Black Cats Face New Adoption Challenge

Furiends, many humans involved in cat rescue say black cats have a hard time getting adopted. Black cats have taken longer to find a home than other cats for a long time. Reasons for this vary. Some humans believe silly superstitions about black cats and bad luck. Others do not like the color of a black cat. And sometimes, humans do not see the black cats in a shelter.

Now they face a new challenge. You see, too many humans are obsessed with social media. Now, many of you know about me because of social media, so it is not all bad. After all, it helps me spread the word about diabetic cats!

But black cats are more difficult to get good pictures of. And even good cameras have a hard time focusing on fluffy black cats. This created a new challenge for black cats seeking a good home.

“It’s worse now because black cats don’t show up in selfies. Now everybody wants to take selfies and put them on Facebook. It’s a very narcissistic use of social media,” said a human who runs a cat adoption center in the United Kingdom. “Over 20 years of having difficulty rehoming black cats, it’s definitely got harder because of selfies.”

Selfies Make It Harder for Black Cats to Find Homes
Selfies Make It Harder for Black Cats to Find Homes

Furiends, this is stupid. I do not know why having a more difficult time taking a selfie with a feline would be a reason to not adopt one. To me, this means the human saying this is foolish and not worthy of a feline of any color.

I do not like humans who think this. We should put them in a cage for an hour or two. And then, we should allow felines of any color to swat some sense into them. After all, furiends, we felines are not toys or props for human selfies.

And to those foolish humans who think it is easier to take a selfie with non-black cats? You do not know how hard Jacey, Koji, and I make it for the human. He takes many shots to get one good one of us! And if he can do it, so can other humans.

What’s Happening with Marley

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Visitor Marley Is More Comfortable

Many of you humans gave me advice about what to do with my reluctant roommate Marley.  The human has taken a lot of your advice, and I wanted to let you know what is happening with the pretty little girl.

Marley Is a Challenging Cat Adoption

We are facing a challenge that is common to many cat adoptions.  The cat that comes into the home often has some difficulty adjusting to the current residents, or vice versa.  Many organizations have provided good advice about how to make a cat adoption go smoothly.  Sadly, the advice about isolating the new feline in a room to itself is not something that takes into account the intelligence and determination of bengal cats like me, Jacey, and Marley.

When Jacey came to my home, the human put her in the bathroom and closed the door.  Well, that did not work for very long.  The first night that she was in our home, one of us opened the bathroom door and out she came.

The same thing happened with Marley.

Marley is a Difficult Cat Adoption

Now, Marley was okay with us as long as we left her alone.  She must have been an only cat before.  But when Jacey and I wanted to become furiends with her, she started to isolate herself.  She got to the point where she went hiding in the box spring, and the human had to extract her from there.

The human was able to implement some of the advice of people who handle many cat adoptions.  Marley was isolated in her crate once again, and while it is not ideal, it is better.  Then the human put wooden slats under the bed so that none of us could get into the box spring again, and now he’s left the doors of the crate open.

Marley has adapted to these conditions.  She will not go out of the crate — it’s her safe area — but she has started to stick her head out of the top of the crate.  And when I entered the crate the other day, the human was prepared to hear growling from Marley, but she did not complain too much.

The human is going to continue to use the crate as Marley’s safe area, but he is also going to leave it open so that we can interact as we see fit.  We are hopeful that this will work!