Kitten Rescued From Truck

It is Caturday, and the human will be around for most of the day today.  He also told me, Jacey, and Marley that another human will come here to take moving pictures for a video about The Cat Cafe.  This will help find homes for some of our fellow felines, he promises.  And we will hold him to that promise.

The human has good company when it comes to cat rescues and finding homes for adoptable cats.  One human in Florida did an amazing thing to help with a cat rescue.

This human heard purring coming from his parked truck, so he put some noms by the truck and set up a camera by the noms.  He left the truck parked overnight, and the next morning, the noms were gone but there was nothing on camera.

Confused, he decided to go fishing to clear his heaThis Human Cut Open His Truck for a Cat Rescued.  When he got to his fishing spot, he heard the purring again.  At this point, he decided he needed to see what was going on.  Without any hesitation, he cut open the sheet metal on his truck, and he saw a tiny little kitten in there.

Many cat rescues involve dedicated humans, but how many humans would be willing to cut into their truck to get a cat out?  For this human, who has two canines and a feline at home and who has taken many stray kittens to the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County, there was never a question about doing it.

He went to the shelter, and told them about the kitten that was stuck in his truck.  And after three humans at the shelter worked on it, the feline, who was named Megan, was freed from the truck.

The Human and the Feline In an Amazing Cat Rescue

The human who started this amazing cat rescue was invited back to the shelter a week later, and the feline who he saved hopped into his arms and started purring.  “It was almost telling me, ‘thank you for saving my life,'” he said.  And he did, because Megan now has a home where two teenage girls who will take care of her.

If this cat rescue story ended there, it would be a happy one, but other humans made it even better.  The human who saved Megan does not have many green paper things, and he could not repair his truck.  He did not care, because he was more concerned about saving the cat than about his truck.

But when this amazing cat rescue was shared by the shelter on its Facebook page, many humans wanted to help pay for the repairs to the truck!  Since then, a fund has been set up to pay for the repairs and any extra money will go to the shelter.

Furiends, every time I hear about the cruel things some humans do, it makes me sad.  But then I hear stories like this, and it makes me want to go give sandpaper kisses to the human.

Jacey Shares Stories On a Happy Caturday

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Acting Like This on Caturday

Hi, everyone.  Today, Bagheera is relaxing.  He  says that too much work is bad for a diabetic cat, but I do not believe him.  I think he is being a lazy cat on Caturday.  It is okay.  He works hard to bring you interesting stories during the week, so I will fill in for him.  Besides, as the human and Bagheera can tell you, I love to talk!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Acting Like This on CaturdaySince Bagheera is a diabetic cat, he has to use the litter box more often than most cats do.  One of the signs of feline diabetes is using the litter box a lot, and urinating a lot when the box is used.  But even for felines like me, who are not diabetic cats, it is important to select the right litter box.  Humans need to think like a feline when they do this.  Often, the least expensive solution is the best one!

If humans do not choose the right litter box for their felines, often, the felines are surrendered due to inappropriate elimination.  For cats who have a certain fur color, this means trouble.  Sadly, even though they are loving felines, black cats have a hard time getting adopted.  But there is a Back in Black event that is looking to find these mini-panthers homes!

Finally, you will remember that my Bagheera’s good furiend Lucky was able to help save a big kindle of 11 kittens!  Two of those kittens turned out to be like Bagheera, in that they were special needs cats.  Bagheera is a diabetic cat, and one of these felines has FIV while the other has a host of medical problems.

Good News About these Two Kittens on CaturdayAs you can see from the picture, Angelique and Henry, while the battle is not over, have come a long way.  They are now in their foster home, and just like with me and Bagheera, one feline likes to ambush the other.  And the ambushed feline does not like it.

Well, that is all from me.  If I talk too much more, the human and Bagheera will tell me I talk too much.  Besides, I see Bagheera relaxing on the floor, and looking the other way.  That means it is time for a Caturday ambush!

Enjoying a Fun Caturday

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey on the Balcony

Hello, my furiends.  Today is Caturday, and I am enjoying a fun day.  I like to remind you humans that diabetic cats like me need a little more attention and care than cats without the disease, but that we are just as fun and playful as any cat.

I started off the day with my typical routine.  My human wakes up at the same time every day so that he can give me my insulin shot.  I know when that will happen, so I sit on the nightstand and wait for him to wake up.  Well, this morning, I decided I wanted to have some fun with him, so I hopped onto the bed, sat down next to his head, and started to purr loudly and give him sandpaper kissesBagheera the Diabetic Cat Loves Sandpaper Kisses

When I do this, he smiles and gives me a few pats, but he does not wake up.  He may be only human, but he knows that if he gets up when I do this, I will do it earlier and earlier.  So all I get to do is bond with my human a little.  I will take it.

Of course, after my human’s alarm went off, he got up, and gave me my food, took my blood sugar reading, and gave me my insulin shot.  This morning’s blood sugar reading was still a little higher than where we want it, at 223, but it is lower than the danger level of 300.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey on the BalconyAnd then the fun really began.  Today is the day where my human waters the plants out on the balcony, so guess what Jacey and I got to do?  We got to observe to make sure he did it right.  That is always fun.  We nibbled on some catnip and Jacey ate some decorative grass.  But then it got really interesting when a hummingbird came by and decided to investigate one of the flowers.  Both Jacey and I wanted to pounce on the bird, but our human didn’t let us.  He made us go back inside for a bit.

Silly human.  Doesn’t he know that diabetic cat or not, I want to pounce on birds and that I am nature’s perfect predator?

Well, I hope my Caturday gets even more fun and that you have as much fun as I will!