Why We Felines Chatter

Koji saw a hummingbird outside this morning, and when he was watching the bird, he started to chatter. I am sure you have all heard your felines chattering. It sounds and looks like this.

There are many theories about why we felines chatter at birds. Some animal behaviorists say that we are chattering in anticipation of pouncing on the prey. Others say that we are doing it because of a surge of adrenaline.

Another theory is that we are frustrated that we cannot get to the bird. I do not know about this theory, furiends. Koji will chatter at birds when he is outside and able to pounce on them. In fact, when he starts to chatter at a bird outside, the human quickly goes to make sure he does not pounce and possibly fall from the balcony!

A Feline Chattering at a Bird
A Feline Chattering at a Bird

But scientists studying monkeys in the Amazon may have come up with the real reason why we felines chatter. We are imitating the sounds of our prey so that we can more easily catch them.

These scientists were studying monkeys when a wildcat showed up. They did not pay attention to the wildcat when it arrived. But then the wildcat started making sounds like the monkeys were making. And then, the scientists started to observe what happened.

The monkeys who the wildcat wanted to nom on were almost fooled by my larger feline cousin. And monkeys are much smarter than birds. So we felines may be able to fool birds into thinking there is another bird around, not a feline about to pounce.

Furiends, I know you already knew we felines are smart. But I do not think you knew that we imitate the sounds our prey makes to make them easier to catch. I hope you learned something new about us felines today!

Why Felines Stop Using The Litter Box

Furiends, you remember how I told you that I started going outside of the litter box a few days ago and it drove the human nuts? Well, we have reached a kind of compromise between me and the human. He carries me into the box, and sets me down in there. And then, I pee in the box. And when I do, furiends, it takes a while for me to get it all out.

But furiends, this is not something we can continue to do for a long time. The human is going to talk to the white coated humans to see if there is something happening with me.

After all, I was using that litter box for a long time without any problems. So it is unusual for me to go outside of it. And that is why the human will talk to the white coated humans.

When a Feline Stops Doing This, Talk to the White Coated Humans
When a Feline Stops Doing This, Talk to the White Coated Humans

If a feline stops using the litter box in your home, it is important for you to talk to the white coated humans. For male felines, it is even more important to do that quickly. You see, we could have a partial blockage. That means it is painful for us to urinate. Our feline brain associates the litter box with painful urination, so we stop going there.

If the white coated human finds this out and treats it, then the problem will likely go away. No more coming home to a carpet that smells like a litter box for you!

But if the white coated humans find out that we are healthy, then it is all behavioral. And that means you will have to think like a feline. What happened to get us to stop using the litter box? It can be many things, and you will have to be a good detective to figure it out. The human thinks it is because Koji ambushed me when I came out of the box, so I do not want to go in there again.

But he is not sure, because I poop in the box. In fact, I did that right when the human was typing this! So the human will have to play detective more.

Hopefully he will figure it out, so that everyone in the home will be happy.


November 12 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. Then I will tell you about a problem the human is having with me and ask for your help.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 173. This is pretty much the same as the week before, when they averaged 178. The human is concerned that a couple of mornings, my blood sugar went very low. It has him even more concerned that even though there were plenty of noms in my dish, I did not eat them.

And I complained to the human about not having any noms when the talking box started talking in the morning. He does not understand why I did not nom on what was left in my dish when I was clearly hungry.

But the human will keep working to make sure that my blood sugar levels stay where they belong. He is just confused by my refusal to nom when there was food left in my dish!

Now, on to the problem that the human cannot figure out. I am not a feline who goes outside of the litter box. The exception to this was when I had undiagnosed diabetes. Because I had to pee so much, I could not make it to the litter box and went on the carpet. The human did not like this, but when he learned I was battling diabetes, it all made sense.

Well, the other day, the human noticed that a part of the bedroom smelled like urine. He did not understand this, because he had seen me use the litter box earlier. And Koji, for all his issues, does not go outside of the litter box. But later, he saw me urinating on that spot.

The human sprayed the spot with Nature’s Miracle and cleaned it with a spot cleaner. He even put some old rags on there to absorb any left over moisture and urine. But, I went back there and peed on the rags. And this morning, the human saw me heading over there. He shooed me away, and picked me up and put me in the litter box. I relieved myself, and acted like nothing was wrong after that.

The human does not understand why I would do this. He saw Koji ambush me once when I went to the bathroom in the litter box. Do you think this could be why I do not want to go in there anymore?

What should the human do?