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Meet Diabetic Cat Rosemary

One of the things I like to do with my furiends is share the stories of diabetic cats like me who are looking for homes. Diabetic Cats in Need tells me about them. They also tell me that sharing these stories helps felines find homes. And that is why I do it.

Diabetic Cat Rosemary

Today, I want to tell you about a diabetic cat named Rosemary. She is a fluffy ginger girl living in Denver. Rosemary, like me, is a senior cat. She is a couple of years older than me since she came into this world in 2003. Unfortunately for Rosemary, she lost her human, and she had to go to a shelter. Maxfund took her in an and has been caring for her since August 2017.

The kind humans at Maxfund say that Rosemary is one of their favorites. And why wouldn’t she be? She loves to greet humans, even ones she does not know well. Rosemary loves to be pet, and she doesn’t shy away from attention. This sweet girl needs a foster or furever home, because she is being kept in a cage in a small room. Rosemary tolerates this, but we all know she would prefer more space.

Rosemary is an easy going cat who likes just about anyone. She doesn’t mind small humans like some felines. The humans at Maxfund do not know about how Rosemary feels about canines. But she is the kind of feline who they feel would adapt to a respectful canine. They think she would do best in a quiet and calm home.

Do you have room in your home for Rosemary? If you do, please start the adoption process with Maxfund. And if you cannot take in this sweet ginger girl, please share her story. That may help her find a good furever home!

Meet Diabetic Cat Nonie

Hello, furiends. I learned about a diabetic cat named Nonie through Diabetic Cats in Need. I am going to share his story with you, and hopefully, we can work together to find him a home.

Diabetic Cat Nonie Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Nonie Needs a Home

Nonie is living at Cat Care Society in Lakewood, Colorado. He is a year younger than me, at 12 years old. But this 12 year old feline is like me. Yes, we are older felines, but we are still full of energy and life.

Nonie likes humans, even ones he does not know. He has a lot of energy and loves to get attention from humans for as long as they want to give it to him.

Like me, he does not like getting insulin shots. He will squirm a little when he gets his shot. But he will tolerate it, and the human has learned that is about all you can ask from us felines. He also gets along well with other felines, but if they are too submissive, he may get a little overbearing. Nonie doesn’t just like felines and humans. He also likes canines, even with their sloppy wet tongues.

Nonie gets low doses of insulin and noms on low carbohydrate canned food. This combination keeps his blood sugar levels where they need to be. And like many of us older felines, Nonie needed dental work done. Kind humans helped pay for that before he arrived at Cat Care Society.

Can you help Nonie find a home? If you can take him in, please contact Cat Care Society. They would prefer it if humans interested in adopting Nonie visit him in person.

But if you cannot take Nonie home, you can still help him. You can share his story. Hopefully someone who can take Nonie in will see his story and he will find a good home!

Cat Surrendered for Making Biscuits

Foolish humans give many reasons for surrendering their felines. They say things like they are tired of cleaning the fur, or the feline talks too much, or other silly things. But one foolish human surrendered their feline to Michigan Cat Rescue for one of the dumbest reasons possible.

I’m tired of him making biscuits. It’s very annoying and I’m sick of it,” said this foolish human. Furiends, I do not need to tell you how dumb this is.

The human making that stupid statement even said they wanted a friendly and nice feline. They asked for a cat who would sleep next to them and come to the door to greet them when they arrived home. They wanted a nice cat, and that’s exactly what they got.┬áBut they returned a very nice feline anyway.

Baker Needs a Good Home
Baker Needs a Good Home

Now Baker, as this feline is known, is searching for a home. He needs a home with kind humans who will appreciate that he makes biscuits. Baker wants to make biscuits for kind humans who love him. He needs kind humans who will reward his biscuit making.

Michigan Cat Rescue will work very hard to find him this home. They will not let him go to a home where he will be rejected again. A kind feline like Baker deserves better!

Is there room in your home for this kind feline, who wants to give you love and make biscuits for you? If there is, please contact Michigan Cat Rescue. And if you cannot take Baker home, please share his story so that someone else can.

As for the human who returned Baker, they do not deserve any felines. If they want to interact with felines, they should be locked in a cage first. Then Baker’s larger feline cousins can swat and bite them until they realize how good they had it with him.