Frozen Tiny Felines Grow Up to Be Feisty Cats

Adult felines are pretty adaptable creatures. We can endure a lot, and we can usually find a way to get out of trouble. But tiny felines are very vulnerable. And when a tiny feline is only days old, they are practically helpless without their mother. After hearing that a litter of tiny felines were freezing in a bush, a kind human rushed over to help.

They did not even wait to go to the white coated humans. Instead, they immediately warmed up the tiny felines with the vents in their car. Then these kind humans took the tiny felines home. They bottle fed the tiny felines, but one of them, Bagel, stopped responding to the bottle.

The human rescuer got very worried. They thought that Bagel might not make it. After switching to tube feeding, they tried getting Bagel to eat from a bottle at every feeding session. Finally, one day, she nommed from the bottle.

Furiends, when Bagel finally nommed from the bottle, her human rescuer was very happy. And then they started to celebrate every milestone the tiny felines reached. When they started grooming each other, they celebrated. Eating solid food? That was a reason to celebrate. And the tiny felines, after given a chance to thrive, started to show off their personalities.

One of the tiny felines is named Spud. He’s the feisty feline in the group. Pancake has become a little lap kitten.

As for Bagel, she is the most fearless. She jumped over the baby gate the human rescuer was using to keep her in a secured place. And she loved being held by her foster human.

Yes, I said foster human. You see, this kind human takes in felines, helps them grow strong, and then sends them to good homes. They admit that it is hard to let these felines go. But they also know that when they do this, they can help other felines.

Furiends, I know many of you say that you cannot bear giving up a feline you have grown to love and that is why you do not foster. But if there is room in your home to try, please do. You see, if this foster human did not take in Bagel, Pancake, and Spud, they never would have had a chance to thrive.

Please consider giving other felines a chance to thrive by fostering!

Cat Has Perfect Reaction to Learning She is Pregnant

Furiends, you know that one of the first things you should do when a feline you are caring for is old enough is to get them spayed or neutered. When you do this, you help your feline avoid many potential medical issues. And fixed felines mark a lot less, which means that you do not have to worry about cleaning up those messes. But the most important reason? We do not want unfixed felines to add to the overpopulation of felines.

Maybe that is why one feline had such a funny reaction when she learned she was pregnant.

Ulla is a one year old feline who is living at a shelter in Nuuk, Greenland. I hear it gets very cold there and lots of white watery things fall from the sky. Ulla dealt with that until kind humans took her to the shelter in April. Since then, the shelter has been taking good care of Ulla. But they noticed she was gaining weight, and they wondered why.

So Ulla went to the humans in white coats. And they performed an ultrasound on her. They learned that she was pregnant with four or five kittens. And Ulla’s expression when she learned the news was one of surprise.

Ulla Learns She is Pregnant

Furiends, this is why many people know about Ulla! Her expression after seeing her kittens on the ultrasound makes many humans laugh.

But do not worry about Ulla and her kittens. Once she gives birth and raises her kittens, she will go to a good home. The shelter will care for her kittens and find them good homes. Ulla will get fixed after she recovers from giving birth.

This is a good outcome for a pregnant feline living on the street! I am glad Ulla will get the care she needs and that she and her kittens will go to good homes!

Police Officer Rescues Feline from Busy Road

Humans with badges help protect and serve the public. Sometimes, these duties include protecting and serving creatures with more than two legs. And that is what happened in Livonia, Michigan recently.

A police officer responded to a call about a cat who was trapped on a busy interstate freeway. When the police officer arrived, he met with the human who called in the trapped cat. The officer and the calling human knew they had to help the feline, otherwise, it was in real risk of getting killed by fast moving cars.

The officer had to think fast, and he did. He called in another unit, and they positioned their patrol cars to protect the feline. Then, they approached the terrified feline. They talked to the feline, hoping to calm her down. And when this worked, they were able to get the feline into one of their cars.

Police Officers Rescued Libby

Soon, the feline, who has been named Libby, went to the Michigan Humane Society. There, humans in white coats examined Libby. They learned she had an upper respiratory infection and treated her for it. She quickly recovered, and now Libby is available for adoption. This is very good news, furiends. I am glad Libby is safe.

The police department received many calls asking about the feline they saved. They recommend that people interested in Libby contact the Michigan Humane Society.

I do not like riding in cars, and I think I would hate being so close to them on the street. Libby probably dislikes car rides even more than I do after being exposed to so many fast moving ones and being defenseless against them! I am glad the police officers helped her, and we also need to give credit to the human who called them.

Hopefully Libby finds a home inside, away from cars, very soon!