Jacey Wishes You a Happy Fourth

Hello, kind humans.  Today is the Fourth of July and here in the United States, it means that our human does not have to go to that work thing.  So I decided that I, Bagheera the Diabetic Cat, would take a day off as well.  Jacey has agreed to fill in for me, and she has some things to share with you.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and JaceyHi, everyone.  Bagheera has turned the blog over to me today.  He and our human both agree that allowing me to talk now might give them both some peace and quiet later today.  I love to talk, so I will share some interesting stories with you.

The most important thing is that since today is July 4, you humans in the United States need to remember that your pets, whether they are felines like me and Bagheera the Diabetic Cat, or canines, do not like loud noises.  So make sure you keep us safe.

These few days are when the humane societies in the United States get the most calls about lost pets.  It’s bad enough for a pet without special needs, but for a diabetic cat like Bagheera, it can be deadly.  So be careful today, and be extra careful if you have a special needs pet.

Speaking of special needs cats, remember our furiend Lucky?  He is such a sweet boy that he is trying to help other cats that need furever homes.  You’ve heard about his rescue mate Fortune.  He has Bagheera the Diabetic Cat and Jacey send healing thoughts to Ericanother one who can use your healing thoughts.

Eric is a kitten who is the result of irresponsible humans.  Someone dumped an unwanted, unaltered cat at a kind human’s barn.  Eric was born as a result, and he overcame two rounds of a nasty upper respiratory infection that killed many of his siblings.

He is facing a third bout with the disease, and he is in bad shape.  But I think that if we all send warm healing thoughts to Eric, he will pull through.  Please send some his way.  Eric is not a diabetic cat, but Bagheera thinks he is tied to all special needs cats.  And that is why Bagheera wants to highlight him.

Well, from Bagheera, me, and our human, have a fun and safe Fourth!

Keep Your Cats Safe on July Fourth

In the United States, more pets are lost around the Fourth of July than any other time.  Animal shelters see spikes of around one third in the number of lost animal calls.  Unfortunately, only around 14 percent of pets who are lost are returned to their humans.  For any pet, this is bad news.  But for a special needs pet, such as a diabetic cat like me, this can be deadly.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to keep your pets safe!You might think that dogs are the only pets who really get lost, because they are allowed to roam outside and escape when the fireworks start.  While dogs are more at risk, many cats are lost too.

So courtesy of Catster and Petfinder, here are some tips to keep your felines from getting lost on the Fourth of July.  That way you can enjoy the fireworks and we’ll still be at home when you are done watching them.

  • Keep us inside.  For my human, this is no problem.  Jacey and I are indoor only cats.  And with the mourning doves on the balcony, we don’t even get to go there!  But some of you human have indoor outdoor cats.  For the Fourth of July, especially when the fireworks start, make sure we are inside and can’t escape.
  • Give us a safe room.  We felines do not like loud noises.  And if it’s loud for you humans, just imagine what it is like for us, with our much more sensitive ears!  So give us a room where the windows are closed and the door is shut, so that the noises we hear will be somewhat muffled.  And if you have guests, make sBagheera the Diabetic Cat says microchip your cature the door to this room is closed and nobody comes in.
  • Make sure we are easily identified if we get lost.  Microchip us, tag us, or take a picture of us.  If we get lost, you’ll be glad you did this.  Jacey has a microchip but I do not, but my human thinks he will get me one the next time I visit the humans in white coats.
  • If you are having guests over, play with us before the strange humans arrive.  We will be much more calm if you do this.  And recruit their help, by asking them to not let us out of the safe room and to keep an eye on us to make sure we don’t sneak out.

If you do this, you won’t have to deal with the shock and stress of trying to find a cat who got scared and got lost.  It is especially important to remember this if you have a diabetic cat or other special needs cat.  Diabetic cats can’t go too long without their insulin, and other special needs cats have similar concerns.

But with a few precautions, both humans and felines will enjoy the Fourth.