Diabetic Cat Jasper Needs a Home

Furiends, one of the things that I like to do is share information from Diabetic Cats in Need. This organization helps felines who are battling diabetes like me, and they also support their humans. So how could I not like them? And sometimes, they tell me about felines with diabetes who need homes. When they do that, I share information about that diabetic cat.

Today I learned about a feline named Jasper. Diabetic Cats in Need is working with his humans to find him a new home.

Diabetic Cat Jasper
Diabetic Cat Jasper

Jasper is about 11 years old and he lives in Wichita, Kansas. I understand this place gets cold in the winter, so his nice fur coat helps him keep warm then. Right now, though, he is probably like me and not happy about the hot temperatures.

His humans love Jasper, but because they are working very long days, they are unable to give him the two insulin shots a day he needs. And this diabetic cat is able to skip an insulin shot from time to time. He may be getting close to not requiring insulin any more, furiends!

Jasper is very friendly, but because he is an older feline, he is not too energetic. He likes being with his humans and cuddling with them. And he does not mind the three other felines in the home. Jasper’s human feels like Jasper is the odd cat out, but he is not aggressive towards the other felines. And they are not aggressive towards him.

Jasper’s humans are very sad about having to send him to a new home, but they want him to go to a home where he can get the human attention he craves. They are also willing to help with green paper things as long as they know he is in a good home. And if things do not work out, they are willing to take Jasper back.

Furiends, these kind humans are doing what they think is best for their diabetic cat. If you can give Jasper the loving home he needs, please contact them. And if you cannot, please share his story so that others can help.


Help Diabetic Cats in Need

Furiends, Diabetic Cats in Need helps many felines. I have shared stories of felines they are helping find homes. And in addition to these things, they help humans who are dealing with diabetic cats for the first time.

One of the felines Diabetic Cats in Need has helped is Ms. Kitty. She had a tough life. She used to live on the street. Fortunately for her, a kind human took her in and gave her the care she needed. But Ms. Kitty still went through some tough times. She developed diabetic ketoacidosis, which can be deadly. Ms. Kitty recovered from this, but then after three years, she developed it again. And then she had to fight off pancreatitis. Plus, she went blind.

All through her battles, Diabetic Cats in Need helped. Furiends, without their resources, Ms. Kitty would have left us. Her human is simply not able to come up with enough green paper things to pay the white coated humans.

Help Diabetic Cats in Need with Ms. Kitty

And Ms. Kitty is just one of the hundreds of felines who have been helped by Diabetic Cats in Need. Now, they are asking for our help. They need many green paper things to continue the good work they do. And they are asking us to help provide some.

The human already gave some green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need. I am sharing their fundraiser because I want others to help. Please send green paper things to them if you can. And if you cannot, I understand. But you can share their request, and that will help.

The human and I talked about this, and I made him promise to donate an additional $5 for every contribution that comes through this blog post, up to $150. So if only 30 of you seeing this give green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need, the human will give the full amount.

Can we make the human give away more green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need? Let’s find out, furiends! Please give today and let them know Bagheera sent you.

Diabetic Cat Callie Looking for a Home

Furiends, Diabetic Cats in Need helps many felines who are battling diabetes. They sometimes share stories about diabetic cats who are looking for homes. And I like to share those stories with you. Hopefully, we can help these felines find homes!

Today, I want to share with you Callie’s story. Callie, or Calligator, is a six year old diabetic cat who lives at Austin Pets Alive. All of us diabetic cats have to be fighters because of our disease. But Callie is even more of one.

Callie’s humans did not know she was diabetic, and she lapsed into a diabetic coma. The white coated humans worked very hard to help her. Because of this, and her fighting spirit, she pulled through. But Callie suffered brain damage because of the coma.

Diabetic Cat Callie Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Callie Needs a Home

Her brain damage causes Callie to be somewhat unpredictable. Most of us felines will warn you if we are angry and about to bite or swat you. Callie sometimes does this without letting her humans know. But if you can get over this, Callie is a fun cat. She is friendly and likes to hang out with her humans, as long as they give her time to do her own thing when she wants.

You might think this challenge would make it difficult to give Callie her insulin shots. Fortunately, as long as she gets her shots with noms, she is okay and does not fight.

And do not think that because Callie has suffered brain damage, she is not a good feline companion. She needs a little more attention and a little more love and understanding. Callie should also not go to a home with small humans. But for a human who is ready to give her the extra care she needs, she will be a wonderful addition to the family.

Can you give my fellow diabetic cat Callie a home? Please contact Austin Pets Alive. And if you cannot, please share Callie’s story so that she can find a home!