Determined to Make Friends with My Visitor

Bagheera and Jacey are Two Cats With a Lot to Say

“Human, I need your help.”

“Bagheera, I am sorry you get the ear sticks and insulin shots, but you are a diabetic cat.  I can’t help you with that.”

“Not that.  The pretty visitor looks like she is going to be here for a while.  Jacey and I want to be friends with her.”

“That’s very nice, Bagheera, but she is not ready to be friends yet.  She still wants you to leave her alone.”

“Well, human, you have to help make her more comfortable around me.”

“How do you suggest I do that, Bagheera?  It didn’t take long for Jacey to get comfortable with you, but it took a long time for Pepe to do the same.  Some cats take longer.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Visitor Is Doing This“Try this.  She is under the bed, right?  And you feed her there, right?”

“I sure do, Bagheera.  That way she doesn’t have to come out if she’s not in the mood.”

“Well, feed her when I am around next time.  That way she will know I won’t hurt her.  And pet her when she is eating to make her feel more comfortable.”

“I’ll try, Bagheera.  I’ll try.”

And that is what my human did.  He went to her with her food, and let her nibble on it.  While she was eating, I sat nearby her and she saw me.  She growled quietly at me, but then went back to her food.  When my human started to pet her, she started to purr.

I am also trying to let her know I do not want to hurt her and I am her furiend.  When she is under the bed, I lie down near it.  Jacey, who is the one that startled her the most by playing the ambush game, is staying away. We want to make sure our visitor is happy

Jacey and I are determined to make sure our visitor enjoys her time here.  And our human is too.  As a diabetic cat, I don’t ever suffer from lack of attention — sometimes, I get too much of it.  So I guess I want to give some attention to this visitor.

Do you think she will start to like me and Jacey?  I sure hope so.  It will be more fun for everyone.