Specialized Cat Rescue Group Helps Blind Cats

Furiends, because I am a special needs cats, I understand how this makes things more challenging for the human. He has to give me insulin shots and check my blood sugar levels twice a day. It makes caring for me much more difficult than it would be if I were not diabetic.

Blind cats also create challenges for their humans. That is why many humans do not want to take them home. But there is one cat rescue group that specializes in helping them find homes.

Blind Cat Rescue Is Helping Annie
Blind Cat Rescue Is Helping Annie

Blind Cat Rescue, located in St. Paul, North Carolina, started when two humans decided they wanted to help blind cats. You see, the local animal shelters would euthanize blind cats because they felt they were not adoptable. That is not true, furiends! One of the felines the human adopted out which got the most interest was a blind cat.

In addition to helping blind cats, Blind Cat Rescue also takes in FIV positive and FELV positive cats. FIV positive cats can live with felines who do not have the disease without spreading it, although many cat rescue groups are very conservative and do not allow this. FELV, however, is different and felines with this must be isolated from felines who do not have the disease.

And Blind Cat Rescue has now become a place that local animal welfare groups contact when they have a cat with special needs. These organizations will bring cats who have the conditions Blind Cat Rescue specializes in to the facility. There, they get the care they need.

I am very happy that so many of these special needs cats get a chance to thrive! Hopefully more organizations like this open up, and humans will learn that special needs cats may require a little extra care but they are great companions for the right human.