Happy News for Some Special Needs Cats

Do you remember the sad story of Mister?  He is a diabetic cat like me.  His human was moving and was not taking Mister along.  Mister had been part of the family for five years, and he was either going to find a new home, or he was going to be euthanized.  Now, I do not know how you could abandon a feline that had been with you for five years, but that is what his human caretaker wanted to do.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Fellow Diabetic Cat Mister is Going HomeFortunately, Mister was taken to the place with the humans in white coats, and his life was spared.  They kept him until he could find a foster home.  And this week, Mister went to his foster home.

He left the Natick Animal Clinic to go to his foster home, and the humans in white coats gave his foster human directions on how to take care of a diabetic cat.  Mister is still in need of a furever home.  But his life has been spared, no thanks to the uncaring human who wanted to abandon him after five years.

And both of the little brofurs of my good buddy Lincoln are doing much better.  FiBagheera the Diabetic Cat is Glad Winston is Recoveringrst, Winston, who had strictures in his colon that were causing him to have problems with eliminating waste, has recovered from the surgery to correct that condition.  He is now to the point that he can be weaned off some of the medications over the next few weeks.

Winston is celebrating his recovery like a loving feline should — by cuddling his humans, purring, and being super sweet.  We diabetic cats are often called sugar cats, because there is extra sugar in our blood.  But Winston may be as sweet as any diabetic cat!

Finally, remember how I told you about another one of Lincoln’s brofurs, Monet?  He has a very rare condition called cutaneous mastocytosis, which has to be treated with cheBagheera the Diabetic Cat is Proud of Brave Monetmotherapy.  Well, Monet took to his first treatment like the tough cat that he is.  He had his second treatment this week, and someone forgot to tell this brave kitten that he is supposed to feel bad after the chemotherapy treatments.

After going back for his second round of chemotherapy, Monet’s human said that his fur looks thicker, shinier, and softer.  Overall, he’s looking healthier.  And most importantly, Monet’s human says she feels fewer of the bumps that come with his condition.  That means the chemotherapy is working like it should.

So there you have some wonderful stories about my fellow special needs felines who are doing well.  One is a diabetic cat like me, and two have conditions that make mine look mild.  But all of them are doing better!