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Firefighters Rescue Human and Feline

Furiends, sometimes, we felines do things that get us in trouble. One of the things we do that gets us in the most trouble is climb trees. This is one of the many reasons that we felines should stay inside, but that is something we can talk about later. And sometimes, when humans try to help felines stuck in trees, they end up needing help themselves! That, furiends, is what happened to a human and their feline in Topeka, Kansas. The feline climbed the tree late one night and got stuck. Their Read more [...]

Police Carry Out Cat Rescue

Humans with badges are responsible for making sure other humans are safe. Sometimes, they extend their responsibility to make sure others are safe to four legged creatures. And that is what happened in La Vista, Nebraska where one of the humans with badges carried out a cat rescue that required a lot of effort and improvisation. A cat was stuck in a tree in La Vista's Central Park, and it was in need of help. There was a creek near the tree and the cat, and it could have been bad if the cat Read more [...]

Cat Rescued After Eight Days

Yesterday, I shared with you the story of Moosie, who survived being in a moving container for more than two months. Today, I will share with you another story of a feline who was stuck for an extended period of time. It was not as long as Moosie's ordeal, lasting only a week. But it was still a long time to be stuck! Honey, a black and white feline, managed to wriggle her way out of a crawl space in her home and went to explore the outside. Then she worked her way up a tree and got stuck. Honey's Read more [...]