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November 19 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I will tell you about my blood sugar readings today, and also share with you what is going on with me and going outside of the litter box.

The human caught me the other night going outside the litter box. He did not like it, and told me to stop. But that was the only time I did this. Right now, the human is carrying me to the litter box, putting me in there, and then letting me go.

He does this twice a day, and it seems to be working. But the whole thing confuses the human. I do not strain when he does this. I simply squat and then the urine flows out. So he does not think I have any medical issues.

And Koji is right there sometimes when I go. So the human does not think it is the fear of being ambushed by Koji that is causing this issue. Plus, I poop in the litter box, which means that I am not afraid to go into the litter box to do that.

This all leaves the human confused! But he does not mind carrying me to the litter box a couple of times a day if it means I do not go on the floor.

My Blood Sugar Readings Made Me Feel Like This
My Blood Sugar Readings Made Me Feel Like This

Now, on to my blood sugar readings, furiends. For the week, they averaged 171. That is pretty much unchanged from last week, when they averaged 173. These are good readings, furiends. They mean that my blood sugar levels are at a point where the white coated humans would not even consider diabetes. Unfortunately for me, I still need to endure insulin shots and blood testing, but it looks like it is working.

And unlike last week, we did not see any blood sugar readings where the human was very worried about me. We did see a couple where the human decided not to give me any insulin. But that is okay, as long as the average is good.

I will let you know what is going on with me and my peeing as well as my blood sugar levels next Monday.

November 5 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I hope your weekend was better than the weekend Jacey, Koji, and I had. We are used to the talking box telling the human to get up and give us our noms. But for some reason, yesterday, the talking box did not do this like it should have. Instead, it waited an extra hour to do it. We did not like this, and we complained to the human about it.

We Felines Do This When We Want Noms
We Felines Do This When We Want Noms

Koji even hopped onto the counter to try to get to the noms before the human put them in their normal place. And then, do you know what he did? Normally, Koji will nom a little, and then wander around the house. Then he will come back for more. Yesterday, he stayed and nommed until he was full!

I do not understand why the talking box was late an hour. It was very annoying! I would swat it, but if I break it, the human might not get up and then we will get no noms.

This horrible incident does not seem to have affected my blood sugar levels too badly. For the week, they averaged 178. That is higher than the 149 we saw the week before. But it is still at a safe level. And most importantly, we did not see my blood sugar levels drop to a point where the human was worried I would get very sick.

You see, furiends, a low blood sugar level can make us felines get very sick very quickly. We can tolerate a high blood sugar level for much longer. So when the human sees me at levels that are hypoglycemic, he worries. And we did not see any of those this week.

I think it is the combination of giving us felines more noms and adjusting my insulin dose down when my blood sugar readings are lower than we like. The human will have to keep doing this but he does not mind because it keeps me healthy.

October 29 Blood Sugar Readings

Furiends, did you enjoy celebrating National Cat Day with your feline furiends this weekend? I hope you did. I do not know if you can call what the human did with us celebrating.

Can the Human Get Koji to Do This?
Can the Human Get Koji to Do This?

The human tried to get Koji and me to run on the exercise wheel. He put Koji on the wheel. Then, he got Koji to pounce on a toy. The wheel moved a little, and Koji did not hop off. I just observed, and when the human put me on the wheel, I did not do anything.

The human thinks that if he can get Koji to run on the wheel, I will get curious and copy Koji. But I do not plan on telling the human if his plan has a chance to work. I did not pounce on the toy like Koji did, so the human is not sure he will be able to get me to run on the wheel.

It is quite interesting to see the human try so hard to get Koji to run on that wheel. The good thing is that we enjoy playing with him when he does it!

Now that you know about what the human did to celebrate National Cat Day, I will tell you about my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 149. That is much lower than the 209 from the week before. I am glad they were lower this week, but we had two readings that we did not like. For a change, they were too low!

Furiends, the human may start to adjust my insulin dose a little to keep that from happening. He is also trying to adjust how much we get when we nom. You see, the human cut down the noms we got because we did not finish them all. But now we complain to him because we get hungry. So we now get more noms. Hopefully this will help keep my blood sugar levels from getting too low.

I will let you know how it goes on Monday of next week. Cross those human fingers for me!