Bengal Cats Are Safe In California!

A Bengal Cat Happy With the Commission's Decision

I am sure you remember when I shared with you the story of a petition to have hybrid cats, including bengal cats like me, Jacey, and Marley, banned. The humans behind the petition made outrageous claims about us.

They said that no matter what, we would spray inside of homes, and that we are aggressive wild animals that would even attack our larger feline cousins like tigers. They insulted us by calling us “Frankenfelines.” And they said that it is impossible to find homes for hybrid cats like bengal cats, savannahs, and chausies.

The Only Franken-Feline I Know Of
The Only Franken-Feline I Know Of

The human went to a meeting of the California Fish and Game Commission in the summer, when it was held here in San Diego. At the meeting, the vice mayor of a neighboring city spoke to the Commission about how bengal cats and other hybrid cats are not the dangerous creatures we were portrayed to be.

At that meeting, one of the Commission members said that humans who share their homes with hybrid cats were likely going to be very happy when they rendered their decision on whether to move forward with the regulation of bengal cats and other hybrid breeds.

That was good news, but humans who like sharing their homes with hybrid cats did not give up the fight. My human sent a letter to the commission and also signed a petition to the Commission to deny the call to regulate us. And yesterday, our efforts paid off.

A Bengal Cat Happy With the Commission's Decision
A Bengal Cat Happy With the Commission’s Decision

The Fish and Game Commission unanimously decided to follow staff recommendations and to deny the petition to have bengal cats and other hybrid breeds regulated. One of the Commissioners said something that should prevent future attempts to ban us.

“If someone brings us a petition to preclude other people from enjoying something they do, I think it is very incumbent upon them to be loaded with information as to exactly why that does pose — not might pose, not could pose, not maybe will pose — but poses a risk. Anything less than that I regard as just mean.”

He is right. It was very mean to attempt to take bengal cats and other hybrid breeds away from humans who love them. The humans pushing for the ban said that they would exclude any current cats, but we would need papers to prove that we are four or more generations away from our wild ancestors. Jacey, Marley, and I are all rescues who do not have that paperwork.

I am very happy that the human will not have to break the law to make sure Jacey, Marley, and I can live happily with him for a long time to come.

More On Proposed Bengal Ban

Stop the Ban on Bengal Cats and Other Hybrids

Furiends, I wrote to you before with information about a proposed ban on bengals like Jacey, Marley, and me. The proposed ban was full of misinformation about bengal cats and other breeds that have descended from wild cats. A bengal cat or other hybrid cat is many things. But we are not wild animals. Nor are we threats to animal welfare and human welfare as was claimed by some organizations.

Now a human who deals with many bengal cats has written an article in Catster. In this article, she explains why a ban on breeds like bengals, savannahs, and chausies is foolish and must be stopped.

Stop the Ban on Bengal Cats and Other Hybrids
Nap Time — photo by Jamie Young

She begins the article by asking a question, which I will ask you as well. Take a look at that picture and tell me if you think that feline looks like one who is “too rough to live with domestic cats and dogs” or if it looks like it is “not safe to be around elderly people or children.”

The organizations behind this proposed ban told more lies about us. Furiends, if you see how Jacey, Marley, and I interact with the human you know it is a complete lie when they say that we “have an aversion to interaction with humans.” And then they lie more when they say that a bengal cat “can rip you to ribbons.”

I have taken a swat at the human before, and I have drawn blood. It was painful from him, but it was nowhere near ripping him to ribbons! It wasn’t any more painful than what my former companion, Pepe, had done to him before. And Pepe was a domestic short hair.

But the proponents of the ban may say, well, that is three bengal cats. It is not enough to draw a conclusion from. And that is why I am so glad a human took the time to do an analysis using lots of data. She found that in three years of behavior consulting, hybrids like bengals and savannahs were no more likely than any other breed to have aggression or litter box problems.

Tufts University also published a study in Catnip regarding bengal cats and surrenders due to behavioral problems. They found that other breed specific rescue groups had more surrenders due to behavioral issues than groups focusing on bengal cats.

My Fellow Bengal Cat Drinking Water
Maulee — Photo By Marilyn Krieger

Furiends, the things these people are saying to ban bengal cats and other hybrids are just not true. That is why it is so important to write to the officials in charge to let them know why they are wrong.

Please email the humans in charge of the various organizations considering this ban on hybrids like Jacey, Marley and me. You can email them to let them know the petition to ban us is based on lies.

Hybrid cats are clearly not for everyone. We are active, athletic, intelligent, and mischievous. We are a handful for any human. Jacey, Marley and I often drive our human nuts. But he does not mind because he knows that is part of what makes us so interesting.

Humans like him should be able to provide a bengal cat or other hybrid a loving home. Please write to make sure he continues to be able to do so.