Headlines Exaggerate Risk from Cat Bites

You have probably seen the headlines that warn humans of the risk that cat bites present.  I have a story to share with you about cat bites.

The human was sleeping, and I was play biting his finger.  Well, he jerked his hand away instinctively, and I did what my instincts told me to do.

I bit down harder, and I cut his finger badly.  He probably should have gotten stitches, but instead, he put a lot of pressure on his finger and stopped the bleeding.  Then his finger healed on its own.

If you've done something to get this reaction, get ready for a cat biteIf you had read some articles about cat bites, you would have thought this was a miracle and that my human was very lucky.  After all, one out of every three cat bites required hospitalization, the headlines screamed.  And even the tiniest pinprick bite, the articles said, could result in hospitalization.  If you believed the articles, the one inch gash on the bottom of my human’s right pointer finger combined with the half inch cut on the top put him at risk of having his finger amputated!

The wound my human suffered from my cat bite was worse than thisWell, my human still has his finger, and the wounds have healed.  And I was very sorry when I did it.  When I released his finger, I looked up at him with sad eyes to tell him I did not mean to hurt him.

Sadly, it does not appear that the humans who wrote this irresponsible article feel the same way.  A further reading of the report that it was based on shows that the risk from cat bites was severely exaggerated.

First, the study only looked at humans who went to the hospital because of the cat bite.  My human did not go, and many humans do not go when we draw blood with one of our bites.  Instead, you do what my human did, and treat the wound at home.

One of the humans in white coats from the Ontario Veterinary College wrote about the actual risk from cat bites.  “Cat bites are nasty,” he warned.  With hundreds of thousands of bacteria in our mouths, and sharp, needle like teeth, our bites are very good at injecting bacteria deep into the bitten tissue.

But one in three people who are bitten by cats getting admitted to the hospital?  The humans in white coats were emphatic about this.  “Not a chance,” they said.

This does not mean you should ignore things when we felines bite you.  You should carefully watch the wound to make sure it doesn’t get swollen or show any other signs of infection.

But you do not have to worry that every one out of three times we bite you, you will need to go the the hospital.  Cat bites are no fun, but they are not that dangerous.  And the headline writers who scare you by telling you that make me want to do this.

This feline facepalm is how I felt when I heard the hype about cat bites

Results from the Humans In White Coats

You remember that both Jacey and I had to go to the humans in white coats recently.  The human told both of us that we had to share the results with you.

“Can I talk, Bagheera?”

“No, Jacey, wait your turn!  You are always talking.  Be quiet for a few minutes.”

“You’re no fun.  I will ambush you later.”

“Jacey, be quiet and let me talk.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Talks about the Results from the VeterinarianWhen I went to the humans in white coats, I was not happy.  I actually scratched and bit the human who gives me noms and my insulin when the human is away.  But the veterinarian told my human that this is to be expected, because I was not happy.

Some of you were concerned when the veterinarian told my human that my stomach was a little sensitive.  Fortunately, that was not a problem.  What did concern the veterinarian was that an x-ray of my lungs showed some build up, and that was why he thought I had been coughing.  He thought it might be a very low level infection.

My human told the white coated human that he would pick up my medicine when he took Jacey in.   But then when he told the veterinarian that I hadn’t coughed in a while, they decided to pass on it.  For a diabetic cat like me to fight off a infection is good news.

The human also got some good news when my fructosamine was tested.  It showed that the treatment is going well, and that my diabetes is being managed with insulin.  The hope of me not having to get insulin any more is gone, but that is okay.

“Can I talk now, Bagheera?”

“Sigh.  Yes, Jacey, you can talk.” Jacey Talks about the Results from the Veterinarian

When it was my turn to go to the humans in white coats, I was not happy.  But I got to make a canine furiend.  I guess that makes it okay, since I like making furiends.  Unlike Bagheera, who intimidated a canine.

“Jacey, be quiet about that.  He barked at me.  What did you expect me to do?”

Anyway, my blood work came back and everything was okay.  The human was worried because last time, I was a little hypoglycemic.  He told the humans in white coats that it figured.  Bagheera had too much blood sugar, and I had too little.

The human is happy with my results.  He was worried that since I talk so much, maybe something was wrong.  But that is just who I am.  I love to talk!

“Don’t we know it, Jacey.”

“Be quiet, Bagheera.  I am definitely ambushing you later.”

“Like you weren’t going to anyway?”

Okay, human, back on topic.  Anyway, I decided that going to the humans in white coats is not so bad.  I can explore and make some canine furiends.  But I still do not like the cage.

Say Hello to Special Needs Cat Aerostotle

As a diabetic cat, I am always happy to tell you about other special needs cats.  Today, I want you to meet a very brave little feline.  His name is Aerostotle and his story should warm your heart.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is So Proud of Aerostotle!Aerostotle and his sisfur were brought in to a shelter by a kind human who found them and saw they needed help.  His sisfur did fine, but for Aerostotle, things did not work out as well.  Sadly, Aerostotle, who goes by Aero for short, had contracted a very bad infection in both of his eyes.  Because of the infection, his eyes had to be removed.

It would have been very easy for Aerostotle to feel sorry for himself and sulk.  But his spirit was too strong to let that happen.  He is not sad about losing his eyes, because he probably could not see from them to begin with.  And since he was so young, he was not far past the point where kittens open their eyes to begin with. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Loves Seeing Aerostotle Comfortable

The human who adopted Aero is used to handling special needs cats.  She took care of a paraplegic cat for two years before this feline had to leave us because of severe bone degeneration.  This feline, who was named Amber, used to sleep right next to her human on the other pillow.  And she thought she would never adopt another feline, but then Aero came along.

When this kind human encountered Aero, she whispered to him “as one journey ends, another begins.”  And with that, she adopted Aero.  Aero says he does not look so good right now, but he promises that he will look better as his fur grows in.  I say that he looks just fine and that he is a very brave feline.

He says that blind cats can live very happy lives.  And he will join other special needs felines who cannot see well like Mr. Magoo and Homer, that prove that blind cats can enjoy their lives.  I am a special needs cat, too, because I am a diabetic cat.  We are proof that for the right human, we can be loving and playful companions.