Tenth Life Helps Tiny Felines

Furiends, I know that many of you want to help tiny felines. One thing to remember is that if you see tiny felines and their mother is close by, leave them alone. It is likely their mother will come to help them soon. Observe for a while to see if the mother is taking care of the tiny felines.

That will prevent what happened with four tiny felines from occurring. These tiny felines were abandoned by their mother when a well meaning human intervened when she was moving them to safer ground. The mother thought these tiny felines were lost, so they moved on.

Say Hello to Chirp, Chuckle, Chatter and Squeak

But Tenth Life took them in, and they are working hard to give these tiny felines the care their mother would have provided them. Kind humans at the organization are giving them around the cat bottle feeding. They also weigh the tiny felines, help them relieve themselves, and do all the other things a mother would do.

It is hard work, but the kind humans at Tenth Life who do these things enjoy it. They get to spend time with adorable tiny felines. When these tiny felines grow big enough to be adopted, they are happy because they gave them a chance to thrive.

Learn more about what to do if you see tiny felines here. That way, you help them if they need it and you do not separate them from their mothers if they do not.