December 30 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings. I will also tell you about what the human did for me on Catmas.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 197. That is up a lot from last week’s 156. But we do not mind. You see, last week, there were times where my blood sugar was lower than we want, and that can be dangerous. This week, there weren’t any incidents like that. And even the higher average is well below the point where complications start to develop over the long term.

And now to tell you about Catmas. We do not have white watery things falling from the sky around here. But it did rain on Catmas, which is good. The human tells me we need the rain, and getting some on Catmas was a present to everyone.

Nomming out of the Catmas present

For another present, he human gave Jacey, Koji, and me a new dish to eat noms from. It is a nice dish, with a picture of a fish in the center of it. And it comes from Tiffany, which I hear is a store you humans like a lot.

So it was a good Catmas for us felines. I hope yours was as enjoyable.

Well, furiends, it is now time for me to wish you a Happy New Year! Stay safe if you celebrate, and stay warm because I know it will be cold in many places.

December 24 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I know that many of you are celebrating Christmas, or as Jacey, Koji and I like to call it, Catmas, today. I hope you all of your furiends and family, both four legged and two legged, are enjoying the day.

After all, the story involves the birth of Jesus in a manger, with lots of animals around. They talk about many four legged furiends being there for the birth. I am sure there was a cat or two around! We felines who do not get to live inside often find barns good places to live in.

And we do a good job of helping keep the rodents away from the grain the barn animals need to eat. That is our gift to humans!

Jacey, Koji and I Wish You a Meowy Catmas

I wish I could say that my blood sugar readings were a good gift, but that would not be true. For the week, they averaged 212. That is up from last week, where they averaged 199. The average is not too bad, but what concerns both me and the human is the fluctuation we saw with my blood sugar levels.

We saw some very low readings where I was hypoglycemic. And then we saw some readings that were much higher than we like. We did not get the consistency that we like to see when it comes to my blood sugar levels.

The human is not sure, but he thinks that some of this may be because he was not able to give me my noms on a normal schedule for a few days. I was getting noms a couple of hours early in the evening. And that meant I had to go longer without them at night.

The human thinks this may have cause the problems. But he is not sure, since he has done this before without any issues. He will see if going back to a more regular feeding schedule helps.

I will let you know about this next week. But for today, enjoy your Catmas!

Wishing you a Pawsitively Merry Catmas

Hello, kind humans.  The human tells me he is going to go to the place where we used to live.  He tells me that it is going to be cold, and that he will have to put on a coat.  I told him that if he was a feline like me, Jacey, and Marley, he would always have a coat on.  He did not like that and gave me a dirty look.

The Human Says This Would be Jacey if He got a Christmas TreeHe tells me that this is a time for you humans called Christmas, and that you humans like to do special things and spend time with family.  That is why he is going to get on that big metal tube, which I did not like!  Well, that’s fine.

I asked him about the tree that we used to put up during this time of year, and he said, well, Bagheera, who decided to knock down the tree and play with all the ornaments?  When I said it was me, he said that is why we do not have a tree anymore.   I do not understand this.  We felines like to be in Christmas trees, and I do not understand why he expects us not to bat ornaments around.

Speaking of Christmas, and gifts, the best gift you can give a feline is a home.  Hopefully, Christmas Carole, who Michigan Cat Rescue is helping, will get the present of a furever home this holiday season.

And do not forget that my good furiend Lucky and I are competing to see who can give some food to a cat rescue organization.  We are both competing in the Modern Cat Star Cat contest.  Lucky has pulled ahead of me, but regardless of who wins, some shelter is going to get some noms.  That will be a wonderful present as well.

Well, I am going to go relax now.  But before I do, Jacey, Marley and I all wish you a very merry Christmas.  Or, as we all think you should call it, Catmas!