Bear and Cat Become Best Friends

A Bear and a Feline Became Unlikely Friends

We felines are very good predators, but we are small animals. That means that when we go up against a large animal like a bear, we typically will become a meal unless we are able to escape. But there is one bear who decided that they would not nom on a feline who wandered nearby. Instead, they befriended the cat and the two are now inseparable.

Mauschen is an 800 pound Asiatic bear. You humans are much bigger than us felines, but even you are defenseless against a large bear like that. In the zoo where Mauschen lives, humans are kept a safe distance away from her because of this.

But that did not stop one black cat from decided that Mauschen could be trusted. This feline, who has been named Muschi, decided to wander into the bear’s enclosure.

A Bear and a Feline Became Unlikely Friends
A Bear and a Feline Became Unlikely Friends

Zookeepers were stunned when instead of following her predatory instincts, Mauschen decided that she had found a new friend. Soon, the two became inseparable and spent all day with each other. They decided they liked each other’s company, and enjoyed being with each other.

When the zookeepers expanded Mauschen’s enclosure to give her more room to roam and to play, Mauschen was moved to a temporary space. Muschi was so upset by this that she would sit in front of Mauschen’s temporary space and cry because she could not get near her friend.

Mauschen Grooming Muschi
Mauschen Grooming Muschi

After the expansion was complete, the two friends were reunited and they greeted each other with hugs and lots of love. I am not sure I would like to be the recipient of a bear hug, but Muschi certainly was.

Nobody knows where Muschi came from or why Mauschen decided to befriend her instead of giving in to her predatory instincts, but seeing these two unlikely friends makes me very happy. I hope it makes you happy, too!

Diabetic Cats In Need Calendar

Bear is the Winner of the Diabetic Cats In Need Calendar Contest

Furiends, you will remember that I entered a contest in order to be part of the inaugural calendar for Diabetic Cats in Need. Votes cost a dollar each, and the green paper things raised from the contest went to help diabetic cats like me.

I did not win the contest, but that is okay. I am glad to have been a part of the contest. I want to congratulate the winner of the contest, who did an amazing job. Bear, who helped raise $1,350, deserves to have won. We are both diabetic cats, but I have always had a human who loves and cares for me. The human has raised me since I was a tiny little mitten kitten.

Bear is the Winner of the Diabetic Cats In Need Calendar Contest
Bear is the Winner of the Diabetic Cats In Need Calendar Contest

Bear, and his brofur Cowboy, were not as fortunate. Cruel humans threw them in a dumpster, and they were lucky to be rescued. Bear also did not get treated for diabetes as quickly as I did, and he suffered neuropathy and feline ketoacidosis as a result.

But with the proper treatment, Bear has returned to being the sweet and mellow gentle giant that he has been for most of his eleven years.  He and Cowboy are back to enjoying their time with their humans and their four feline siblings.

A Sample of the Diabetic Cats In Need Calendar
A Sample of the Diabetic Cats In Need Calendar

Thanks to the contributions of Bear and all of the other diabetic cats who entered the contest, Diabetic Cats in Need raised nearly $7.000 that will be used to help diabetic cats and the humans who care for them. I am very happy about this.

All of the cats in the contest have one thing that we want humans like you to know. We may be diabetic, and it does present challenges for the humans who care for us. But there is nothing wrong with a diabetic cat’s ability to love the humans who care for them.

Congratulations to Bear and to Diabetic Cats in Need!

Cancer To Take Two Furiends

Sugar Rub's Cancer Will Sadly Take Her Life

I recently got some very sad news.  I learned that two of my furiends, one canine, and one feline, will soon leave us due to cancer.  Kind humans, please do everything you can to learn about cancer in animals so that it can be treated.  Early detection is the key.  If cancer is detected early, there is a good chance it can be treated and your four legged companion can stay with you for a long time to come.

You may not know the story of Sugar Rub.  Today is her last full day with us, as she will go to the humans in white coats on Friday and receive the most difficult act of love her humans can give her.

Sugar Rub's Cancer Will Sadly Take Her LifeSugar Rub, who was called Collette at the time, was adopted in the winter of 2008.  She chose her humans, because her human mother was looking at the animals available for adoption, and reading the story about her.  That was because Sugar Rub was at the door, meowing and asking to be taken home.  When her humans got to interact with her, Sugar Rub gave her humans each a nose kiss, and that was it.

In January of 2013, Sugar Rub was diagnosed with mammary cancer.  Surgery was performed and the cancer was removed.  However, some of the cells remained, and Sugar Rub had to endure chemotherapy in August of last year.  It looked like the cancer had been taken care of but that sadly was not the case.

The cancer has spread, and now it is in her lungs and chest.  At this point, it is unlikely even extremely aggressive treatments, which would cause discomfort for Sugar Rub, would cure the cancer.  And so her humans will show her one last act of love, which will be very painful for them.  But she will go having lived a very happy life full of love.

Cancer Will Take Bear From Us But It Cannot Take Away the Love

The same is the case for my canine furiend Bear.  Bear’s human is very sad about having to show Bear that one last act of love. That day will not come as quickly as it will for Sugar Rub, but it is inevitable.

In a very heartfelt note, Bear’s human wrote, “as days go by I wonder how empty my life will be without you, how no other dog will ever be as great as you and it brings tears to my eyes as I see you get weaker and older. I will be here loving you ever step of the way even after your days.”

Furiends, one of the things that all of us creatures, whether we are four legged or two legged; canine, feline, or human will confront is that day when our time here comes to an end.  For us four legged creatures, our lives will have been good ones if we live them with humans who care for us and love us and allow us to return that love.

I am sad to see Sugar Rub go and to know that Bear will soon join her.  But I know that these two will go having lived a very good life full of love and happiness.

Cancer, while it will take their lives, cannot take that away from these two or the humans who love them.

Death be not proud, I say.  You will take these two from us, but you will never take away the love they shared with their humans.