Dottie’s Human Saves A Feline

Cat Rescue of Feline Hit by Car

A while ago, I learned about a feline who had been tortured by evil and cruel humans. Dottie, you see, had her hind legs cut off as well as one of her ears. She was searching for food in a parking lot when a kind human saw her and decided that a cat rescue needed to happen right away. Now Dottie lives in a home with a human who gives her the love she deserves.

If this was all that Dottie’s human did, it would be worthy of a lot of praise. After all, carrying out a cat rescue of a feline who was abused and who had been maimed was a very kind and caring thing to do.

But for Dottie’s human, one cat rescue was not enough. Recently, a cat who had been hit by a car was found, and Dottie’s human got a call.  The feline was brought to Dottie’s human, and a trip to the humans in white coats was next. A feeding tube was inserted for the poor feline to get nourishment,

Cat Rescue of Feline Hit by Car
This Cat Was Hit by a Car

Complex surgery was going to be required for this feline, who still doesn’t have a name, to recover. Dottie’s human wanted to get this done, and a call to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay was made. The same white coated human who performed surgery on Bart the zombie cat agreed to help.

Cat Rescue Requires Surgery
Surgery Was Required

The poor feline is in bad shape. His jaw was broken in three places, his skull was fractured, and the soft palate was split open. His jaw was wired shut, and recovery will take six to eight weeks. The split palate was sutured together to repair it.

Now the most difficult part of this cat rescue begins — the waiting. Dottie’s human will have to wait to see if this cat will become a good companion for Dottie or if his injuries are too severe.

If you want to help with green paper things, please contribute. If you cannot, please send healing thoughts and share this cat rescue story.


Burned Cat Vulcan Needs Help

Animal Abuse Victim Vulcan Recovering

I am always shocked when I hear about horrible animal abuse stories. Sometimes, humans can be very cruel. But there are cases where the horrible animal abuse is the sad beginning to a very happy story. That is what happened with my furiends Lucky, Justin, Dottie, and Joe, to name a few.

Now I am hopeful that another victim of animal abuse, Vulcan, will have a similar story to tell.

Animal Abuse Victim Vulcan Recovering
Vulcan Is a Victim of Horrible Animal Abuse

Vulcan, like my furiends Lucky and Justin, was set on fire by an evil and cruel human.  He managed to escape from this horrible human, but not before suffering severe injuries. Fortunately for this tough cat, the humans at Edmonton’s Animal Care and Control found him and took him to their facilities.

While visiting the facilities to find cats to rescue, one of the humans at Infinite WOOFS Animal Rescue Society saw Vulcan. His injuries were severe, as he has suffered burns over most of his body, and the humans in white coats think some of them are third degree burns.

The treatment from the humans in white coats for Vulcan is extensive. It involved shaving his fur, giving him medicine, treating him with antibiotics to avoid infections, and providing him with pain killers so he does not suffer. Vulcan also must endure daily baths.

Despite suffering from animal abuse, Vulcan is a loving and friendly cat. He loves to get ear scritches and head rubs, and he has a very loud and loving purr.

Poor Vulcan is always going to have scars on both his body and his heart due to the animal abuse he suffered. And he has a long way to go before he recovers.

Animal Abuse Survivor Vulcan
Vulcan Is Recovering from His Animal Abuse

But Infinite WOOFS is committed to making sure he gets the treatment he needs in order to recover and thrive. And when he does, they will find him a loving home where he will never have to worry about such cruelty again.

I do not have to tell you that Vulcan’s care will require many green paper things. Please send some if you can. And if you cannot, please send healing thoughts to Vulcan and share his story with others.

Happy New Year from a Diabetic Cat

Lucky and Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wish you a Happy 2014Hello, everyone.  Today I want to wish you a very happy 2014.  I had a lot of fun sharing stories with you during the just concluded year, and I hope that you enjoyed reading them.

Looking at the stories you enjoyed the most, it is clear that you enjoyed reading stories about other special needs cats like me, or organizations that help them.  You also were interested in my breed of bengal cats.

This makes me happy, because diabetic cats like me are one type of special needs cats.  When another special needs cat gets attention, it makes me happy.

And that is what happened a lot with your favorite storiesDiabetic Cats In Need.

The fifth most popular story was about Diabetic Cats in Need.  They were in a contest to win $1,500 in low cost medical services from a veterinary clinic, and you humans responded by voting for them.

Fourth on the list of stories you loved was the story of Mika and AnakinThese two felines are missing all or some of their hind legs.  But that did not stop a very special human from adopting them.  And when she needed some help, you humans were all too happy to chip in.

Another special needs cat came in third on the list of popular posts.  Dottie was the victim of animal abuse.  She was mutilated and left to die in the parking lot of a store.  But with some help from a caring human, she has learned that most humans are kind ones and she now has aSpecial Needs Cat Dottie home where she will never have to worry about being abused again.

In second place was a call for help for all bengal cats.  An irresponsible television station broadcast a story where they lied and called us wild animals and said that we were as dangerous as a bobcat.  Well, many humans told these liars that we are not any more dangerous than any other domestic cat, because that’s what we are!Lucky was the Favorite Story Written By Bagheera the Diabetic Cat

Finally, the most popular post should come as no surprise.  It was about my good furiend Lucky and how he needed some help.  Since introducing you to Lucky, he and I have become furiends.  We continue to advocate on behalf of special needs cats and against animal abuse.

I want to thank you for reading the thoughts of a diabetic cat throughout 2013 and hope that you will continue to read my posts in the new year!