A Blind Kitty Goes to a Good Home

Special Needs Cat Bailey Jo is Blind

The human is doing good things these days, and I may have to refrain from swatting him for a while. I told you the other day about a senior special needs cat who went to his furever home. Now I have good news about another special needs cat.

This feline, who is named Bailey Jo, can not see. You might think that a blind cat would have problems living a happy and fun life, but that is not true. Do not forget, Homer was able to defend his human from an intruder despite not being able to see!

Special Needs Cat Bailey Jo is Blind
Special Needs Cat Bailey Jo is Blind

Bailey Jo may not ever attack an intruder like Homer did, but she can get around just fine without being able to see. The human was amazed when she was able to figure out how to use the pet doors at The Cat Cafe. She was also able to find the litter box just fine, and did not have any problems getting her noms.

Bailey Jo was also very inquisitive and friendly. She walked around the playpen at The Cat Cafe, even with many humans around. And when she found humans she liked, she would flop over and roll around to show them she liked them.

Now, Bailey Jo, just like any blind cat, does face some challenges. When the human carried her, he had to make sure her paws got to the ground before letting her go. He does not have to do this with me and Jacey, because we will just hop down since we can see where the ground is.

Another consideration humans have to worry about when they adopt a special needs cat who cannot see is that they must not rearrange the furniture once the feline gets used to it. It will cause confusion, although the feline will adapt.

Special Needs Cat Bailey Jo Going Home
Special Needs Cat Bailey Jo Going Home

I am very happy that another special needs cat has found their way to a good home thanks to the work of the human. It makes me happy that many humans are learning that we special needs cats may require extra attention, but that does not take away from our ability to be loving companions for the right human!

Blind Cats Can Live Happy Lives

A Blind Cat Enjoying His Life

I am glad that you kind humans were nice enough to not be upset with me for not writing a post yesterday. The website was not working well and I was not able to get my thoughts to you. But you probably got an idea about what I was thinking from my Facebook post.

A misguided human said that it would be better to euthanize a cat that is blind than to let it enjoy its life. This human is not a cruel one, but they are misguided.

A Blind Cat Enjoying His Life
A Blind Cat Enjoying His Life

Well, as blind cats like Lucius and Homer can tell you, blind cats can live happy and fun lives despite their challenges. Cats who lose their sight gradually adapt better than cats who lose their sight quickly, but almost all of them make the transition. Despite not being able to see, they will remember where their noms, water, and litter box are and will not bump into things as long as the furniture in the house is not rearranged.

Blind Cat Homer Helped Protect His Human
Blind Cat Homer Helped Protect His Human

And sometimes, blind cats can be great protectors. Homer was able to defend his human from an intruder despite not being able to see. He used his other senses to hone in on the intruder and scared the evil human away.

There is just no question that blind cats can live happy lives. It is sad that well meaning but uninformed humans think it is more humane to euthanize a blind cat due to quality of life issues. Sadly, this even happens with the humans in white coats, who should know better.

I am glad that many felines show that despite the challenges that go with being a blind cat, they can live happy and long lives. And sometimes, they can help their humans in ways they cannot imagine. How different would the life of the human who cared for Homer be if he was not there to help scare off an intruder late at night?

Another Special Needs Cat Leaves Us

Yesterday, I shared with you the sad news that my fellow special needs cat Clyde has left us.  Sadly, I learned that another brave special needs cat also left us.  Homer had a far worse condition than a diabetic cat like me, although if our diabetes is unchecked it can result in us suffering from the same condition.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is Sad We Have Lost HomerHomer was abandoned as a kitten, and got a horrible infection that cost him his sight.  He had to have both of his eyes removed.  But he didn’t let that stop him.  His enthusiasm and energy impressed the human who took him in, and she named him Homer after the blind Greek poet who wrote classics like the Odyssey.

Homer grew from an impulsive kitten into a sleek and handsome cat who would run around his apartment and rarely let his lack of sight create a problem for him.  He would jump five feet in the air to catch flies, and in a sign of true bravery, he scared off an intruder who broke into his home.

And Homer did something that would have made his namesake proud.  He inspired his human to write a book called Homer’s Odyssey, which made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list.  The book focused on how Homer taught his human about trust, love, and taking risks. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to read Homer's book

Homer, who just celebrated his 16th birthday, had been in declining health since last fall.  His liver enzymes weren’t where they were supposed to be, and he was suffering from intestinal problems.  The humans in white coats said he didn’t have much time left, but Homer defied the odds one more time by appearing to recover in the early part of this year.  The recovery didn’t last for long, and Homer left us on August 21.

“He was so tired and it was time, ” his human said.  “Homer passed peacefully, in his own bed, in my arms.”  But even though he is gone, Homer is still going to help his fellow felines.  His human will donate all royalties from the sale of her book “Love Saves the Day,” to charity from now until October 27.  This book tells the story of a human family through the eyes of a feline.

“He was just one cat.  One tiny, big hearted, irrepressible, brave, and loyal little cat.  Who could have possibly foreseen that he would come to mean so much to so many? ” his human wrote.

I can tell you who.  A fellow special needs cat like this diabetic cat, and all the humans who love those who show that a bad break doesn’t mean you can’t be full of love and life.

Homer, if I can help just one human or feline as much as you’ve helped so many, I will have lived a good life.