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An Interesting Night in The House

Good morning, kind humans. It was an interesting night in our home last night. You see, the human brought Jacey home. He thought everything would be fine between me and Jacey. After all, we lived together for six years! The human worried about Koji's reaction, but I was the one who caused problems. I displayed a form of cat behavior known as non-recognition aggression. Felines displaying this cat behavior show aggression towards other felines they have known for a long time, like the six Read more [...]

Feline Saves Human From Fire

In exchange for the noms and care you humans give us, we felines give you many things. We love to shower our humans with affection, and you humans enjoy this. Sometimes, our actions can save your lives, though. And that is what happened with a feline in Clairmont, Alberta. The humans in the home were sleeping, when this feline noticed there was a fire in the home. To let the humans know that there was something wrong, this feline went over to the mother and bit her on the arm. When the human woke Read more [...]

Cat Joins Nursing Home Staff

We felines are very good at letting you humans know what we want. Sometimes, we do this by talking. Other times, we will tap you with our paws. And sometimes, we do this by just walking on in and doing what we want ourselves. That is exactly what one feline, who is named Oreo, did one day. She wandered into a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio, and decided that she was going to join the staff. Oreo showed up on the grounds of the St. Augustine Health Ministries facility one day. She wandered on Read more [...]