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Help Daisy Mae Find a Home

Many humans adopt or purchase felines, but then give us up for silly reasons. I do not like these humans. When a human brings a feline into their home, it should be for life. An accident or a slightly messed up piece of furniture should not be a reason to give up a feline. Sadly, too many humans do not understand this. Daisy Mae was surrendered because her humans were moving. This pretty two year old was happy with her humans and did not want to go. Now, sometimes, humans move into a place where Read more [...]

Snow Bengal Gets to Keep Her Kittens

Furiends who have been following my stories for a while remember that I had a snow bengal named Marley as a sisfur. She sadly left us in the summer of 2015. Poor Marley did not have an easy life, and even when she got here she did not really like interacting with me and Jacey. But we gave her as good of a life as we could for the time she was here. Marley lived a very good life compared to one of her fellow snow bengals. This snow bengal lived with an irresponsible breeder who only cared about Read more [...]

Canine Helps Feline Mother Care for Kittens

So many people think that we felines cannot get along with canines. I do not mind canines, until they try to tell me what to do or start to lick me with their sloppy wet tongues. And Koji likes to play with them, but sometimes, he scares them because he is so rambunctious. Jacey does not mind canines either but she will tell them to go away if they bother her. But one feline and canine have taken things to a different level. A human was caring for a feline named Terra, and they noticed that she Read more [...]