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Feline Freed and Reunited With Owners

Furiends, sometimes, I think about how much fun it would be for me, Jacey, and Koji to wander around outside. The human does not allow us to do this. And sometimes, Jacey, Koji and I get annoyed by this. But then, when I hear about things like felines getting trapped and stuck for days, I do not feel so bad about being inside all the time.

A feline named Mahla lives with her humans on a boat. The boat had docked, and soon afterwards, Mahla went missing. Her humans did not know where she was, but they could hear her meowing around the dock.

At first, humans searching for Mahla looked around the bulkhead that separates the pier from the water. They had no luck. After one of Nahla’s humans walked the pier calling to her and heard her respond, they realized she was stuck in the pier itself.

Several humans started working to free Mahla right away. Some of them crawled on their hands and knees to locate her. Others unscrewed the wood on the pier to make it easier to see Mahla. They located Mahla, but she was scared. And so, she ran away, going further down the dock.

You see, Mahla was a feral cat before her humans brought her in. “She’s very skittish. She doesn’t like other people. It took six months before we could pet her after we adopted her,” said one of Mahla’s humans.

Mahla Reunited with Her Humans
Mahla Reunited with Her Humans

Eventually, the noise the humans removing the planks made caused Mahla to run towards her humans. They quickly scooped her up and brought her back to the boat. They wrapped her in a blanket and gave her lots of noms.

Mahla’s humans are very happy she is safe with them. And Mahla, just like us felines do, is a little less than impressed by all the fuss. She was annoyed at her humans for not finding her more quickly. But, she did give them a little sandpaper kiss to show her gratitude. It will have to do!

Truck Driver Saves Cat Found on Road

Furiends, roads are good for you humans to drive your metal boxes with wheels, but they are not good for felines. There are too many heavy things moving at high speeds. Even with our feline agility, it is very dangerous for us.

A kind human who was driving their truck noticed a feline in the middle of the street and knew this. They stopped the truck and rescued the feline. The feline was wandering on the street in a woody area, which means the poor feline was either separated from their mother or dumped by a cruel human.

Fortunately for this feline, a kind human saved them before they got hit by a car. Their rescuer took them to the white coated humans and the white coated humans examined the cat. The white coated humans learned the feline was a girl. Then they treated her for fleas and gave her noms.

The white coated humans told the rescuer the feline was ready to go after her treatment. Soon, she was in the human’s truck, on the way to their home. You might think that the human who rescued the feline would take the next step and adopt her. But they could not.

This Tiny Feline was Saved by a Kind Human
Tiny Feline Sleeping in her Rescuer’s Truck

Sadly, this kind human who helped the feline is very allergic to us felines. So they could not keep the feline. But they did not want to abandon her. They committed to enduring their allergies until they could find the feline a good home.

The feline’s rescuer actively sought out humans to give the cat a good home. They interviewed two people, and turned one of them down because they did not think the living environment would be good for the feline.

But the second person they interviewed promised to give the feline a good home. And so they sent the cat they rescued home with them. Just think, kind humans. This feline is thriving because a kind human cared enough to stop and save them!

Feline Found After 40 Days

Furiends, we felines are good at finding places to hide if we do not want you humans to find us. Just ask the human. Sometimes, he wants to know where Koji is and he looks all over the place. Then, Koji will pop up out of nowhere and say hello to the human.

But Koji has never done this outside, through 40 days and three snowstorms. That is what a 12 year old feline named Captain endured.

You see, this feline was moving with his human from Montana to Alabama when he managed to escape. His human looked for him, but they could not find him. So they called someone who helped them take care of their feline when they were away and asked for help.

This human really committed to finding the missing feline. Captain is a senior cat with a heart murmur. They set up wildlife cameras, and worked with humans who lived in the area to find him. For months, there was nothing. But one day, when this human went to find captain before a big snowstorm, things finally went their way.

After a second day of searching, they saw a feline right by the hotel where they were staying. They new it was Captain. Captain was very cautious after being outside for so long. And he ran away. The next day, the search continued. This human, along with others who had committed to finding Captain, found him huddled among some pallets. When they moved the pallets, Captain ran away but these humans were able to capture him.


Captain Nomming After Being Found
Captain Nomming After Being Found

Every muscle in Captain’s body was stiff because he was scared. But then he recognized the human who was holding him, and he relaxed. The white coated humans examined Captain. He lost more than half his body weight, furiends. The white coated humans treated him, and he stayed with them for two weeks.

When Captain finally recovered enough to travel, the human who committed to finding him took him home. And now, Captain will be their cat and will never go outside again!