Help Raise Awareness of Animal Abuse

I know that the humans who read my blog would never abuse their furry friends.  And even though my human gets frustrated with me when I complain about the testing and injections a diabetic cat needs, I know that he loves me and would never hurt me if he could help it.  Just like any human, he will tell me if I am a bad cat, and he may tell me to stop if I am misbehaving.  But he does it in a safe and humane way.

Dottie is a victim of animal abuseUnfortunately, there are way too many humans who do not act like he does, and like you do.  The stories I have shared about Lucky, Bindy, Justin, Freida, and Dottie are proof that there are evil humans out there who would harm cats for no reason.  And while both four legged and two legged creatures would love to think that these are isolated incidents, that is tragically not the case.

My human was late bringing this to my attention, so I am writing this the week after Animal Abuse Awareness Week.  But it is so important to raise awareness of animal abuse and to help you humans know what to do if you see an animal being abused.

First, I know that if you are like my human, you would want to rush in and give the abuser a taste of their own medicine.  Don’t.  As much as you may want to set the person who abused Justin on fire, or dump acid on the person who did it to Lucky, it’s not the answer.  My human tells me a very smart man named Martin Luther King said you “must have sense enough to meet hate with love.”Bagheera the diabetic cat wants you to help stop animal abuse

That doesn’t mean you have to let the abuse go unchecked.  What you should do is contact your local Humane Society or law enforcement agency.  When you call in the report, make sure to give the the following information:

  • What abuse is taking place
  • Who is committing the abuse
  • Where the abuse is happening
  • When the incident occurred

Don’t let animal abuse go unreported.  If you see something, say something.

We cannot stop all the abuse, but we can put an end to the abuse we see.  Jacey and I thank you for all the help you will give our fellow four legged friends!