Bengal Cats Everywhere Need Your Help

Hello, everyone.  Yesterday I shared with you all sorts of things about bengal cats like me.  I told you that they are not for everyone, and that any human looking to bring a bengal cat into their home has to be aware of the unique nature of our breed.  It is like bringing in a diabetic cat, or other special needs cat.  Humans who want to bring us in to their lives have to be ready for us.

But there is a world of difference between being prepared for the things that bengal cats do and us being wild and dangerous animals.  And that is why bengal cats everywhere need your help today. Does this bengal cat look like a dangerous animal?

An irresponsible “news” organization in Pennsylvania ran a report that said bengal cats like me are “technically wild animals.”  They further said that we are more dangerous than typical domestic cats, and that adopting one of us would be like “trying to domesticate one of our local bobcats.”  Supposedly, we “still have the mentality of a wild animal.”

The ignorant woman who brought the bengal cats into her home said that she loved the leopard spots and did not know we could be so dangerous until one of us bit her husband.  And then the irresponsible television station said that people who saw my fellow bengals should call the police.

All of this is wrong.  This is why so called news organizations often only deserve to have their product used for me to cover up the mess in my litter box.

But you can do something.  A human who wrote to these people to let them know how wrong they were got a response.  The person who claims to be the news director responded by saying they strive to report all sides of the story.

Well, for this story, there are no sides to it.  Bengal cats like me are not like bobcats, we are not wild animals, and we are perfectly safe.  And that is the only story that should be reported.

Do these bengal cats look like animals that will hurt you?So please do Jacey, Duke, me, and all our fellow bengals a favor.  Call or email the news director and let him know he needs to correct all the false information he spread.  His name is Carl Abraham.  You can click on that link to send an email to the general box, and make sure you let them know the message is for him.  His phone number is 570-207-2444.  Be polite but firm and demand that they retract the false report.

Bengal cats everywhere send you purrs, headbonks, and happy paw taps for your help.