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Human Rescuing Cat Requires Their Own Rescue

Furiends, it is not a surprise when a feline gets stuck in a tree. We felines are very good at climbing up trees. But because our claws only work one way, when we want to come back down, we have to lower ourselves to the ground backwards. And sometimes, we do not want to do this.

Kind humans who see felines stuck in trees naturally want to help. They do not want to see a feline suffer in the tree. But be careful, furiends. Or you can end up stuck in the tree yourself.

That is what happened to one human in Werrington, in the United Kingdom. Bella, who is a 13 week old feline, got stuck in a tree. She meowed for help, and one of her human’s visiting friends went to give it.

They were able to get up the tree and got the feline to trust them. But in getting up the tree, they got their foot stuck. So their friend called the firefighters, who arrived on the scene. “They tied a rope around the branch and three of them pulled the rope” to help the trapped human free their leg. “Then another fireman climbed up the ladder and helped her down.”

In the meantime, Bella decided she had enough of the tree. She climbed down the tree to the firefighters, “so they carried her down, too. It was a ridiculous situation, but Bella loved all the attention.”

“I’ve kept her inside ever since her adventure,” Bella’s human said.

I am glad everyone, feline and human, escaped harm in this situation. But Bella’s adventure reminds us that we felines should stay inside whenever possible. And if a feline escapes and needs help, firefighters said it is best to contact an animal rescue organization. They have the personnel and resources to help better than an individual human can.

Law Seeks to Protect Cat Rescuers

Furiends, did you know that it is illegal for first responders to provide mouth to snout resuscitation to felines and canines in California? Only white coated humans can give felines and canines medical treatment. I do not blame the humans who wrote that law. They did not want humans who are not properly trained to give medical treatment to felines and canines.

This Feline is Glad a Firefighter Broke the Law
This Feline is Glad a Firefighter Broke the Law

But the humans behind this law did not think about first responders. And currently, first responders who give medical help to felines and canines risk being a fine of up to $2,000 or a year in jail. Now, furiends, many first responders ignore the law and help. And I do not think the humans in robes would actually convict them of a crime. But it is a risk they do not want to take.

Now, a law is working its way through the California legislature that will change this. It seeks to allow mouth to snout resuscitation for anyone who is helping a feline or canine in danger. And a white coated human telling a lawmaker to do this got the bill moving forward.

Furiends, I am glad the legislature is doing this. First responders want to help injured animals, just like they help injured humans. Injured animals, just like injured humans will need to see a white coated human eventually. But we want our first responders to be able to help when they arrive on the scene.

And that is what this bill will do. It allows first responders to help felines and canines on the scene without them having to worry about being prosecuted for their actions. White coated humans will still be the only ones who can give medical attention to felines and canines in non-emergency situations.

This is a good bill, furiends. If you live in California, please contact your elected officials and tell them to support it! And if you do not live in my state, see if your elected officials will enact similar laws where you live.

Ace Beats Odds to Thrive

We felines can be tough creatures when we need to be. And a tiny feline named Ace is a perfect example of this.

Ace was only six weeks old when he got hit by a car. The humans in white coats examined him. One of the options for treating Ace was amputating a severely damaged leg. But a human with Cats at The Studios was there, and decided to take care of Ace. Instead of amputating his paw, they decided to see if it could heal.

Ace went to a foster home, where he met a human who was determined to help him. They went to a different white coated human, and they learned that Ace also had a heart condition. This poor six week old boy had been through a lot. But his foster human decided to commit to helping Ace make it.

Ace visited another group of white coated humans, and they told his foster human the same thing. And because of Ace’s heart condition, no white coated humans wanted to risk operating on his leg. So he would need to heal on his own.

Ace’s foster human was sad about this news, and worried that Ace was going to suffer. But they remembered their commitment to Ace, and they decided to see things through. Ace seemed to sense this, and he fought to get better. His leg started to heal on its own. Instead of being something that caused him pain, it became a fully functional leg.

Ace With His Humans
Ace with His Humans

Now Ace is as active and playful as any feline his age. He managed to beat the odds and not just survive, but thrive. And now, the human who took him in as a foster is going to be with him for the rest of his life. They decided they could not let Ace go and that he was going to become part of their family!