Bonded Pair Needs a New Home

Furiends, even though Jacey, Koji, and I all get along, we are not considered bonded. Felines considered bonded start to have medical and behavioral issues if they are separated. If these felines have to go to a new place, they must go together otherwise they will get very sick. Usually, but not always, this occurs with siblings.

Michigan Cat Rescue is now helping a kind human who has terminal cancer. He wants to be sure his felines have a good home once he leaves us. And that is why Michigan Cat Rescue is helping two one year old sisters, Britta and Brissa.

Britta is a snowshoe and Siamese mix, while Brissa is a gray and white cat. They are both very kind felines. They enjoy spending time with their favorite humans. These two will sit and enjoy a movie with their humans. And when they get pet by their humans, they purr to show how happy they are.

Meet Britta from Michigan Cat Rescue
Meet Britta From Michigan Cat Rescue

These felines love each other very much. They have to live together, and Michigan Cat Rescue will not separate them for any reason. Of course, this makes finding a home for them more difficult. But Michigan Cat Rescue is willing to take the time to find them a good home.

Say Hi to Brissa from Michigan Cat Rescue
Say Hi to Brissa from Michigan Cat Rescue

Furiends, Britta and Brissa are going through a lot. They will soon lose the human who has cared for them and loved them their entire lives. They deserve to find a home where they will receive the same kind of care and love, even though it will come from a different human.

Do you have room in your home for two loving one year old felines? If you do, please contact Michigan Cat Rescue. And if you do not, please share their story. Maybe somebody you know will be able to help. Let’s help Britta and Brissa find a home!

Chip and Adele Are Bonded Pair

The Bonded Pair of Chip and Adele

It is not unusual for felines to become bonded with one another. At the human’s venture, The Cat Cafe, a bonded pair of felines was recently adopted. In order to test for whether a pair is bonded, they will be separated for a day or two. Bonded pairs, when they are separated, do not consume noms and get very unhappy.

When a pair of felines is bonded, they need to be adopted together. That is not all too unusual but what happens when a feline and canine form a bonded pair? This, my furiends, is what happened with Chip and Adele.

These two met at Operation Kindness, in Dallas, Texas. Chip, who is the canine, was surrendered when he was just five weeks old because his humans could not properly care for a puppy so young. Adele was even luckier to find her way to Operation Kindness. She was found wandering alone without her mother at four weeks.

The Bonded Pair of Chip and Adele
The Bonded Pair of Chip and Adele

Because these two were so young, the rescue group decided to pair them together. It did not take very long for these two to become a tightly bonded pair.

Adele is much more active than Chip is, and she loves to climb and run around. But she does not spend very much time away from her canine furiend. Chip is a laid back canine, and he allows Adele to climb all over him.

They do just about everything together, although I hope that Adele does not start to pick up the canine habit of going for walks. I also hope that Chip does not attempt to use the litter box because he will make a mess, my furiends!

This Bonded Pair is Inseperable
This Bonded Pair is Inseperable

When these two are old enough, they will be adopted together, as all bonded pairs should be. I am happy to share the story of this very unusual bonded pair and hope it put a smile on your face!