Happy Caturday from a Diabetic Cat

Hello, kind humans.  Today is Caturday and Jacey, our human, and I are enjoying ourselves.  Today we went out on the balcony to work on our fur tans.  And just because I am a diabetic cat doesn’t mean I can’t be mischievous.  Our human was getting coffee, and I decided that I would go ahead and eat one of the plants.  Well, it didn’t agree with my stomach, so I naturally got rid of it.  My human had to clean it up.

Happy Caturday from a Diabetic CatSince many humans relax on Caturday, I figured I would give you some things to read.

One of the humans who visits here the most and who is always happy to chip in to help when cats like Lucky need help is named Jason.  He and his wife are going to do the walk for Cats Protection in the UK next week.  This kind human can use your help with fundraising, so please donate if you can, and share his story if you cannot.

And speaking of Lucky, I wrote an update about him and Bindy.  They are both doing much better, but they still have challenges ahead that they will have to overcome.  The important thing is that instead of being with humans who will abuse them, they are with humans who will take good care of them.  That is a huge step on the path to recovery, and they both know it.  Remember, these two cats who have every reason to distrust humans show their love for the humans who are helping them by purring, making biscuits, and in the case of Lucky, even asking for tummy rubs!Bagheera the Diabetic Cat loves Tenth Life

While Lucky and Bindy still have a ways to go before their stories can truly have a happy ending, there’s one that I shared with you.  That is the story of Checkers, who went to Tenth Life Cats in St. Louis.  She was found in the woods duct taped to a board.  But after much love and care, she has recovered and found her furever home.

I want to thank all you kind humans for all the attention you shower me with.  I hope you having as much fun on this Caturday as this diabetic cat is.

Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants you to Say Hi to Jacey!

It has not been a very good weekend for me, Jacey, and our human.  It has been a cloudy and grey weekend, so we did not get the chance to relax and enjoy the sun.  Of course, our human managed to find a way to play with us, so that wasn’t so bad.

And of course, he has to give a diabetic cat like me ear sticks and insulin shots.  They haven’t been so bad of late.  He’s getting better, and they don’t bother me as much.

But on a grey and cloudy weekend, it’s fun to catch on some things.  So I wanted to share some stories that you may have missed.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Girlfriend Jacey

First, I talk about my girlfriend Jacey a lot, but she doesn’t get to talk to you very much.  So I decided to let her guest blog.

I also wanted to remind you that we have a very kind human who is going to walk to raise money for Cats Protection.  He and his wife could use your help in raising money.

Of course these two dogs are not diabetic catsAnd then there is something that’s near to me and something that I care about a lot.  I like to see kind humans like the ones who adopted Jack and Loki do more.  They are trying to raise a lot of money for the San Diego Humane Society in the annual Walk for the Animals.

My human wants me to do this, but I refuse to put a leash on.  And same with Jacey.  When he puts the leash on us, we just plop and refuse to move.  And then we give him a look that lets him know in no uncertain terms that we want that thing off!

Well, I know that many of you humans have to go back to that thing called work tomorrow, so I hope that this diabetic cat was able to brighten up your weekend.

Help Raise Money for Cats Protection

Hi, everyone.  I hope you are having a wonderful Caturday!

I know all of you love us felines.  But as the stories of Duke and Dottie show you, there are many humans who do not and who do cruel things to us.  Fortunately there are kind humans like you who run organizations that help us.

I have shared Tenth Life and the San Diego Humane Society with you in the pCats Protectionast.  Now I want to tell you about Cats Protection, which is based in England.  And then I want to tell you about two humans who are looking for help to raise money for it.

Cats Protection was founded in 1927 and has grown into an organization that helps around 235,000 cats every year throughout the United Kingdom.  They have 260 volunteer run branches, 29 adoption centers (sorry to my furiends in the UK, I can’t spell it the British way), and a homing center.  It is one of those local branches that two kind humans want to help.

Jason and Victoria Millward have been married for seven years and will celebrate their eighth anniversary in August.  They live in the town of Harrogate, which is a small town on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.  They do not have any human little ones, but they have one cat named Poppy who came into their life about two and a half years ago.

They would love to have another furry member of their family, but their landlord will not let them have more than one cat.  Hopefully this year they will buy a place of their own, and they will add more four legged family members.

These nice humans decided that they would do more for charity this year in order to give back.  Jason is running a ten mile assault course for the David Shepherd Wildlife Fund in April.  And they decided to do a walk together to help Cats Protection.

They chose the local branch of Cats Protection because the local branch, which is run entirely by volunteers, does a tremendous job of caring for stray and unwanted cats and kittens in the community.  One of the reasons why they chose Cats Protection is that they never put down an animal unless it is suffering.  Jason and Victoria would like to volunteer, but due to work commitments they can’t.  So this is the next best thing they can do and they hope to raise at least £1000 for Cats Protection Harrogate.

Jason and Victoria have the same birthday, on the 9th of July.  That’s how they chose the name of their team, team Nineseven.  They are hopeful that the money they raise can help the cats who need it.  And they do, because there is bad weather this time of year in the UK.  They are using My Donate so that the money will go right to Cats Protection.

The walk they are doing takes place on Sunday, May 19.  They’ll do a 15 mile walk, starting from the village of Pately Bridge, through the valley floor past Gouthwaite Reservoir to Lofthouse.  Then they will turn around and head back to Pateley Bridge.  Last year, this event, which is organized by the Harrogate Rotary Club, raised over £750,000 ($1.1million) for over 100 charities.Donate to Cats Protection

Please help Jason and Victoria help Cats Protection.  Donate by clicking on the picture of the cute kitten, who probably looks a lot like some of the kittens that Cats Protection will help.  And if you can’t donate, please share this so that someone else can!