Feline Who Lived for 11 Years Outdoors Finds Home

Felines who live outside have a tough and often short life. We felines who spend our time inside live an average of 15 years. Those who live outside average around five. Outdoor felines are at risk from predators, cars, poisons used to kill other animals, and evil humans. It is a tough life, furiends.

Teddy survived for 11 years on the street, but he got very sick. Because he got sick, kind humans took him to the white coated humans. When he got there, everyone feared the worst. They were sure Teddy would end up leaving us.

Teddy was suffering from a very advanced case of plasma cell pododermatitis. It caused his paws to be very sore, and Teddy could not get around very well because of this. The white coated humans gave him medicine, and one human agreed to take this battle scarred outdoor cat home to treat him.

The first few days for Teddy were rough. Even though he was sick, he did not want to take his medicines and fought his human every time. After about a week, though, he stopped fighting so much and started to get better. The white coated humans were amazed with his progress.

Teddy started to gain weight, and he also started to trust his humans. He started to wander outside of the room set aside for him. And he discovered a bed which he liked. He even started to enjoy getting pets and chin scratches!

Former Feral Cat Teddy Is Now Thriving Inside
Former Feral Cat Teddy Is Now Thriving Inside

It took a long time before Teddy gained enough confidence and trust to start to explore the entire house. But eventually, he did. And now, he likes to hop onto the bed where his humans sleep. Teddy is very grateful to these humans for what they did to help him, and he loves spending time with them.

Kind humans gave an old feral cat a chance, even though he was close to death. He survived and now he will enjoy the rest of his life with humans he loves.

Diabetic Cat Jasper Needs a Home

Furiends, one of the things that I like to do is share information from Diabetic Cats in Need. This organization helps felines who are battling diabetes like me, and they also support their humans. So how could I not like them? And sometimes, they tell me about felines with diabetes who need homes. When they do that, I share information about that diabetic cat.

Today I learned about a feline named Jasper. Diabetic Cats in Need is working with his humans to find him a new home.

Diabetic Cat Jasper
Diabetic Cat Jasper

Jasper is about 11 years old and he lives in Wichita, Kansas. I understand this place gets cold in the winter, so his nice fur coat helps him keep warm then. Right now, though, he is probably like me and not happy about the hot temperatures.

His humans love Jasper, but because they are working very long days, they are unable to give him the two insulin shots a day he needs. And this diabetic cat is able to skip an insulin shot from time to time. He may be getting close to not requiring insulin any more, furiends!

Jasper is very friendly, but because he is an older feline, he is not too energetic. He likes being with his humans and cuddling with them. And he does not mind the three other felines in the home. Jasper’s human feels like Jasper is the odd cat out, but he is not aggressive towards the other felines. And they are not aggressive towards him.

Jasper’s humans are very sad about having to send him to a new home, but they want him to go to a home where he can get the human attention he craves. They are also willing to help with green paper things as long as they know he is in a good home. And if things do not work out, they are willing to take Jasper back.

Furiends, these kind humans are doing what they think is best for their diabetic cat. If you can give Jasper the loving home he needs, please contact them. And if you cannot, please share his story so that others can help.


Frozen Tiny Felines Grow Up to Be Feisty Cats

Adult felines are pretty adaptable creatures. We can endure a lot, and we can usually find a way to get out of trouble. But tiny felines are very vulnerable. And when a tiny feline is only days old, they are practically helpless without their mother. After hearing that a litter of tiny felines were freezing in a bush, a kind human rushed over to help.

They did not even wait to go to the white coated humans. Instead, they immediately warmed up the tiny felines with the vents in their car. Then these kind humans took the tiny felines home. They bottle fed the tiny felines, but one of them, Bagel, stopped responding to the bottle.

The human rescuer got very worried. They thought that Bagel might not make it. After switching to tube feeding, they tried getting Bagel to eat from a bottle at every feeding session. Finally, one day, she nommed from the bottle.

Furiends, when Bagel finally nommed from the bottle, her human rescuer was very happy. And then they started to celebrate every milestone the tiny felines reached. When they started grooming each other, they celebrated. Eating solid food? That was a reason to celebrate. And the tiny felines, after given a chance to thrive, started to show off their personalities.

One of the tiny felines is named Spud. He’s the feisty feline in the group. Pancake has become a little lap kitten.

As for Bagel, she is the most fearless. She jumped over the baby gate the human rescuer was using to keep her in a secured place. And she loved being held by her foster human.

Yes, I said foster human. You see, this kind human takes in felines, helps them grow strong, and then sends them to good homes. They admit that it is hard to let these felines go. But they also know that when they do this, they can help other felines.

Furiends, I know many of you say that you cannot bear giving up a feline you have grown to love and that is why you do not foster. But if there is room in your home to try, please do. You see, if this foster human did not take in Bagel, Pancake, and Spud, they never would have had a chance to thrive.

Please consider giving other felines a chance to thrive by fostering!