Kind Human Rescues Feline in Tree

A Very Grateful Feline

I’ve shared a lot of stories about felines in trees with you. One human tried to help a feline and got stuck. And some fire departments are starting to come out to help felines stuck in trees because they do not want to have to rescue both a feline and a human.

That did not happen in Lincoln, Nebraska, recently. A feline got stuck in a tree approximately 30 feet above the ground. And because it was cold, the poor feline was shivering — possibly from fear as well.

Kind humans tried to coax the feline down with noms, but that did not work. The human who spotted the feline initially saw there were no good branches to climb down. They knew they needed help, and called authorities. But nobody would come to help.

The kind human refused to give up. They turned to social media, posting on Facebook to ask for help. And someone who runs a window cleaning service offered to help. They arrived on the scene and evaluated things. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong for them to safely use a long ladder to get to the feline. But this human promised to return the next morning to help.

The feline stayed in the tree overnight. The human with the window washing service showed up promptly the next morning. Fortunately, the winds slowed enough for them to use their ladder.

They put the ladder on the tree, and climbed up it with a carrier and a towel. But the feline wanted nothing to do with the carrier, and jumped on the human’s shoulders. They slowly made their way down the ladder, and soon the feline was safe.

A Very Grateful Feline
A Very Grateful Feline

The human who initially saw the feline took them in, and visited the white coated humans. They could not find a chip. Naturally, they wanted to adopt the feline, but state law requires a 30 day waiting period.

After the 30 days are up, the human who came to help the feline will give it a furever home. And they will make sure the only tree their feline climbs is inside their home!

Human Rescuing Cat Requires Their Own Rescue

Furiends, it is not a surprise when a feline gets stuck in a tree. We felines are very good at climbing up trees. But because our claws only work one way, when we want to come back down, we have to lower ourselves to the ground backwards. And sometimes, we do not want to do this.

Kind humans who see felines stuck in trees naturally want to help. They do not want to see a feline suffer in the tree. But be careful, furiends. Or you can end up stuck in the tree yourself.

That is what happened to one human in Werrington, in the United Kingdom. Bella, who is a 13 week old feline, got stuck in a tree. She meowed for help, and one of her human’s visiting friends went to give it.

They were able to get up the tree and got the feline to trust them. But in getting up the tree, they got their foot stuck. So their friend called the firefighters, who arrived on the scene. “They tied a rope around the branch and three of them pulled the rope” to help the trapped human free their leg. “Then another fireman climbed up the ladder and helped her down.”

In the meantime, Bella decided she had enough of the tree. She climbed down the tree to the firefighters, “so they carried her down, too. It was a ridiculous situation, but Bella loved all the attention.”

“I’ve kept her inside ever since her adventure,” Bella’s human said.

I am glad everyone, feline and human, escaped harm in this situation. But Bella’s adventure reminds us that we felines should stay inside whenever possible. And if a feline escapes and needs help, firefighters said it is best to contact an animal rescue organization. They have the personnel and resources to help better than an individual human can.

Firefighters Rescue Human and Feline

Sometimes Felines Doing This Get Stuck

Furiends, sometimes, we felines do things that get us in trouble. One of the things we do that gets us in the most trouble is climb trees. This is one of the many reasons that we felines should stay inside, but that is something we can talk about later. And sometimes, when humans try to help felines stuck in trees, they end up needing help themselves!

Sometimes Felines Doing This Get Stuck
Sometimes Felines Doing This Get Stuck

That, furiends, is what happened to a human and their feline in Topeka, Kansas. The feline climbed the tree late one night and got stuck. Their human realized their feline was in danger. So they went to help. They reached the feline, and were set to come down, but they realized they had a problem.

Like their feline, they got stuck. They could not get back down.

Fortunately for them, someone called the fire department. Sometimes, fire departments decline to respond to reports of felines stuck in trees. But in this situation, they had to respond. Not only was a feline stuck in the tree, but a human was, too!

The firefighters arrived on the scene and evaluated the situation. They found both the human and the feline stuck about 16 feet in the air on a large tree. While the human and feline were safe, they were not happy about their situation.

But the firefighters helped them, and soon, both feline and human were safely back on the ground. The human thanked the firefighters, and went back inside with their feline.

One of the firefighters said that this particular incident was unusual because a human was stuck as well as a feline. But, they also said they respond to situations where felines get stuck in trees occasionally.

Furiends, remember that firefighters may not always respond if a feline is stuck in a tree. And even if they will, do you want to risk it? It is best for us to stay inside!