Meet Tango, A Cat With Cerebral Palsy

Hi, my human friends!  I like to highlight diabetic cats, but I also write about other special needs cats.  Today I want to tell you about my furiend Tango.  Like me, Tango’s special need is something you can’t see on the outside.  It’s something that’s wrong on the inside.  He has a disease like what you humans call cerebral palsy.

Tango’s problem is that his brain sometimes doesn’t communicate with the nerves in his legs and his eyes, so he will have instances where he can’t walk and his eyes don’t see.  But most of the time, things work well and he can move around and see just fine.

Because of this disease, some cruel humans dumped him in a garbage can.  What kind of human does that, dumping a helpless kitten into a garbage can?  But some kind humans at a veterinarian’s office took him in, and bottle raised Tango.

Not a Diabetic Cat, but a handsome special needs oneTango was doing pretty well despite his limitations, and the veterinarian’s office had Tango sit up front to greet the creatures who walked on both two and four legs when they came to visit the office.  That was great, as it allowed the office to show off the cat they rescued and the humans bringing in their four legged creatures got to pay some attention to Tango.

Unfortunately, things had to change when Tango was attacked by a dog who was hurt.  Poor Tango was nursed back to health by the veterinarians one more time, but they knew they couldn’t keep him.  So they turned him over to the nice humans at

Tango has lived there for almost four years, and he is the king of what they call the Catio.  He is one of the smaller animals they have rescued, since they take care of a lot of horses!

A diabetic cat like me is similar to Tango in that you humans can’t see the medical issues we have.  But regardless of whether you can see them, they can be treated.  And just like me and Tango, cats with special needs, whether they are diabetic cats or have cerebral palsy, can be loving and fun furiends for the right humans.

Hope You’ve had a Pawsome Weekend

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat on the Catwalk

The weekend is coming to an end here, and I hope that all of you have had a pawsome one.  My human has been busy taking care of the the little odds and ends associated with the move. But since I am a diabetic cat, I still need to be checked on and he always makes sure I’m taken care of.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat on the CatwalkJacey and I like the new place.  The human who had it before apparently cut a hole in between the wall between the kitchen and the bedroom.  She used it as a formal dining room.  So she cut that out so that she could pass the food between the kitchen and the dining room.

Well, my human doesn’t really like the chandelier in what he is using as the bedroom, and he doesn’t like the gap in the wall.  But Jacey and I do.  We like to use it as a little perch where we can sit and watch everything.  It’s a catwalk!

My human went back to the old place this weekend to clean.  It’s so funny how you humans want everything to be so clean.  We are happy if we have a littler box to poop in and we can clean ourselves.  But you humans want everything to be pretty much spotless.  So my human spent something like four hours cleaning yesterday!

He also got to see the cat that lives upstairs from where we used to, who always used to talk to me and Jacey.  Well, that cat was looking down, and saw my human.  He talked to my human, and the humans from upstairs came out.  They told my human that cat would come out every morning, trying to talk to me and Jacey and that he was sad that we left.

My human went back today to get some things taken care of that he didn’t yesterday, and he saw the cat again.  He told the cat that Jacey and I were fine, and that we were happy in our new place.  He gave that cat some eye blink kisses and the cat gave them back.  Now that he knows we are okay, he is happy.

Some humans say that cats are not social creatures, but when you think about what happened with Jacey, me, and our furiend from upstairs, we are.  Even diabetic cats like me like having furiends around although we wouldn’t let them see us getting our shots.

Update on Diabetic Cat Missy and Bengal Cat Duke

Happy Friday, everyone!  As a polydactyl cat, I am one of the few cats that can give you a high five.  And I am really in the mood to give everyone a high five because I have good news about two of the cats I told you about.  I told you about my fellow diabetic cat Missy, who needed a new home quick, and my fellow bengal cat Duke, who had been living on the streets for three years.

My human tells me that you punish evil humans by giving them an injection like you do to us felines when you put us to sleep.  But sometimes, a governor can grant clemency and save that human’s life.  I understand that you call the place where the people who are set to be put down death row.

That was the story of Missy, a sweet diabetic cat who was on death row with less than a week to live.  I am so happy to tell you that a very kind human who read about Missy contacted Diabetic Cats in Need and adopted her.  Missy is now in California, and she is in a home where she is loved.

Missy the Diabetic CatMissy’s new human said that she is settling in nicely and getting used to her new furever home.  She isn’t eating much, because she’s a little nervous about being in a new place with humans she doesn’t really know well yet.

But the good news is that Missy’s blood sugar levels aren’t high enough to require insulin!  So even though she’s been through the stress of the move and getting used to new humans, she’s in good shape.

Duke is a bengal cat who was fostered, adopted, and then abandoned.  Three years on the street took its toll on this handsome boy, and he was close to being put down.  Fortunately for him, the microchip led the shelter that picked him up to his former foster human, and they were reunited.Duke the Bengal Cat

Duke did not look good at the reunion.  But now he looks a lot better.  He is healing up, talking to his humans, and he is starting to become that healthy and playful cat we bengals are known for being.

He sure looks a lot better, doesn’t he?  Doesn’t it make you happy to see a furiend like Duke recover from his neglect?

I know you humans really enjoy Fridays.  Hopefully these stories will make your Friday a little better.

I send you head bonks and purrs for reading my blog!