Diabetic Cat Quinn Quantum Wants a Home

Good morning, furiends. Today, I will share with you the story of Quinn Quantum. My good furiends at Diabetic Cats in Need told me about him, and I wanted to let you know about him.

Diabetic Cat Quinn Quantum Is Looking for a Home
Diabetic Cat Quinn Quantum Is Looking for a Home

Quinn is a ten year old feline living with Austin Pets Alive. And the contrast between his white whiskers and black fur really stands out, furiends. It is the first thing many humans notice about him.

He is a calm cat. If the other felines in his foster home get too rambunctious, Quinn will find another room to watch them from. And he will return to the clowder when things calm down. But he does not get angry about it. He just prefers to not participate.

Quinn likes to talk, and he has a unique voice. He gets very curious about what his humans are doing, and will ask about it. He is a feline who enjoys watching his humans and everything they do. Quinn also loves to sit next to his humans and snuggle with them.

You might think a calm and mellow feline like Quinn would not like small humans. But he does! And he especially enjoys spending time with his humans while relaxing on his fleece blanket.

Like me, Quinn needs to be on nom on wet food only given twice a day. And he receives an insulin shot after each meal. But other than that, Quinn is just like any other cat.

Can you give my fellow diabetic cat a home? If you can, please email Austin Pets Alive and let them know. If not, please share his story so that someone can give him the home he’s looking for.

Diabetic Cat Callie Looking for a Home

Furiends, Diabetic Cats in Need helps many felines who are battling diabetes. They sometimes share stories about diabetic cats who are looking for homes. And I like to share those stories with you. Hopefully, we can help these felines find homes!

Today, I want to share with you Callie’s story. Callie, or Calligator, is a six year old diabetic cat who lives at Austin Pets Alive. All of us diabetic cats have to be fighters because of our disease. But Callie is even more of one.

Callie’s humans did not know she was diabetic, and she lapsed into a diabetic coma. The white coated humans worked very hard to help her. Because of this, and her fighting spirit, she pulled through. But Callie suffered brain damage because of the coma.

Diabetic Cat Callie Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Callie Needs a Home

Her brain damage causes Callie to be somewhat unpredictable. Most of us felines will warn you if we are angry and about to bite or swat you. Callie sometimes does this without letting her humans know. But if you can get over this, Callie is a fun cat. She is friendly and likes to hang out with her humans, as long as they give her time to do her own thing when she wants.

You might think this challenge would make it difficult to give Callie her insulin shots. Fortunately, as long as she gets her shots with noms, she is okay and does not fight.

And do not think that because Callie has suffered brain damage, she is not a good feline companion. She needs a little more attention and a little more love and understanding. Callie should also not go to a home with small humans. But for a human who is ready to give her the extra care she needs, she will be a wonderful addition to the family.

Can you give my fellow diabetic cat Callie a home? Please contact Austin Pets Alive. And if you cannot, please share Callie’s story so that she can find a home!

Help Diabetic Cat Marlena Find a Home

Diabetic Cat Marlena Needs a Home

Furiends, Diabetic Cats in Need shared with me Marlena’s story. I wanted to share it with you so that we can find her a home. Marlena is living with Austin Pets Alive and she is not in any danger, but she wants a home of her own.

Marlena’s humans surrendered her to a shelter when they learned she has diabetes. Austin Pets Alive took her in, and she has adapted to her foster home well. This nine year old girl is gentle and calm, and she enjoys making sure her foster human is doing their work properly. Marlena sits by the catputer and make sure everything is correct.

Diabetic Cat Marlena Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Marlena Needs a Home

Marlena’s facial expressions put a smile on her foster human’s face. It takes a while for her to show these expressions, because she takes time to settle in to a new environment. Initially, she will be shy and reserved. But with time and patience, her personality emerges and she becomes a very loving feline. Now that she is used to her foster home, she cuddles with her human and purrs happily.

Because Marlena is an older feline, she is not as active as some other felines. But she does like to play with a catnip toy and she enjoys stretching and scratching up a scratching post. For the most part, she relaxes and enjoys her day. And like most of us felines, she loves it when it is time for noms.

Marlena does not like other felines, but she will tolerate them once she gets to know them. She doesn’t have to be an only pet, but she might be happiest in a home where that is true.

Can you give this sweet diabetic cat a home? If you can, please contact Austin Pets Alive. And if you cannot, please share her story so that someone else can.