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Jacey Talks to You

Hello, furiends. It is Jacey. I have not talked to you in a while, and Bagheera wants me to tell you how things are going. I know you are all curious about how things are going with me. They are going just fine, furiends. When the human goes to work, I go in with him. And then when he returns for the night, he brings me back.

I do not fight the human when he puts me in the carrier, but when I am in the car, I complain to him about the ride. I do not like the ride. The human thought it might be because I am in the carrier, so he let me out one time. I still meowed very loudly and complained the whole time. So the human decided to keep me in the carrier. It is safer, and if I am going to complain anyway, it does not make sense to let me out.

Jacey Relaxing Under a Towel
Jacey Relaxing Under a Towel

Koji is getting better about not annoying me. He sometimes bothers me, but when I yell at him to go away, he usually walks away. Sometimes, the human has to tell him to leave me alone. And when Bagheera yells at Koji, too, it can get very loud in the home!

That is what happened early this morning. Koji came into the bathroom and started talking to me. That does not bother me, but then he jumped up onto the shelf that I like to sit on. I got very angry and screamed at Koji. I managed to get away from Koji, but I was still yelling.

The human came in to help, and so did Bagheera. My big brofur was very angry, and he even took a swat at the human! The human has wounds on his legs because of this. But he was able to get Koji off my shelf. Then he put Koji in the hallway, and Bagheera yelled at Koji.

The human treated his wounds and went back to sleep for a little while. And when he woke back up, both Bagheera and Koji had calmed down. Besides, they were hungry, and they wanted to eat their noms. No time to be angry at the human!

Furiends, do not worry about me. I am happy and as soon as the human came in to say hello to me after the talking box started talking, I gave him many head bonks and purred. I do not like the ride to and from work, but the human tells me this is normal.

Cats of Melbourne Turns to Humor To Adopt Out Cat

You humans can be silly sometimes. One example is how some of you are reluctant to adopt black cats. I do not know why this is true. I think that house panthers are great additions to the right home. But for some reason, there are many humans who do not want a black cat.

One cat rescue group in Melbourne, Australia, addressed this situation with humor. They want to get a feline named Mr. Biggles adopted, and they decided to use a humorous biography of this feline to do it.

Mr. Biggles Needs a Special Human to Adopt Him
Mr. Biggles Needs a Special Human to Adopt Him

They described this house panther as “an utter, utter, utter bastard” who is also a dictator and who will not accept not getting his way. They continued by saying “Mr. Biggles is a despot and dictator, he will let you know he is not happy, which is often because things are often just not up to his high standards. Mr Biggles likes his cuddles on his terms, and will sit in your lap when he decides it’s time. If the stroking is not up to his standards, he will nip you.”

Why did Cats of Melbourne do this? Because they decided that Mr. Biggles wasn’t for everyone. He needs a certain type of human to take him in, and the cat rescue group wants to make sure Mr. Biggles goes to a home with that kind of human.

Now, do not think that Mr. Biggles is not enjoying himself. His foster human says that he’s doing well, but that he needs a home of his own. And this human decided that it would be best to use humor to get his point across.

The profile for Mr. Biggles quickly rocketed to the most shared profile for Cats of Melbourne. However, despite all the sharing, he still needs a furever home. Hopefully, it does and Mr. Biggles goes home soon. And hopefully, you humans will realize that black cats are not bad luck, too!

Reviewing A Home Like Humans Review Restaurants

I do not know if you have seen the recent Buzzfeed article on what it would be like if we felines reviewed the home like you humans review restaurants. But I saw it, and I thought it was quite amusing. They covered many rooms, but they did not cover all of them.

Koji and Me Relaxing on the Balcony
Koji and Me Relaxing on the Balcony

For example, they did not review the actual balcony! How could they not review this? This place is my favorite place in the home, and Jacey and Koji agree with me. We all give it five out of five stars. It is where we can go to work on our fur tans when the sun is out. And the human has put lots of plants in there for us to nom on.

The human made sure we would give the balcony a five star rating when he put catnip in! How could we not like a place where our favorite plant is growing?

That is why we all give the balcony an enthusiastic five stars!

They did get some things right. For example, the hamper is a place that Jacey and Koji like a lot, even though I do not. When the human cannot find Jacey or Koji, he looks in there. They like the hamper, especially when it is full of clothes the human has worn.

They give it five stars, because the clothes are nice to work into just the right spot. Then, they can sleep in the hamper with the human’s smell surrounding them. This is something that makes both Jacey and Koji happy.

Do you humans have any rooms that you think we felines should review? What do your felines think about the rooms in your home? Share your stories with us, because Jacey, Koji, and I all think it is fun to hear them!