My Fellow Diabetic Cat Jeff Needs Help!

If you have been reading my blog, you are familiar with the kind humans at Forgotten Felines of Maine.  They are the ones who took a tiny little kitten named Freida in after she had been dumped in a drainage ditch.  As they remind us, Freida is not the only feline they have rescued from a very bad situation.

Please Help My Fellow Diabetic Cat JeffThat is the case with my fellow diabetic cat Jeff.  Last spring, time was running out for Jeff.  He needed to find a home or he was going to be put down.  I will not judge the human who was going to do this, because diabetic cats are a challenge for many people.  There is the commitment of time, and then there is the need to have enough of those green paper things to properly care for us.

With the help of my good furiends at Diabetic Cats in Need, the volunteers at Forgotten Felines of Maine drove to Massachusetts to get Jeff and give him a new home.  His foster humans started working with the humans in white coats to learn how to care for a diabetic cat.  Just like any diabetic cat, that meant lots of ear sticks and needles.  We do not like this, but we accept it.

Everything was fine until October 18, when Jeff went from sleeping in his favorite spot to having seizures.  By the time he arrived at the emergency room with humans in white coats, he was non-responsive.  His condition had worsened so much that the white coated human who saw him recommended he be given the last needle he would have to endure.  His temperature was so low that it did not register, and his blood sugar was so low that it could not be read. So Happy My Fellow Diabetic Cat Jeff is Home!

The humans at Forgotten Felines of Maine decided to push through, and the cost to help Jeff recover over the weekend was around $1,000.  The decision was a good one.  On the morning of the 19th, Jeff had recovered, and was active and alert.  Sadly, though, Jeff was unable to see.  He went home on the 20th, and it appears that he is seeing shadows.

Jeff is going to need to visit the humans in white coats many times over the next month or so in order to make sure he recovers and his blood sugar is stabilized.  Forgotten Felines of Maine is hopeful that they can get enough green paper things to make this happen.  Please help if you can, and if you can’t, share Jeff’s story.

Let’s show my fellow diabetic cat that there are many humans who care about a feline like him.