Happy to Be Cat of the Week for Modern Cat

Yahoo!  You guys did it.  See that picture?  I am the cat of the week for Modern Cat.  A diabetic cat like me, winning the contest?  Yahoo!

Bagheera The Diabetic Cat is Cat of the Week for Modern Cat!I want to thank all of you humans who voted for me and my furiend Coco-Nut the Big Fat Mitten Kitten for helping by spreading the word.

Thanks to you, more humans will learn about diabetic cats like me.  I will help them understand that diabetic cats are more work and require more commitment from their humans, but we are just as loving and fun as any cat without special needs.

And remember, Coco-Nut’s human still needs some help to cover medical expenses for Caviar.  If you can help her like you helped me, I am sure she will be very grateful.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat says vote for Dottie

If you humans have gotten used to voting — and aren’t we all much cuter than the humans you voted for in the election last year in the United States? — then you can keep on voting for another special needs cat, Dottie.  If you remember, Dottie was tortured by some cruel humans but she was adopted by a human named Monica who is taking care of her and who is going to get Dottie fitted with prosthetic legs.  She is trying to raise money for the organization that rescued her.

Also, my human has started to track my blood sugar levels on a spreadsheet you can look at yourself.  If you want to see what goes on with a diabetic cat, you can take a look.

And ask questions about it.  My human wants to help teach more humans like you all about what it is like to have a diabetic cat.  Maybe one of you will be like him, and decide that the extra effort required to take care of a diabetic cat like me is well worth it.

I send you all head bonks, happy meows, and friendly paw taps for being so kind to me.