Jacey Talks to You

Jacey Relaxing Under a Towel

Hello, furiends. It is Jacey. I have not talked to you in a while, and Bagheera wants me to tell you how things are going. I know you are all curious about how things are going with me. They are going just fine, furiends. When the human goes to work, I go in with him. And then when he returns for the night, he brings me back.

I do not fight the human when he puts me in the carrier, but when I am in the car, I complain to him about the ride. I do not like the ride. The human thought it might be because I am in the carrier, so he let me out one time. I still meowed very loudly and complained the whole time. So the human decided to keep me in the carrier. It is safer, and if I am going to complain anyway, it does not make sense to let me out.

Jacey Relaxing Under a Towel
Jacey Relaxing Under a Towel

Koji is getting better about not annoying me. He sometimes bothers me, but when I yell at him to go away, he usually walks away. Sometimes, the human has to tell him to leave me alone. And when Bagheera yells at Koji, too, it can get very loud in the home!

That is what happened early this morning. Koji came into the bathroom and started talking to me. That does not bother me, but then he jumped up onto the shelf that I like to sit on. I got very angry and screamed at Koji. I managed to get away from Koji, but I was still yelling.

The human came in to help, and so did Bagheera. My big brofur was very angry, and he even took a swat at the human! The human has wounds on his legs because of this. But he was able to get Koji off my shelf. Then he put Koji in the hallway, and Bagheera yelled at Koji.

The human treated his wounds and went back to sleep for a little while. And when he woke back up, both Bagheera and Koji had calmed down. Besides, they were hungry, and they wanted to eat their noms. No time to be angry at the human!

Furiends, do not worry about me. I am happy and as soon as the human came in to say hello to me after the talking box started talking, I gave him many head bonks and purred. I do not like the ride to and from work, but the human tells me this is normal.

Why Is the Human Up So Early?

Me Listening to Koji and Jacey

“Bagheera, I am worried. Is the human going to leave us for a while again?”

“Why do you ask that, Koji?”

“Because he was up very early. Normally, when we wake him up before the sun comes up, he is not happy and he goes back to bed. But this morning, he did not mind when he woke us up. And then soon after we did that, the talking box started to make noise.”

“That is true, Koji.”

Me Listening to Koji and Jacey
Me Listening to Koji and Jacey

“I think that means he wanted to be up early, Bagheera. And when humans get up that early, it sometimes means they are going to go somewhere for a while.”

“Bagheera, the human also went into box where he turns on the streams of water, puts bubbly things on him, and then washes it off. Then he put stuff in his head fur, and used that brush in his mouth. He normally does not do this unless he wants to be up.”

“Thank you for telling us this, Jacey. You see, Bagheera? The human wanted to be up early! This makes me nervous. He may go away for a while and I do not like it. The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that there is not another human here.”

“Koji, you are a silly cat. Jacey and I have seen the human go away for a while but he always comes back to us. He does not leave us for very long. I promise you that he will be back.”

“Yeah, Koji. You worry too much about the human. He will not abandon us. I know that you are worried because you have been to so many homes, but I think you are safe here.”

“Does that mean I can ambush you, Jacey?”

“Don’t even think about it. Even if the human is away, Bagheera and I will fight you and you will not like it!”

Koji Is a Troublemaker!

Koji and I Sometimes Nom Together

“Human, Jacey and I have something to say about the new bengal cat here. He can stay, but he is a troublemaker.”

“Why do you say that, Bagheera?”

“Well, he annoys me by going for the noms first when you put them in our nomming area. But he has learned to let me nom first so he walks away when I arrive to nom. I do not mind that so much.”

“Koji? What do you say about that?”

Koji and I Sometimes Nom Together
Koji and I Sometimes Nom Together

“Human, when you put the noms down, I want to eat them, too! I have learned that Bagheera likes to nom first, so if he comes, I let him get to the noms and then take my turn. I do not think this is bad.”

“It isn’t. Bagheera, you have to accept this. Koji will let you eat if you go there, so you can’t complain.”

Koji and Jacey Act Like This
Koji and Jacey Act Like This

“But he ambushes me, human! You saw what he did this morning, when I was making biscuits on your chest. I was showing you lots of love and Koji ambushed me.”

“Now Jacey, you ambush Bagheera and me and you did it to Marley when she was here. How can you complain about Koji doing the same thing? He just wants to play.”

“Well, I do not like it, human. I know that bengal cats like us like to play but this is a little too much too soon.”

“Yeah, human. And I had to step in to yell at Koji to tell him that he should not ambush little Jacey.”

“Yes, I know, Bagheera. I had three bengal cats yelling at each other on my bed and I was worried I was going to get swatted. It’s a good thing you guys calmed down and everything was okay.”

“I just want to play, human. I don’t mean anything by it when I ambush Jacey. It is quite amusing to hear her shout when she gets startled and then jump away. She is quite nimble and can get away from me when she wants to.”

“You have to dial it back, Koji. Wait until Jacey is a little more receptive because it’s no fun for me to have three bengal cats arguing around me. Can you three promise to behave?”

“I cannot speak for Koji yet, human, but speaking for Jacey and me of course we will create chaos. We are bengal cats! That is what we do, human.”

“I suppose you’re right, Bagheera. Just dial it down a little, okay?”