Nine Year Old Feline Finds a Home

We felines get sad when our humans, for whatever reason, cannot take care of us anymore. An older human surrendered nine year old Vienna, along with her other feline family members, because they could not provide the proper care for them. Vienna did not like this, even though the kind humans at BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore tried to make her feel better.

Vienna and Elvis Were Adopted from BARCS
Vienna and Elvis

But Vienna and the other felines in the group, including her best furiend Elvis, needed this. White coated humans treated Vienna right away for a flea infestation. The fleas nommed on her blood so much that she was anemic, furiends!

Not only was Vienna anemic, but she also had a large cyst over her eye which needed to be treated. Despite all of this, Vienna loved interacting with the humans taking care of her. These humans said she was a sweet, friendly, and cuddly feline.

Every time a human walked past the cage where she and Elvis were staying, Vienna would give them eye blinks with her pretty green eyes. She would also show off her little chirp meow and wave her fluffy tail around to get their attention.

It took a while, but Vienna’s efforts finally paid off. A kind human decided to give her the home she deserved. Soon, she and Elvis were adopted. And now, she has a home of her own.

Furiends, when you look to adopt, make sure you consider an older feline. They may not have as much time left with you as a younger feline, but they will definitely enjoy the time they have. And so will you!

Michigan Cat Rescue Needs Home for Bonded Pair

Many of us felines are furiends with each other, but we do not have to stay together. For example, I like my sisfur Jacey a lot. But when she went to stay at The Cat Cafe, I did not get too upset. Some felines, however, need to stay together. They show signs of distress if they are separated. Some of them will stop eating, and some may start to go outside of the litter box.

Michigan Cat Rescue is trying to find a home for two felines like this. Their names are Brownie Bite and Dutchess Cupcake.

Help Brownie Bite and Dutchess Cupcake Find a Home
Help Brownie Bite and Dutchess Cupcake Find a Home

You might think that these to felines are siblings. But they are not! When they saw each other, though, they quickly became very close furiends. Since then, they stay together. They nom together and sleep together. And they play together. The cutest thing they do is cuddle together.

The kind humans at Michigan Cat Rescue say it is heartwarming how much these two felines like each other. And their personalities complement each other’s. Brownie Bite is very playful and outgoing. Dutchess Cupcake is much more laid back and relaxed. So the two of them work well together.

Dutchess Cupcake had to go to the white coated humans for surgery a while ago. When that happened, Brownie Bite was sad and waited patiently for her to return. And when she did, he helped her recover. Now that she is healthy, these two bonded felines are ready to go to a furever home.

Because they are so tightly bonded, Michigan Cat Rescue insists that these two felines go home together. Do you have room in your home for these two furiends? If you do, please contact them and fill out an adoption application. And if you cannot, please share their story so these two bonded felines can find a home.

Pregnant Feline Asks Human for Help

We felines have good instincts about which humans we can trust. And for a pregnant feline, choosing the right human to trust can be very important. One feline made the right choice. She was pregnant, and went up to a human she thought would help. This human could not, but they contacted Mini Cat Town, and the cat rescue group took in the pregnant feline.

They named her Chai, and soon, Chai gave birth to a litter of six tiny felines. She did this in the comfort of a home instead of outside, where the tiny felines would be at risk from many things.

Not long after Chai gave birth to her kittens, two orphaned tiny felines were found by kind humans at Nine Lives Rescue. These tiny felines were not doing well. To help them, the humans at both rescues decided to see if Chai would take care of them.

Chai immediately started helping the tiny felines. She sniffed them when they arrived, and then she started to groom them and nurse them.

Chai and Her Tiny Felines
Chai and Her Tiny Felines

Sadly, despite all of Chai’s efforts and the efforts of her humans, two of the tiny felines did not make it. But Chai is very devoted to taking care of the six tiny felines who are left. And she gets all of the help she needs from the kind humans who are fostering her.

In a month or so, Chai’s kittens will be able to go home with an adopter. The kind humans at Mini Cat Town hope that Chai will get to go home with one of her tiny felines.

But even if that does not happen, Chai has already done very well. She chose the right human to ask for help. Because of this, six tiny felines will get a chance to thrive in a safe home!