Great Cat Rescue Story Happens on Freeway

One of the reasons why my human keeps me as an indoor only cat is because he does not want me running around on the road.  While feline reflexes are very quick, human ones are slower.  And when you humans get in those metal boxes on wheels, you can often go too quickly to keep from hitting us felines.  Even our quick reflexes are sometimes not enough to save us.

That is why the cat rescue story I am going to share with you is so amazing.  We felines are often hit in neighborhood streets, where humans do not drive those metal boxes on wheels as quickly as they do on the freeway.  And that is why it was so amazing that one of my fellow felines was rescued after being trapped on a freeway.

A handsome grey feline, who has since been named Freeway, was stuck on a cold concrete block.  That was bad enough.  What made this cat rescue so incredible is that the concrete block was dangerously close to the high speed traffic on Interstate 80 near San Francisco.

Poor Freeway was stuck in this spot for several days, until a kind human called Animal Care and Control for San Francisco.  Traffic was stopped so that Freeway could be safely rescued.  Then the cat rescue team moved in, and took Freeway away from the block to the shelter.

Freeway Has a Furever Home Thanks to an Amazing Cat Rescue StoryThe word went out that Freeway had been rescued, but nobody stepped forward to let the humans at Animal Care and Control know that Freeway was their companion.  After the waiting period had passed, the human who made the call that got Freeway rescued came to the shelter to visit him.

Freeway's Cat Rescue Story Ends With the Man who Started ItWell, this kind human could not bear the thought of Freeway ever wanting for a furever home again.  Despite having a canine companion, this human decided that Freeway was going to get on the highway one last time.  Freeway would ride in the metal box on wheels to his furever home.

What a perfect ending to a very happy cat rescue story!