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January 21 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I hope you are all having a good day. It is a little chilly this morning, but nothing like what many of you humans are having to endure. And the sun is out, so Jacey, Koji, and I can work on our fur tans.

Speaking of Jacey, the human has been giving her ear drops. You see, she did not have ear mites, but she had an ear infection. The human did not know about this, and he felt bad when the white coated humans told him about this.

Jacey did not do any of the things that we felines normally do if we have issues with our ears. She did not scratch her ears excessively, or shake her head a lot. So the white coated humans surprised the human when they told him Jacey had dirty ears!

Jacey in the Human's Lap
Jacey in The Human’s Lap

Another funny thing about Jacey, furiends, is that while she is a sweet cat, she can also be fierce. Another feline tried to bully her, and she ended up chasing him away. And this feline is a good three or four pounds heavier than Jacey! He did not know how to react.

But she does not fuss too much with the human when she gets her ear drops. And she only has to endure them for one more day. When she goes to the white coated humans to get her teeth cleaned, they will completely clear out her ears to make sure they are nice and clean.

But enough about Jacey’s medical conditions. Now on to mine, my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 213. This is a lot higher than the 184 we saw last week. The human and I will have to keep an eye on these. These are not so high that they will cause long term problems, but we like to see them a little lower.

I am not worried about my blood sugar readings, though. I know the human will do what he has to in order to make sure that I am healthy! And I will let you know how things are going next week.

October 8 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I will tell you about my blood sugar readings and then I will tell you about a new toy the human has brought into the home. He is trying very hard to get Jacey, Koji, and me to play on it.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 158. This is much lower than last week, when they averaged 198. The only downside to this is that my blood sugar levels dropped way below where we want them to be a couple of time. When the human saw those readings, he did not give me any insulin. So of course that meant my glucose levels jumped very high.

I do not like this roller coaster of blood sugar readings, furiends. But the important thing is the average. And the average is quite good!

Koji Investigating the One Fast Cat Wheel
Koji Investigating the One Fast Cat Wheel

Speaking of roller coasters, the human got us a cat wheel! Jacey told us about this wheel, because she used one at The Cat Cafe. Furiends, she liked the wheel so much that when another feline used it, she peed on it!

But Koji and I are not quite as receptive to the wheel. The human has gotten Koji to get on there, and then the human turns the wheel. Koji will walk on the wheel for a minute or two, but when the human stops turning the wheel, Koji hops off.

I have investigated the wheel, but I do not like it as much as Koji does. The human is hopeful that Koji will start to play on it, and it will help him get rid of some of his energy! And then maybe if Koji does that, he will not be as interested in playing rough with me and Jacey.

Who knows, I may get on the wheel and it may help me keep my blood sugar levels where they belong. I will let you know about this next week, furiends!

September 24 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. Then I will share with you what the human wants to do for Jacey and Koji.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 237.  That is much higher than the 196 we saw the week before. And that is a lot closer to the level where bad things can occur if my blood sugar remains there for too long.

I do not know why my blood sugar levels jumped this week. But I do know that the human will monitor them and see what he can do to get them down. Hopefully I will have better news to report to you next week.

Now, on to what the human is thinking of doing for Jacey and Koji. The human saw some interesting carriers that he is thinking of getting. These carriers are backpacks, and they have a clear plastic dome so that the felines in them can see outside more easily.

The human thinks that if he gets this, Jacey and Koji can enjoy walks around the block with him. He has noticed that when Jacey goes on her daily commute, she hates it the most when the human is not touching her. When she can touch him, she does not complain as much. And that is why he thinks that Jacey would like being in this carrier better.

Will Koji Enjoy Going for Walks With the Human?
Will Koji Enjoy Going for Walks With the Human?

Koji never complained about being in a carrier, but the human thinks this will be better for him. And, he thinks it is a way for him to take Koji on walks. That way, Koji can see things that he does not normally see and it may calm him down a bit.

The human will not do this for me. I may go into the carrier every now and then, but he does not think that I will enjoy going for walks outside.

What do you kind humans think about this?