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Tiny Feline Gets Helped During Storm

Furiends, I am sure that you know about the horrible flooding that is taking place in much of the Gulf Coast region in the United States. Many humans were forced to leave their homes, and countless felines and canines are suffering, too. I know that many humans are working hard to help these animals.

One tiny feline took matters in to her own paws, furiends. I am glad she did this. She likely would have been hurt if she did not.

This tiny feline walked right up to a human’s door, and when that human opened the door, they strolled into the home. Then they went into the human’s bedroom and went hiding under the bed. This kind of thing is a little unusual, but it is not unheard of. But this tiny feline did it just before Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

Harvey in Her New Home
Harvey In Her New Home

The human put up lost cat signs because they thought the tiny feline might already have a home. After a few days, when nobody responded, they said “I guess I have a cat now.”

Harvey, as this feline has been named, had no problem winning over the human in the home. Things did not go as well with the canine. Harvey growled and hissed at the canine, and the canine responded by barking. But after a few days, things settled down. Now, Harvey and the canine get along well.

As soon as things settle down after the storm, the human who rescued Harvey will get her chipped. Then the white coated humans will examine Harvey to make sure she is healthy.

Furiends, Harvey chose the right home to walk into. We often say that we felines choose our humans as much as you choose us. And this tortie sure seems to have done exactly that. I am glad she is safe and happy. I only home the canine in the home spares her the sloppy wet tongue!

Anakin Has a New Sisfur

One of the felines who I am proud to call my furiend is Anakin. This feline was born without any hind legs. But he does not let this slow him down. He is nimble, and fast. When he was a tiny feline, despite having only two legs, he was able to escape the humans who tried to capture him so he could be helped a few times!

His human takes good care of Anakin, and now, there is a new feline in their home. Anakin’s human saw this tiny feline in the middle of the road, and knew they had to do something to help. They were able to capture the tiny feline. This poor tiny feline furiends, needed noms badly.

The tiny feline nommed on all of the cat food that Anakin’s human had with them. Anakin’s human took the feline to the white coated humans, and they learned the tiny feline was about ten weeks old. The poor feline only weighed 1.75 pounds, furiends! A healthy weight for a feline her age is three pounds.

Anakin Has a New Sisfur
Anakin Has a New Sisfur

Fortunately for this feline, Anakin’s human started to take care of her. The white coated humans gave her medicine, and she started to get better. She pooped out a large mass of dead worms. But then, she got diarrhea. The white coated humans changed her noms, and this seems to have taken care of the problem.

Anakin’s human has to go away for a few days. Since she may need care, the white coated humans will take her in. But when Anakin’s human gets back, this tiny feline will join him.  And then, hopefully, Anakin and the tiny feline will have a good life together.

You may be wondering why I did not mention the name of this tiny feline. That is because Anakin’s human has not given her a name yet! I am not sure what kind of name she will get, but I am sure it will be a creative and fun one! But the most important thing, furiends, is that she will be given every chance to thrive.

Firefighters Save Tiny Feline From Burning House

Sometimes, furiends, we felines get into situations where we are in trouble. I do not think this is any different than you humans. You humans, even with your big brains, often do things that get you in trouble.

When the human gets himself in trouble, Jacey, Koji, and I scold him. We tell him that with that big brain of his, he should know better. He just shakes his head and reminds us that we do the same thing. Then we tell him his brain is much bigger and he sighs and walks away.

A tiny feline did something similar recently, and firefighters had to come to help it. You see, this feline found what they thought was a safe spot to hide in. They went to an unoccupied house, because they thought it was going to be a safe place to rest in. But unfortunately for them, that was not true.

The building somehow caught on fire. And because there were no humans in there to help the tiny feline, they were trapped. Firefighters rushed to the scene to put the fire out, thinking that they would only need to extinguish the flames. They were in for a big surprise.

Even with all the noise on the scene, the firefighters heard the tiny feline shouting for help. And one of the firefighters went looking for the tiny feline. Fortunately for the tiny feline, the firefighters found them. They scooped them up, and took them to safety.


You can see the rescue for yourself, because the firefighters captured the rescue on video! After they saved the kitten from the fire, the firefighters administered oxygen. Firefighters determined the feline was okay, and then a neighbor took the cat in.

Furiends, this is a happy story. I am glad this tiny feline now has a home of its own and I hope this puts a smile on your face.