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Tenth Life Receives Many Green Paper Things

Furiends, Tenth Life, in St. Louis, helps a lot of my fellow felines. Their most famous alumni is a furiend of mine, Lincoln. This feline was a paralyzed ball of fur when he was found, but he recovered to become a playful and fun cat. Recently, they participated in a giving day for their local area. And they raised many green paper things, furiends. Kind humans heard of the good work that Tenth Life does and gave generously. Thanks to kind humans in the St. Louis area, Tenth Life received $21,000 Read more [...]

Firefighters Rescue Human and Feline

Furiends, sometimes, we felines do things that get us in trouble. One of the things we do that gets us in the most trouble is climb trees. This is one of the many reasons that we felines should stay inside, but that is something we can talk about later. And sometimes, when humans try to help felines stuck in trees, they end up needing help themselves! That, furiends, is what happened to a human and their feline in Topeka, Kansas. The feline climbed the tree late one night and got stuck. Their Read more [...]

Skimble Skypaws Finds The Right Human

Felines who live on the streets have tough lives. And if they are sick, their life is even more difficult. One feline named Skimble Skypaws had to go to many humans asking for help before he found the right one. Skimble Skypaws had a bad infection, which made his nose look strange. He knew he needed help, so he went to many humans and meowed at them. Many of them felt bad for him, but they did not take him to the white coated humans. Finally, a kind human saw him and decided that Skimble Skypaws Read more [...]