A Diabetic Cat Needs Your Help

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat trying to cough up a furball

You kind humans have been so generous when this diabetic cat asks for your help.  You have stepped up to help so many of my feline furiends.  Well, now it is time for me to ask you for help.

Do not worry.  Other than being a diabetic cat, I do not need any medical attention.  Well, I do need to lose some weight, but I understand that is something many humans have to do so that’s not a big deal.  Maybe I can be as sleek and trim as Jacey and Marley are someday.

But lately, I have been having incidents where I make sounds like I am about to cough up a furball, but nothing comes out.  It’s similar to this.

When I went to the place with the human in the white coat, he said that when he listened to my lungs, there were no strange noises coming from them.  So he said he didn’t suspect there was anything wrong.  But he told my human to keep an eye on it, and if things got worse, to bring me back in.

My human, of course, is worried about me.  He thinks that this, added Bagheera the Diabetic Cat trying to cough up a furballto the stress of being a diabetic cat, may be bad for me.  Then on top of that, there is me adapting to having a feline guest in my home.

My human has read that if you apply a little petroleum jelly to my paw, it will help whatever is bothering me go down the digestive system and come out in my poop.  I guess my poop will smell even worse if that happens, and my human may have to buy a gas mask to clean the litter box.  But he will be okay with that if I feel better.

What do you kind humans think?  Have any of your felines had to deal with this?  And what did you do to make it stop?