Cat Rescue Ark Animal Sanctuary Needs Help

A horrible thing happened at Ark Animal Sanctuary in Maine.  Very early in the morning recently, a border patrol agent saw a fire burning at the facility.  He called the fire department, who rushed to the scene.  The firefighting humans worked very hard to put out the fire, but they were not able to put the fire out before 16 cats had perished.

The cat rescue group had recently renovated the building, and the improved facilities had only been open for a few months.  And because of the extensive damage that was caused by the fire, the cause of the fire may never be known.

According to the fire chief of the Houlton Fire Department, who spent two hours fighting the fire, the fire could have been started by the wood pellet stove, the oil furnace, or it could have been electrical.  The only thing they knew is that when the fire was reported, it was burning in the center of the building.

Ark Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful cat rescue group that focuses on felines that are considered unadoptable, with FIV positive cats their specialty.  Beyond that, they helped with cat rescues and adopted animals when they could.  They may have lost their facilities, and sadly lost the 16 felines they were caring for.  But they have not lost their passion for helping animals.

Furiends, we can help these wonderful humans rebuild.  We can help them help other felines who would not have homes.  This cat rescue organization has been around since 2009, and it would be horrible if they were not able to get back on their feet to help my fellow special needs felines.

Another cat rescue group, Imagine Home, has stepped in to set up a fundraising campaign to help Ark Animal Sanctuary.  I know that green paper things are hard to come by.  But if you can send some to help them rebuild, please do.  And if you can’t, please share their story so that others can.

An Internet Radio Station for the Animals

My human tells me that you have a saying “gone to the dogs.”  He says that it means that something that started off well has deteriorated to the point where it is bad.  “Bagheera, gone to the dogs would be what we would say if we didn’t take care of our home.  Everything would break down and it would get dirty.  Then we humans would say that our home had gone to the dogs.”

“Since I am a diabetic cat, if you didn’t give me my insulin shots, my health would go to the dogs?”

“Yes, Bagheera.  But don’t worry about that.  You will get your insulin shots and I’ll take good care of you.”

“I know, human.  I know.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Wants you to Listen to AARF RadioBut there is one case where it is good that something has gone to the dogs.  And that is with the first internet radio station that is focused on animal relief.  It’s called AARF radio, and you can tell that it’s named after the sound that dogs make.

The primary focus of AARF radio is to help raise awareness of homeless animals and to highlight the horrible acts of animal abuse that take place too often.  In addition, AARF radio hopes to help promote educational and legislative efforts in all states for all animals and to raise money for shelter, food, and medical needs of animals who need help.

AARF works with animal rescues, animal sanctuaries, and no kill shelters that share its views on how animals should be treated.  They are committed to helping reduce the number of animals in need.  And they seek to educate humans about spay and neuter clinics in their local areas.

It would be easy for me to feel sorry for myself because I am a  diabetic cat.  Every time I start to think like that, I remind myself that there are many animals who do not have what I have always had, and that’s a human who cares for me and loves me.

Won’t you listen to AARF and help them with their mission?