The Hill’s Science Diet Gift Winners

The Gift Basket from Hill's Science Diet

Hello, kind humans.  You will remember that I told you that I was going to get my furiends at Hill’s Science Diet to send gift baskets to 20 different people.  Sadly, the gift baskets can only be sent to people in the United States, so there are some of you who wanted one who cannot get one.

downloadBut I am happy to announce that I will have the kind humans at Hill’s Science Diet give away all 20 of the gift baskets that the allocated to me.  It is always nice when someone receives a gift.

I will need some information from these people:

  • Joy Browning
  • Kathy Werling
  • Chef Deej
  • Keith Nichols
  • Debbie Maher
  • Alexandra and Furiends
  • April Dawn
  • Sarah Brown

Now, that is only eight people, and I want to make sure that Hill’s Science Diet gives away all 20 of the gift baskets.  I am going to make sure that the humans in white coats that take care of me at Market Street Veterinary Clinic get one, so they can give it to the felines that come to their place.  That will make nine.

You remember that I gave away 40 pounds of Hill’s Science Diet’s grain free food to two rescues.  Sadly, there were many rescues that I could not give any food to.  But now I can give them a gift basket.  I will send gift baskets to these wonderful groups:

And to round things out, I will give the last basket to the kind humans at the San Diego Humane Society.

It is nice that Hill’s Science Diet is allowing me to do this.  I know that some of you do not necessarily like their food, but the rescue organizations and the humans can use it, try it, and if they and their felines like it, they can continue to buy it.  If not, they do not have to.

Besides, who doesn’t like a gift?

Hill’s Science Can Be Gourmet Feline Food

My human tells me that he enjoys high quality, gourmet food.  Did you know that we felines like gourmet food as well?  One company that produces a high quality gourmet food is Hill’s Science Diet.  Now, I need a special diet, since I am a diabetic cat.  But just like many other felines, I like to get wet and dry food as well as treats!

Hill's Science Diet Gourmet Turkey Wet FoodIt starts off in the morning.  I have come to know my human’s routine, and I know that no matter how much I complain, I am not getting any noms until that box with human voices and music starts playing.  I will wait patiently by the human until that box starts talking, and then I will remind him that I want my noms.  That means the human will wake up, and give me my wet noms.  Because I am a diabetic cat, he also checks my blood sugar and gives me my insulin when he gives me the wet noms.Hill's Science Diet Adult Grain Free - Dry

Between Jacey, Marley, and me, the wet noms are not enough.  We need to have dry noms out there throughout the day so that we do not get too hungry.  Because I am a diabetic cat, the human makes sure that I get high protein dry noms.  He puts those out for us all in the morning before he leaves for that place called work.

In the evening, whenHill's Science Diet Crunchy Creations™ Grain Free with Salmon - Treats the human returns, we all say hello to him.  We are happy to see him, and sometimes he is very nice to us.  If it is not so close to our feeding time that it will spoil our dinner, he will give us a treat.

And then we get our evening serving of wet noms.  We get these right before I get my blood sugar tested again and my second insulin shot for the day.

With all of our noms, it is important to make sure that we get a high quality food.  My human tells me that he would much rather eat less of what you humans call gourmet food than lots of food that is not so good.  Our furiends at Hill’s Science Diet have made it easy for felines to get high quality noms that are nutritionally balanced and complete.  And their foods are designed to complement each other, so felines eating their food get all the nutrition they need.

You can try this combination of noms on your felines if you like.  My furiends at Hill’s Science Diet have given me 20 gift baskets full of their yummy noms.  I am sure your felines will enjoy it.  I will tell Hill’s Science Diet to send the gift basket to the first 20 humans who tell me they want one.  You can respond in the comments here on my blog, or you can post a comment about it on the Facebook post which contains this blog post.

It should not surprise you that since I am giving away gift baskets from Hill’s Science Diet, they are sponsoring this post.  That is the only way I could give these baskets to you.  But I only share information that I think you will find interesting.  And they are not responsible for what I write.  Like a human could control a feline like me anyway?

Hill’s Science Diet Helps Disaster Relief

I told you humans about the horrible floods in Colorado and how one feline saved a lot of human lives.  Today I am happy to share some good news from my furiends at Hill’s Science Diet.  They have announced a unique program to help get food to animal rescue organizations that need it most when there are many displaced animals due to natural disasters.

The Hill’s Disaster Relief Network consists of around 100 animal rescue groups throughout the country.  It wasThis Kitten Was Helped by an Animal Rescue Group after a Tornado activated during the Colorado floods, and the human in charge of an animal rescue group in the affected area said “it was remarkable how fast they were able to respond and how committed they were to making sure we had enough food for our shelters, including the temporary shelters that we set up accommodate the influx of displaced animals.”

This network is the first of its kind, and it puts in place an infrastructure to make sure the pets that need help the most get it in case of a natural disaster.  The humans in charge of Hill’s Science Diet are also putting together an education program about how pet parents can prepare for a disaster before it strikes.  I have written about this as well, and all humans should have a disaster kit for both two legged and four legged creatures in their house. A Feral Cat Helped by Animal Rescue after a Natural Disaster

One of the humans in white coats at Hill’s said humans “have such strong bonds with their pets, we want to encourage pet parents to think about how their pets factor into their evacuation plans. Taking precautionary steps can help avoid delays in the event of an emergency”

This is very good advice.  I hope that all humans who care for four legged creatures like me take it.  And I am glad to see Hill’s helping animal rescue groups who respond to natural disasters!