Freida Has Earned Her Wings

No More Trips to White Coated Humans For Freida

Freida the Throw Away Kitty has had a very eventful life. She was definitely thrown away by evil humans. Fortunately for her, before she left us, she was found by a kind human. Taken to Forgotten Felines of Maine, Freida was nursed back to health and given a chance to thrive.

Freida turned out to be a great ambassador for special needs cats. She helped raise awareness of how some animals are abandoned by cruel humans and never given a chance to thrive. I was hopeful that despite the medical conditions that made Freida a special needs cat like me, she would have the opportunity to live a long and happy life.

She was definitely able to enjoy the love shown to her by her human and to return that love. She recently got sick, and many trips to the humans in white coats did not reveal what was wrong with her. She was scheduled for another round of tests, but her human could tell that Freida was tired.

No More Trips to White Coated Humans For Freida
No More Trips to White Coated Humans For Freida

Instead of going through another round of tests in the hopes that they would reveal what was ailing this very special feline, Freida’s human decided that it would be best to take Freida home to let her spend what were likely going to be her last days in comfort.

No more sticking my fellow special needs cat with needles, or cutting into her to see what was going on. Freida was going to spend her last days in her home, in familiar surroundings with the humans she loved and that loved her.

I did not think that the end would come so soon. I thought Freida would have a little longer to enjoy her home and her humans. But the end came much more quickly than I thought it would. This evening, she left us.

It is very sad that Freida did not get the chance to enjoy a long life with her humans after suffering from horrible animal abuse. But this special needs cat showed how special she was by inspiring so many others, both human and feline. She showed that even though her time was short, it was full of joy.

Special Needs Cat Freida Spent her Last Hours With Her Loved Ones
Special Needs Cat Freida Spent her Last Hours With Her Loved Ones

And in the end, she left us at the home she and her humans had built together, surrounded by the ones she loved. Her life was too short, but this special needs cat showed us so much. I am sad she is gone, but I am very proud of her!

Freida Needs Healing Thoughts

Special Needs Cat Freida is Sick

One of the very brave special needs cats that I keep up to date on is Freida, the Throw Away Kitty. This poor feline was tossed into a ditch a long way away from anywhere, and left to die. Fortunately for her, a kind human came upon her, and took her to Forgotten Felines of Maine. Here, she was treated and nursed back to health.

Recently, like me, Freida suffered some health problems. Unlike me, though, the humans in white coats were unable to diagnose her condition. It is a difficult situation for a special needs cat in the first place, but when there are additional complications, it can become very challenging.

Special Needs Cat Freida is Sick
Special Needs Cat Freida is Sick

Freida will need an ultrasound like I had. Then, after the humans in white coats see what the ultrasound indicates, she will need to have ultrasound guided biopsies. This is the only way for the white coated humans to determine what my fellow special needs cat is fighting and what needs to be done to treat it.

I do not have to tell you that these tests will cost many green paper things. It is expensive enough to care for a special needs cat like me or Freida. When we must visit the white coated humans, it becomes even more expensive.

Forgotten Felines of Maine is asking for your help in covering the expenses that Freida has incurred. I know that many of you do not have many green paper things to spare, but hopefully you can spare a few. And if you cannot, please share Freida’s story.

This special needs cat has come such a long way. It would be a shame for her humans to not be able to learn what is causing her to be sick so that they can help cure it. Hopefully, this will happen soon and she will recover!

Time to Share Some Happy Feline Stories

Because diabetic cats like me are special needs cats, I love to share happy news about other special needs felines.  And I have some good stories to share with you today.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is So Happy Darky is BetterI told you the story about Darky, a cat who has not one, but two challenges that make the ear sticks and needles I endure as a diabetic cat look easy.  Darky has not just FIV, but he also has feline leukemia.  Eventually, these diseases will take his life.  But while he is alive, he has a lot of love to give, and a human that cares for him a lot.

Darky is very special to his human caretaker because she has a 16 year old daughter that has autism.  The bond between these two special needs beings is very strong, and that is another reason why his human is so devoted to him.  And that devotion is paying off, as Darky’s treatment is making him feel much better.  He still needs your healing thoughts, but it is looking much My Fellow Diabetic Cat Melody Has a Furever Home!better for him.

Another happy story comes from my furiends at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team of Maine and Diabetic Cats in Need.  One of my fellow diabetic cats, Melody, now has a furever home.  My good furiends at Paws and Effect shared this picture of her in her new home.  She got on one of those noisy metal tubes and went from Maine to Minnesota, and she is settling in nicely with her new human in her furever home.  As my good furiends Siouxsie, Thomas, and Bella at Paws and Effect say, sugar kitties can find good furever homes and I am very happy that Melody has one.

You also know that I am a big fan of Tenth Life Cats in St. Louis.  And they have another happy story to share of a feline they took in.  Twinkie was found in a car lot, dehydrated, hungry, and suffering from a really nasty eye infection.  But thanks to the kind humans at Tenth Life, she is doing much better.  This picture says it all.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is So Happy This Kitten Is Healthy!

I hope these happy stories make you feel better today!