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Feline Saves Human From Fire

In exchange for the noms and care you humans give us, we felines give you many things. We love to shower our humans with affection, and you humans enjoy this. Sometimes, our actions can save your lives, though. And that is what happened with a feline in Clairmont, Alberta. The humans in the home were sleeping, when this feline noticed there was a fire in the home. To let the humans know that there was something wrong, this feline went over to the mother and bit her on the arm. When the human woke Read more [...]

Cat Saves Human From Wildfires

I am sure you know about the wildfires that burned many homes in Tennessee. One human is very happy his feline gave him a warning about the approaching fires. His feline, named Tiger, possibly saved this human's life! This human was relaxing in his home, not too worried about the fires. He did not think that the flames would get to his home. And he figured that if the fires became a threat, he would get an alert on his cell phone. That alert never came, but he got a feline one. Tiger started Read more [...]

Hero Tortie Named Cat of the Year

When we felines come in to the life of a human, we do a lot of good things. We provide you with a loving companion. When you pet us, not only do you make us happy, but you release endorphins to make you feel happy. And our purrs help you humans fight infections, heal bones, lower blood pressure, and heal soft tissue. We felines benefit, too. It is always good to have a human who cares for us and makes sure that we are happy and healthy. And being inside with a human to care for us helps extend Read more [...]