Burned Cat Vulcan Needs Help

Animal Abuse Victim Vulcan Recovering

I am always shocked when I hear about horrible animal abuse stories. Sometimes, humans can be very cruel. But there are cases where the horrible animal abuse is the sad beginning to a very happy story. That is what happened with my furiends Lucky, Justin, Dottie, and Joe, to name a few.

Now I am hopeful that another victim of animal abuse, Vulcan, will have a similar story to tell.

Animal Abuse Victim Vulcan Recovering
Vulcan Is a Victim of Horrible Animal Abuse

Vulcan, like my furiends Lucky and Justin, was set on fire by an evil and cruel human.  He managed to escape from this horrible human, but not before suffering severe injuries. Fortunately for this tough cat, the humans at Edmonton’s Animal Care and Control found him and took him to their facilities.

While visiting the facilities to find cats to rescue, one of the humans at Infinite WOOFS Animal Rescue Society saw Vulcan. His injuries were severe, as he has suffered burns over most of his body, and the humans in white coats think some of them are third degree burns.

The treatment from the humans in white coats for Vulcan is extensive. It involved shaving his fur, giving him medicine, treating him with antibiotics to avoid infections, and providing him with pain killers so he does not suffer. Vulcan also must endure daily baths.

Despite suffering from animal abuse, Vulcan is a loving and friendly cat. He loves to get ear scritches and head rubs, and he has a very loud and loving purr.

Poor Vulcan is always going to have scars on both his body and his heart due to the animal abuse he suffered. And he has a long way to go before he recovers.

Animal Abuse Survivor Vulcan
Vulcan Is Recovering from His Animal Abuse

But Infinite WOOFS is committed to making sure he gets the treatment he needs in order to recover and thrive. And when he does, they will find him a loving home where he will never have to worry about such cruelty again.

I do not have to tell you that Vulcan’s care will require many green paper things. Please send some if you can. And if you cannot, please send healing thoughts to Vulcan and share his story with others.

Pascal Latest To Recover From Animal Abuse

It is always sad for me when I have to share a story of horrible animal abuse.  Even when the felines in question turn out to be okay, like my good buddies Lucky, Justin, Bindy and Treasure, it makes me very sad.  I do not understand why evil humans enjoy torturing an animal.  It doesn’t make any sense.  If you do not like us, leave us alone, but there is no reason for animal abuse!

What is even worse is when the humans abusing the animals are children.  What kind of evil humans raise kids that think it is right to set a defenseless feline on fire?

Pascal Was Set on Fire in a Case of Horrible Animal AbuseSadly, that is what happened to Pascal, near where I used to live.  He is a Baltimore feline who was rescued when a witness called the authorities and they took him to the animal shelter.  The shelter could have taken the easy way out and euthanized Pascal.  But they didn’t, and they treated his injuries.

Pascal is eating his noms heartily and his human caretaker, who has lots of experience with burn victims, is hopeful that he will make a full recovery.  Despite his horrible injuries and the cruelty he went through, he is a purring machine who loves humans.

Pascal is the Victim of Horrible Animal AbusePascal will need a lot of help recovering from his injuries, and it is likely to require lots of green paper things.  But I know that many humans have helped so many victims of animal abuse and I hope that the feline loving community will do so again.  If you can help, please donate to his care.  And if not, please send healing wishes and share his story.

This also reminds us that four legged and two legged creatures must unite to stop animal abuse.  The human who reported Pascal’s abuse to the authorities did the right thing.  And we must encourage law making humans to do the right thing as well, by enacting laws to form a national animal abuse registry!

Please help so that no animal has to suffer through what Pascal is enduring right now.

Catster Highlights Some Good Furiends

One of my favorite sites is Catster.  They were kind enough to run a story on this diabetic cat, and they were very nice to me.  But lately, they’ve kind of been on a roll.  They have shared the stories of two of my good furiends.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend LuckyFirst, they ran a story on my good ginger buddy Lucky.  I told the story of how with the help of Anakin, I was able to spread Lucky’s story and how donations came in from as far away as Dubai.  I am very happy that Catster gave Lucky the attention he deserves with an article all to himself.

We all know the story of how Lucky was tortured by an evil human who doused him with acid.  But Lucky also saw the very best in humans, too.  One of the most moving quotes was from a human who had suffered second and third degree burns herself.  She said “I know what Lucky is going through….Please tell him it will get better.  I know.”  I showed that quote to my human and he told me he got something in his eye.  Silly human.  I know what was going on.

Then Catster ran an article on my tiny kitten furiend Justin.  As the article said, it is very disturbing to know that there are humans who are so depraved that they would set a tiny one pound kitten on fire.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Justin

You would think that a cat who was tortured so badly would be very shy.  You would be wrong.  He is, according to the wonderful human who has given Justin a safe and loving home, playful and feisty.  Despite his horrific abuse, Justin love humans  He is inquisitive, active, playful, and happy.

Justin and his human recently made an appearance on The View.  And despite having all sorts of strange humans, bright lights, and large machines around him, Justin was ready to play.  His cute stubs of ears endeared the audience, and showed what a little love can do.

I love these cats.  I face challenges as a diabetic cat, but I have never been tortured or abused.  Justin and Lucky are very special cats.  I am glad they are getting the attention they deserve.