he didn’t.

This diabetic cat wants you to help LuckyMeet Lucky.  You won’t think his name fits after you read about what happened, but in some ways, he is.

Lucky was turned in to an animal shelter and taken to a veterinary clinic, where one of the vet techs shared the story of Lucky.  Originally, the story was that Lucky had been hit by a car.  A cat who survived that truly deserves the name Lucky.  Well, the truth was far worse.

Some sick human decided that it would be fun to dump acid on Lucky, and he suffered second degree burns as a result.  His shoulders, neck, and back of his head were covered with blisters.  Some of the acid had even crept into the corner of one of his eyelids.  You can see the damage inflicted by clicking here, but be warned that the image is very disturbing.

Put an animal, or even a human, in this much pain and you are likely to receive a aggressive response when you try to help them.  Pain and suffering causes animals of all sorts to react aggressively.  That’s nature’s defense mechanism.Just a peek at Lucky's injuries. They make this diabetic cat sad

Not Lucky.  Even though he was in a lot of pain, not only did he hold back, but he was purring and making biscuits the whole time his injuries were being treated.

A rescue society called the Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) has stepped in to help Lucky recover.  But they need some help.  Lucky’s veterinary bills will likely be very high, because of the damage done by the evil human who doused him with acid.  The bills for a diabetic cat are high enough.  They’ll be nothing compared to what Lucky’s are.

Can you help HART give Lucky the treatment he needs and deserves so he can recover?  If you can’t donate, please share this with everyone you can.

You have all rallied around this diabetic cat.  Now it’s time to rally around Lucky.

A Lost Leg Won’t Break Pretzel’s Spirit

I like to highlight special needs cats so that you humans can learn that we do have challenges normal cats don’t face.  But regardless of they are diabetic cats like me or cats with more challenging issues, one thing we have for sure is spirit.

That’s the case with Pretzel, who is also known as the Little Kitty Who CouldPretzel was born blind and with twisted back legs.  She was likely born to a feral cat who was suffering from distemper, and this may be what caused the birth defects.

Pretzel's challenges make a diabetic cat's look easyShe found a human who was willing to take her in and deal with all of these issues.  Pretzel had surgery on her right rear leg and things looked good, but then she got sick.  This sickness seemed to have caused the blood flow in her rear right leg to stop and the poor girl, who had been through so much already, had to give up the leg.

The surgery to remove Pretzel’s right rear leg took place on April 11.  Fortunately for Pretzel, the surgery went well.  Remember how I told you she hasn’t lost any of her spirit?  Well, this is definitely true because there was no recovery period for this girl.  Once the drugs wore off, she hopped up and started acting like she owned the animal hospital!

Pretzel returned home and quickly became the same spunky, spirited girl she was with all four legs.  She even started helping her humans make their bed again.

She’s facing the challenge of getting used to moving around on three legs instead of four.  Pretzel does fall on her face more than her human would like, but that’s nothing after all she’s been through.

This diabetic cat has nothing on Pretzel.  But if she can be a wonderful and loving cat for the right human — just listen to that purr — there’s no reason a special needs cat won’t be a great pet for you!