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Cat Joins Nursing Home Staff

We felines are very good at letting you humans know what we want. Sometimes, we do this by talking. Other times, we will tap you with our paws. And sometimes, we do this by just walking on in and doing what we want ourselves. That is exactly what one feline, who is named Oreo, did one day. She wandered into a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio, and decided that she was going to join the staff. Oreo showed up on the grounds of the St. Augustine Health Ministries facility one day. She wandered on Read more [...]

Cat Stuck in Chimney Rescued

Furiends, we felines are very inquisitive and curious creatures. This sometimes gets us in trouble. My former brofur Pepe once walked into the hallway to investigate it without the human knowing. Pepe got stuck outside when the human closed the door. Security had to contact us so we could let him back in. And Koji and I are not immune to this. Sometimes, we sneak out onto the balcony and the human does not notice. He gets surprised when he hears us loudly complaining to be let back in. But not Read more [...]

Canine Helps Feline Mother Care for Kittens

So many people think that we felines cannot get along with canines. I do not mind canines, until they try to tell me what to do or start to lick me with their sloppy wet tongues. And Koji likes to play with them, but sometimes, he scares them because he is so rambunctious. Jacey does not mind canines either but she will tell them to go away if they bother her. But one feline and canine have taken things to a different level. A human was caring for a feline named Terra, and they noticed that she Read more [...]