Another Cat Blog You Should Visit

I am glad that you humans visit my blog.  I love to share stories about how I deal with being a diabetic cat.  What I really enjoy, though, is telling you about other special needs cats that face challenges far more difficult than being a diabetic cat but who show that the important word to remember about special needs cats is special.

I want to share another blog with you.  This blog is called Peace, Love, and Whiskers.  They recently honored me by writing a story about me, but that is not why I like this blog. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Encourages You to Visit Peace, Love &  Whiskers

The human who writes the blog says that she is “sweet, mean, crazy, dreaded, tanned, glasses wearing, sarcastic, cat loving, sun roof loving, beach bum, peaceful, hippie, rocker, blues listener, photographer, writer, dreamer, lazy, with a touch of OCD.”  But the most important thing to remember about her is that she loves cats.  Just like my human, she is slightly allergic to us, but she does not mind.

She goes on, saying “I love all things cat related and have 4 wonderful cats in my life. Bubby, Buggy, Miss Bit-Bit and Boo. The oldest three were  adopted from the Tallahassee Humane Society. Sir Boo was flown all the way from Akron, OH. He was a foster kitty taken from what would have been a bad situation  with his feral mommy and given a new home in Florida.”  And most importantly, her feline companions “have filled my life (thus far) with laughs, tears, snuggles, purrs and lots of cat naps.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat encourages you to find out about cats that need extra loveWell, taking in a feral kitten half a country away from her shows that she’s a wonderful human.  But here is what makes her even more special.  She features furry four legged creatures like me, who need, as she puts it, a little extra love.  Now, as a diabetic cat, the extra love I get in the way of ear sticks and insulin shots is not a pleasant kind of love, but I will tolerate it.

This human has highlighted many special needs furiends.  Some of them you will recognize, like my good furiends Anakin, Lazarus, and Little Bear.  Others you may not.  And she doesn’t limit her profiles to felines.  There are canines on there, too.

I encourage you to add this blog to your reading list.  I think you will find lots of cool cats whose stories will inspire you!