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Cat Saved By Cat Rescue Group Becomes Greeter

Cat rescue groups do so much to help us felines. Many of us felines owe our lives to them. One feline found a unique way to show his gratitude to the cat rescue group that saved him.

Norman was the first arrival at an RSPCA facility in 2012. He arrived in bad shape. The kind humans there, including the humans in white coats, did not know if he would survive the night. Norman arrived at the site after kind humans found him with four badly damaged legs. They suspected a car had hit Norman.

But Norman fought hard to recover from his injuries. It took months for him to fully recover. But that is what this feline did. The humans at the RSPCA facility waited for someone to claim Norman, but nobody ever did.

Norman, despite being injured badly, was also very lucky. You see, the cat rescue facility had just opened. Without it, Norman may not have received the help he needed. He would have left us if that happened. “We’re almost certain he would have died of his wounds, probably within just a few hours. We couldn’t bear to part with him after everything he’d been through,” said one of the humans at the facility.

Norman The Doorman Working Hard at a Cat Rescue Facility
Norman The Doorman Working Hard at a Cat Rescue Facility

Since he arrived at the cat rescue facility, Norman has seen nearly 1,500 animals pass through the doors. He’s seen 1,332 cats come through as well as 33 rabbits, and 16 rats.

Two feral kittens joined Norman to help him with his greeter duties. These felines, named Betsy and Belinda, also greet visitors. But Norman is the one who most people know. He has become a local celebrity, and goes with the cat rescue group to events. And when the facility is open, Norman sits on the couch, waiting to say hello.

This, furiends, is why Norman got a nickname. The humans around the cat rescue facility call him Norman the Doorman.

I am very happy that kind humans saved Norman from certain death in 2012. I like how he has repaid the humans who saved him by helping around the cat rescue facility. Good for Norman!

Two Tiny Felines Save Their Sibling

We felines are like you humans. Sometimes, we get annoyed with our siblings and will hiss and growl at them. Sometimes, we are best furiends with them. But we always care about them and when they need help, we give it to them. The story of Kaneli, Vanilla, and Chili will show you how.

Kaneli and Vanilla were suffering on a hot day. A kind human found a box under a tree, and discovered the two tiny felines. The mother of these felines never came back for them. So, this kind human took in the two tiny felines. These two were so hot they were panting from the heat. The kind human gave them formula, and within a day they were doing quite well.

This human went out to check on the feral colony one day, and they heard a high pitched meow. They discovered another tiny feline, who looked a lot like the two they had already saved. Sadly, there was another tiny feline who had left us. The mother cat had given up, and the remaining tiny feline was not going to make it without help.

Kaneli, Vanilla, and Chili Snuggling
Kaneli, Vanilla, and Chili Snuggling

After giving the latest tiny feline to join them a bath and giving him noms, the kind human put him with his sisters. They instantly hugged him, giving him reassurance, and telling him he was going to be okay. Within a day, he showed signs of recovery. It took a while for him to fully recover, but his sisters were with him every step of the way.

Now, these three felines are thriving. But they still love each other and take care of each other. The two abandoned felines helped their sibling, and it is why they are all thriving! And hearing about this happy feline family makes me very happy. It is a very happy story, furiends, and I hope it makes you happy, too!

Batgirl Wants to Help Fellow FIV+ Cat

Batgirl is a brave feline, furiends. She went through so many things that should have killed her before she got a chance to thrive. But her human would not give up on her. And Batgirl had a tremendous will to live. She did not quit and would not give up. She fought off the many medical challenges, beat them, and now is living happily with a human who loves her.

Batgirl is also FIV positive. And furiends, she has not forgotten about her fellow FIV positive cats. She told me about one who needs help, and I will share their story with you.

Let's Help Barnacle Find a Home
Let’s Help Barnacle Find a Home

This feline’s name is Barnacle. He is a feline who’s lived a rough life, but that does not mean he does not have a lot of love to give. He is very friendly with humans, even though he looks like he’s been through a lot. And it is likely he has. The only way felines get FIV is through deep bites that occur during serious fights.

Barnacle is nine years old, and his body shows signs of his difficult life outside. Furiends, what happened to Barnacle is another reason you should keep felines inside!

But despite his older age, and the challenges Barnacle has faced, he is a kind and sweet cat. The humans caring for him call him “truly the sweetest, most affectionate, most lovely cat you can imagine.” And this is after spending time on the streets, furiends!

Barnacle does not have much time, furiends. He needs to find someone who will take him in quickly. If you can do this, please contact the shelter where he is staying. It is the Cumberland County Shelter in New Jersey. And if you cannot, please share his story so that hopefully he can find a home.

This kind feline deserves to live the rest of his life in comfort and safety. Let’s make that happen, furiends!