An Update on Freida the Throw Away Kitty

You will remember that I told you the sad story about Freida, who was abandoned in a ditch.  She was fortunately rescued and taken in by Forgotten Felines of Maine.  Poor Freida was in sad shape when she was taken in.  And while she’s not a diabetic cat like me, I considered her to be a fellow special needs cat.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is Happy Freida is Doing BetterI am always happy when the condition of a special needs cat improves.  That is definitely the case for Freida.  She is doing much better.  And she is serving as a great ambassador for Forgotten Felines of Maine.  Because of her, donations came in.  These donations, which included food, supplies, and other gifts, have allowed Forgotten Felines of Maine to care for many other cats beyond Freida.

She is still fighting various medical conditions, and her weepy eyes are not just because she is so happy that she has humans who care about her.  It appears that they are a result of her infections.  At one test, her white blood cell level was extremely elevated.  Normal cats have a white blood cell level of between 5,500 and 19,500.  Freida’s was at 36,000.

But despite all of this, Freida is doing a great job as both a happy and playful kitten and as a spokesfeline for Forgotten Felines.  She will be appearing at the Blue Hill Fair in Maine.  If you are close to there, you should go and visit this girl, who Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Loves Freida's Recoveryrefused to let her horrible start to life keep her from enjoying life.

You have to love that Forgotten Felines is focused mainly on Freida’s health.  She will only be allowed out of her cage for an hour, and they will do it three times per day.  This is to ensure that she will not get tired or stressed.  And she will always be monitored by one of the volunteers, to make sure she’s well taken care of.

If you are in Maine, and get a chance to say hello to Freida, please give her a happy paw tap and head bonk for me.  She and Treasure are proof that we felines are not to be thrown away.  This diabetic cat is happy that Freida, a special needs cat like me, has humans who will love and take care of her!