Feline Called Unadoptable Finds Furever Home

There is a phrase that felines do not want to hear applied to us when we are in a shelter. It is unadoptable. That means that the humans running the animal rescue facility have decided that we just cannot go to a home. It can be because of our behavior, or medical issues, or a combination of both. But what that means is that they may decided to let us go so that another feline who is more adoptable can be saved.

This is what happened to a feline named Jessy. Jessy, you see, was dumped in a Cleveland area mall by irresponsible humans. Kind humans took Jessy to a shelter. She was only nine months old at the time.

Jessy, the tuxedo cat, has found a loving home with Thon Alicia-Burlingame, of Cleveland Heights.
“Unadoptable” Jessy Found a Furever Home

Jessy sat in a cage for three months. Despite this, she showed off her playful and sweet personality. But she was fighting a wound that just would not heal. And the humans at the facility decided this wound made Jessy unadoptable. Fortunately, a kind human saw her and decided to take a chance on Jessy.

Jessy’s foster human took her to a specialized cat clinic. The white coated humans examined her and discovered Jessy had a very rare skin condition. They performed surgery to help Jessy’s wound heal. This helped a lot, but it did not completely heal the wound.

A kind human visited the clinic to give the white coated humans there a gift. When they did this, the white coated humans showed Jessy to this human. And when Jessy rolled over at the visiting human’s feet, they decided they would take her home.

Jessy’s wound took another three months to heal, but her human did not mind treating it. Her human is very happy to have taken in this feline who was once labeled unadoptable. And that makes me very happy, furiends!

Cat Abandoned on Street Saved

Nostrand Was Abandoned on the Streets of New York

Most humans, when they adopt a feline, understand that it is a lifetime commitment. Sure, some humans give up their felines for silly reasons, like one human did with Tiger Tim. But most humans honor their commitment to protect and care for their feline until the end.

Nostrand Was Abandoned on the Streets of New York
Nostrand Was Abandoned on the Streets of New York

They definitely do not do what one evil and cruel human did, which is to dump a one year old feline on the street with just its litter box and a few supplies. That is what happened to one poor feline in New York recently.

Things got even worse for this feline when a street sweeper came by before cat rescue groups could help him. But that did not stop them. These cat rescue organizations went searching for him as soon as they could.

“We are a very close knit community and people [ask for help] if they see an animal distressed or in need of assistance,” said one of the humans who runs the cat rescue group FAT Cats.

It took five days, but this feline, who has since been named Nostrand, was found. It is like he was very smart and knew where to go, because he turned up in the yard of a person who has been involved in cat rescue for a long time.

Nostrand at The White Coated Humans
Nostrand at The White Coated Humans

Immediately after Nostrand was found, he was taken to the humans in white coats. They scanned for a microchip but he did not have one. It is good, anyway, because the evil humans who dumped him on the street do not deserve to have him.

Nostrand is healthy and FAT Cats will take care of his neutering. After he recovers from that, he will be available for adoption. This time, he will go to a home where the humans understand that he is not a toy to be tossed out in the trash!

Mother Reunited with Lost Kittens

This Mother Cat Was Reunited With Her Kittens

The maternal instinct is strong in mother cats. Many of them will sacrifice their lives to protect their tiny felines. The human recently met two kind humans whose canine protected three tiny felines whose mother had been killed. These kind humans took the only tiny feline who needed a home to a cat rescue facility.

But for one mother cat, her maternal instincts took her right to the place where her kittens were abandoned. Fortunately for this mother cat, her tiny felines were abandoned at the Mill Road Vet Clinic.

The humans in white coats who worked there took the kittens in and put them in an incubator. They thought that they would take care of the kittens until they were old enough to be adopted, and then they would find them good homes.

This Mother Cat Was Reunited With Her Kittens
This Mother Cat Was Reunited With Her Kittens

The next morning, the humans in white coats were greeted by a small grey tabby trying desperately to get inside. They picked up the cat to see what was going on, and they realized it was a nursing mother. Immediately, she was taken to the incubator, and she was very happy to see her kittens.

The mother cat “dived in there and was licking [the kittens] and was really excited to see them.” It should come as no surprise that the animal loving humans at the clinic “abandoned their work” and started watching the mother cat’s reunion with her tiny felines.

The Happy Mother Cat and Her Kittens
The Happy Mother Cat and Her Kittens

One of the white coated humans suspects that the mother was abandoned at the clinic along with her tiny felines, but she managed to get out of the box. “She would have been hanging around the clinic working out how to get in for 24 hours,” they said.

These felines are absolutely adorable and the clinic is hopeful that they will not have any problems finding homes when they are ready for adoption in a month or so. I am very happy that the mother and her kittens will end up in a good home thanks to kind white coated humans.