Bengal Cat Bagni Needs a Home

We bengal cats are not good in every human’s home. We are very rambunctious and playful cats. And that means humans who bring a bengal cat into their life must be ready to provide us with the mental and physical stimulation we need. If they do not, we will find it on our own. And the poor humans who share their homes with us may not like how their homes look after we do!

A human in Racine, Wisconsin, surrendered their bengal because of this. Now, Bagni lives in a foster home associated with Wisconsin Humane Society. Bagni lost some hair due to a flea problem. Treatment cleared up the fleas very quickly. The white coated humans also did dental work on her.

Bagni must go to a home that is experienced with cats. She can go to a home with another feline if that feline is calm. The humans at Wisconsin Humane Society are also willing to consider sending her to a home with a canine.

Bagni Being an Inquisitive Bengal
Bagni Being an Inquisitive Bengal

Bagni probably sounds like a wonderful feline to you. There is one problem. She overstimulates easily. I am sure you are not surprised by this, because many bengals share this trait with her. When Bagni get pet, she will overstimulate quickly. Sometimes, she overstimulates herself when she gives head bonks! She responds to overstimulation by biting humans.

Bagni’s bites do not break the skin. But because she bites, the humans at Wisconsin Humane Society cannot put her in their adoption program.

Bagni is eight years old. She lived with two other felines. One of them was also eight, and she got along with that feline. She did not like the younger feline.

Do you think you can give Bagni a home, furiends? If you can, please contact the rescue group that is helping her.  If you cannot, please share Bagni’s story so that someone can give her a good home.

Help Spots and Stripes Continue Its Work

A cat rescue organization that is very dear to me is Spots and Stripes Exotic Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.  The got the name for their cat rescue from the spots and stripes that many of us bengals have and it made a lot of sense because we are the breed that they used to focus on.  Since then, they have expanded their focus to all exotic breeds.  This includes not just bengal cats like me, but also African jungle cats, savannahs, chausies, and Persians. Spots and Stripes Exotic Cat Rescue

This expansion of their focus put them in a very bad spot financially.  They owed thousands of dollars in veterinary fees, and they had made a decision that they would no longer operate after the end of the year.  Of course, they would not actually shut down operations until the cats in their care were placed, and they had committed to giving a number of early generation cats, who are not well suited to be taken care of by most humans, a permanent home, but it was a sad day when they told us they would have to shut down.

I thought of all my fellow bengals that this organization had helped, and it made me meow sadly to my human.  He told me that he was sorry, too.

Spots and Stripes Exotic Cat Rescue Will Keep Rescuing CatsFortunately, this will not happen.  In twelve hours, supporters of Spots and Stripes rallied and donated enough money to help the organization stay open.

In less than 12 hours, you have helped us raise $2,900 of the $3,000 we needed to pay back bills. We are proud to say our fosters have now been reimbursed for their vet bills, 10 cats are now able to be altered and our left over vet bills can be paid.  We also had four adoptions today!

This reaction was amazing, and shows how kind humans can help a cat rescue even when it is in deep financial trouble.

Spots and Stripes may be out of the woods, but they could sure use some more help in order to keep doing their good work.  If you want to give them some of those green paper things, they sure would appreciate it.  And even though their focus of their cat rescue efforts has expanded beyond bengal cats, Jacey, Marley, and I would all be happy, too.

Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue And The Giver Games

Donation to Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue for the Giver Games

You humans may remember that I’m the only four legged participant in the Giver Games, where we work to spread random acts of kindness.  Each day, we are given a theme and we practice a random act of kindness based around those themes.  I am honored to represent bengal cats and special needs cats for this contest!

On Monday, the theme was DRAW, so I drew a montage of special needs cats and reminded people that these cats are just as loving and fun as any cat without special needs.

Tuesday’s theme was GOLD, so I made my human make some sandwiches to give to the homeless so that he’d obey the golden rule of doing unto others as you would have them do to you.

Yesterday, thanks to your help, I was able to figure out that the theme of the day was KID.  That made it hard for me to figure out exactly what to do in order to perform a random act of kindness around a kid.  I guess I could have given one of the kids in the new condo complex that I live in a head bonk and purr and paw tap, but that would mean my human would have to put me in my cage again.  Like I was going to let that happen without a fight!

But I thought about something.  I told you the sad story about the bengal cat at Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue who had to go in for emergency treatment dueDonation to Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue for the Giver Games to complications from her pregnancy.  The story had a happy ending, as she was able to be treated, recover, and kind humans donated enough money to Spots and Stripes to get Mischka home.

By the way, I see that five of you humans who read about Mischka went to the Spots and Stripes donation page.  Purrs, happy meows, and friendly paw taps to you for doing that!

Another pregnant bengal cat named Isis didn’t make it after her pregnancy, and three of her kittens went over the bridge with her.

So I made my human donate $5 for each of the feline kids who didn’t make it plus another $5 for Isis to Spots and Stripes.  I figure it’s the least he can do to help remember those feline kids, and to help Spots and Stripes spread more kindness.

Normally, when I want my human to do something, I need to threaten him with biting.  Not this time. He was very happy to give!