Feline Saves Human From Fire

Feline Saved from Fire After Waking Up Humans

In exchange for the noms and care you humans give us, we felines give you many things. We love to shower our humans with affection, and you humans enjoy this. Sometimes, our actions can save your lives, though. And that is what happened with a feline in Clairmont, Alberta.

The humans in the home were sleeping, when this feline noticed there was a fire in the home. To let the humans know that there was something wrong, this feline went over to the mother and bit her on the arm. When the human woke up, they smelled the smoke and were able to get everyone out.

The humans called firefighters, who were able to rescue the second feline in the home. The feline who needed to be saved got scared in all of the confusion. Firefighters searched for this cat and brought it to safety.

Feline Saved from Fire After Waking Up Humans
Feline Saved from Fire After Waking Up Humans

One of the firefighters said the family “was pretty happy with their cat. The cat work them up with enough time. If they hadn’t been notified, it could have definitely been a different result.”

Firefighters were able to put the fire out, and everyone in the home is safe. All of the residents — both human and feline — found temporary housing. They will stay there until the cause of the fire is determined and repairs are completed.

I am very happy to hear that one of my felines was a hero who saved this family’s life. Some humans will say that the feline was only trying to preserve its noms supplier and didn’t want to lose one of its nine lives. But that is not true. We felines love the humans we live with and do not want to see them hurt.

You will not be able to convince the family of this hero cat otherwise!

Cat Saves Human From Wildfires

Tiger with His Human

I am sure you know about the wildfires that burned many homes in Tennessee. One human is very happy his feline gave him a warning about the approaching fires. His feline, named Tiger, possibly saved this human’s life!

This human was relaxing in his home, not too worried about the fires. He did not think that the flames would get to his home. And he figured that if the fires became a threat, he would get an alert on his cell phone.

Tiger with His Human
Tiger with His Human

That alert never came, but he got a feline one. Tiger started to pace back and forth in front of the door. He also took a look outside the windows to see what was happening. And his human knew something was going on.

“I figured I might as well take out the trash and take a look to see if an animal like a raccoon was making Tiger nervous. When I got across the lot, I could see the flames all over the mountains across from my condo,” said Tiger’s human.

Once Tiger’s human saw this, he immediately knew why Tiger was so nervous. He also knew that he needed to take action immediately. He ran back inside, packed some clean clothes and his medicine. Then he and Tiger evacuated his home.

Tiger and his human endured a four hour wait to get to a safe place. Fortunately for this feline and his human, their home survived intact. But his human thinks the world of Tiger and is glad his feline gave him a warning, saying “he’s a pretty great cat.”

Now you might think that Tiger would get a new toy as a reward for being such a heroic feline. Tiger did not, but not because his human does not love him. “He really doesn’t care about toys,” said Tiger’s human about him. “He never gets bored because he’s so curious about everything around him.”

Hero Tortie Named Cat of the Year

Hero Cat Tink Saved The Lives of Her Humans

When we felines come in to the life of a human, we do a lot of good things. We provide you with a loving companion. When you pet us, not only do you make us happy, but you release endorphins to make you feel happy. And our purrs help you humans fight infections, heal bones, lower blood pressure, and heal soft tissue.

We felines benefit, too. It is always good to have a human who cares for us and makes sure that we are happy and healthy. And being inside with a human to care for us helps extend our lives.

This symbiotic relationship went way beyond the normal for some humans who lived with a tortie in the United Kingdom, however. You see, these humans were sound asleep when a fire broke out in their home. They had no idea that the home was going to burn down and that they would die in the flames.

Hero Cat Tink Saved The Lives of Her Humans
Hero Cat Tink Saved The Lives of Her Humans

But then Tink, who never hops on the bed, landed with a big thud on the bed. That woke up her human, who promptly got the other humans out of the home. Sadly, Tink panicked in the commotion, and hid in a cabinet. She was overcome with fumes before firefighters found her.

Fortunately, these firefighters were equipped with special breathing apparatus designed for animals. After receiving oxygen for about an hour, Tink recovered.

And now, Tink has received the cat of the year award from Cats Protection in the United Kingdom.  Said one of her humans, “Tink is a truly special cat, we love her to bits. She’s our hero and an essential part of our family and we’re so proud of her for what she did.”

Tink is a hero and her humans owe their lives to her. I am very happy that Tink’s heroics did not result in her leaving us. And I am glad there are heroic cats like her helping their humans!