The Brodie Fund Helps Cats Fighting Cancer

The human was not happy when he learned that I was fighting diabetes. He was worried about what that meant for my quality of life and his. But he soon learned it was not too difficult, and that a few extra minutes each day would mean I could live a happy and long life.

Humans who learn their felines have cancer face something similar, but it is much more challenging. These felines have a disease that can kill them. And their humans get very worried.

Brodie and His Human
Brodie and His Human

Fortunately for these humans, a kind human whose feline, Brodie, lost his battle with cancer, started a fund to help. Cancer treatments can require many green paper things, and The Brodie Fund helps with that. But they do much more than that.

The human behind The Brodie Fund knows the difficulties humans whose felines have cancer have to fight through. They help provide emotional support to the humans who must deal with these challenges. They develop “a strong bond with the families” of these felines. And many of these families stay in touch with The Brodie Fund and send updates on how their feline is doing.

One human whose cat, Moby, was battling cancer endured a lot of teasing from his friends about how much he cared about his cat. I say he needs new friends because they are not worthy of his attention. But even if he does need new friends, after a year of treatment, he sent an email to let The Brodie Fund know Moby was doing well.

Sometimes, however, even the most dedicated humans and white coated humans cannot help a feline with cancer win. When that happens, The Brodie Fund provides free grief counseling to the human who lost their feline.

If you would like to learn more about The Brodie Fund, you can visit their Facebook page. I hope this kind human helps many felines win their battle against cancer!

Give a Senior Cat a Final Home

Help Cat Rescue Group Rugeley Cats Society Find Tabby a Home

My friends, it is sad when the bond between a feline and a human is broken because one of them had to leave. Hopefully, the party that is still with us finds another companion to love and to bond to again.

That is what an eleven year old feline named Tabby is looking for. Her story came to me from my furiend Miss Becky. Tabby sadly lost her human. With no place to go and nobody to care for her, Tabby went to the cat rescue group Rugeley Cats Society.

The kind humans there wanted to help Tabby, so they took her to the human in white coats to get her treated for an open wound. She had surgery to close the wound, and during the surgery, the humans in white coats took a tissue sample for testing.

Sadly, the results came back showing that Tabby has basal cell carcinoma. Rugely Cats Society is a very caring cat rescue group and they often treat felines with cancer. But for Tabby, the odds of her beating the cancer are low and she would feel terrible from the side effects of the treatment.

Help Cat Rescue Group Rugeley Cats Society Find Tabby a Home
Help Cat Rescue Group Rugeley Cats Society Find Tabby a Home

Tabby is doing well despite the cancer. She is not in any discomfort, and she loves to be pet. She purrs and talks to humans when her cute head is scratched.

While Tabby will eventually leave us due to the cancer, she deserves to be in her last home with a human who loves her. It will take a very kind human to show the love and caring this sweet girl deserves until it is time for her to make one last trip to the humans in white coats.

This home will have to be a home without any canines, other felines, or small humans. Tabby deserves to spend the last few years of her life enjoying them, not having to contend with other two legged or four legged creatures.

If you are that special human, please contact the Rugeley Cats Society. Tell them that you want to write the final chapter in Tabby’s cat rescue story, even though it will be one that is not as long as we like.

Sad That Big Daddy Has Left Us

My Fellow Special Needs Cat Big Daddy

In the summer, I shared the story of my fellow special needs cat Big Daddy with you. When I last talked about him, he was fighting off cancer, and the humans in white coats and his humans were hopeful that he would defeat that evil disease.

Big Daddy had overcome a lot to get to where he was. He was abandoned, contracted FIV, had a collapsed lung, went blind, and fought off cancer. He was one tough cat to keep on fighting off these challenges and thriving despite being a special needs cat.

My Fellow Special Needs Cat Big Daddy
My Fellow Special Needs Cat Big Daddy

Sadly, this last battle was one that Big Daddy could not win. The humans in white coats said that the cancer he was fighting bravely had spread to the point where it was no longer treatable. And with Big Daddy having been rushed to the humans in white coats because of seizures, it was clear his quality of life had deteriorated.

The humans in white coats recommended that Big Daddy’s human show him the one last sign of love, which is the hardest one to do. Big Daddy’s human agreed, and Big Daddy was given the injections that eased his pain. He left us yesterday.

His human says that he is sad, but that he remembers all the fun and love he shared with this gentle giant. He said of Big Daddy:

Throughout all of the chemo, and the radiation, and everything else, he has had a wonderful life, lived his way. And he never complained or whined, he was an incredible, amazing cat. He slept with me every night, and during the day he lived with the other cats in the house, looking out the windows at the birds and squirrels, or sleeping on “his” big leather chair, or laying by the fireplace. He never experienced any real side effects, and the only days when he felt bad were caused by the tumor, not the treatments. He had a great life – a big life.


Furiends, for any creature, feline or human, to be loved as much and to be able to love as much as Big Daddy is a full life. I am sad that he is gone, but I am happy that my fellow special needs cat enjoyed his time with us as much as he did.