Two for the Price of One

This Bonded Pair Found a Loving Home

We felines are smart creatures. And sometimes, even though you humans are smarter than we are, we can outsmart even you two legged creatures.

That is what happened with two inseparable felines in a happy cat rescue story. One day, a human got a call from her husband who said, “we have a cat.” She arrived home to find that her husband had rescued a tiny little white kitten, who had clearly been neglected.

These humans did not think the kitten they had rescued was going to make it through the night. But they had to try, and they squirted a little baby formula into her tiny mouth. Fearing the worst, they went to bed, expecting to have to bury this kitten before it had a chance to live.

I do not have to tell you I would not be calling this a happy cat rescue story if the tiny feline did not make it. She made it through the night and the humans were very happy.

This Bonded Pair Found a Loving Home
This Bonded Pair Found a Loving Home

Then another call came. Another cat had come by, in the same condition. Once again, the kind humans in this cat rescue story helped the tiny malnourished orange kitten.

These humans wanted to keep the first white kitten, but they figured they would need to find a home for the orange one. That all changed when one day, the orange kitten curled up next to his sisfur, and affectionately stroked her back with his chin.

The humans knew they could not separate these two felines after that. They named the white kitten Alley and the orange one Wampus and these two are best furiends.  When one is separated from the other, they cry for each other.

This happy two for one cat rescue story came about because one human cared enough to take in a starving tiny feline. And then they cared enough to make sure these two bonded kittens stayed together.

Cat Rescue Story Of Popcorn

Cat Rescue Story featuring Popcorn

This week, I have shared some sad stories that did not make me happy. That is why today I want to share with you a very happy cat rescue story. It features a tiny little kitten who knew that the human who found him when he was sick would be one who could not turn away a feline in need. Now, he is in a loving home.

Popcorn’s cat rescue story started on a very stormy day, where many of those watery things were falling from the sky. Despite the downpour, a human noticed a faint meowing. After looking to see where it was coming from, the human noticed a tiny grey furball hiding under a car.

Since this human had seen a feline mother and kittens, they put this guy by where they had seen the other cats, hoping that the mother would care for this kitten. The kitten had other ideas. As soon as the human walked away, he ran after them as quickly as his tiny little feet would let him. This happened a couple more times, and then the human decided that Popcorn could not be left alone.

A closer look revealed a kitten that was in bad shape. Popcorn was very malnourished, and he was basically skin on bones. His gums were white instead of pink, and even his meows were weak. That is when his human decided to take him in.

Cat Rescue Story featuring Popcorn
Do Not Bother Me When I am Eating My Noms!

This feline needed noms, so the human provide him with them. He was slow to drink the kitten milk he was provided with, but eventually he did. Then Popcorn’s human gave him a bath, and was amazed to see that this grey kitten was actually white, like my furiend Cloud!

The next chapter in this cat rescue story was a trip to the humans in white coats. Here, Popcorn was examined, and found to be okay. But the humans in white coats said that if he had been left there on his own, he would not have lasted much longer.

Cloud is now a happy and mischievous feline in a loving home. And this cat rescue happened because a human cared enough to save a tiny, wet ball of fur.

Kitten Rescued From Freeway

A Happy Cat Rescue Started in This Car Wheel

You know that I do not like those metal boxes with wheels.  I do not like getting into them, because that means that the human will likely be taking me to the humans in white coats.  Even though I have learned to tolerate the humans in white coats, I still do not like them.

If I do not like being inside of one of these metal boxes with wheels, can you imagine how horrible it would be for a kitten who is stuck on the freeway with lots of those going by very quickly?  Well, that is what happened recently in the Bay Area, and thanks to a very kind human, this turned out to be a happy cat rescue and adoption.

A Happy Cat Rescue Started in This Car Wheel

A human saw a tiny little kitten in the median of the 580 freeway in Oakland.  She stopped to get the cat, and the cat hopped into her wheel to hide.  She tried to get the feline out, but she was unable to.  Then she called the California Highway Patrol, and they sent a tow truck to get the car.

The tow truck driver was able to get the cat out, and the human who stopped to rescue the kitten was going to take the feline to the Humane Society.  But another human who also stopped to help decided to adopt the feline on the spot.

It is said that we felines have nine lives.  I wonder how many lives this feline used up in its short time with us.  Not only did it manage to make it to the median, but then it made it to the humans car, and didn’t get burnt by the hot brakes.  And then the cat rescue story gets better, as the feline gets out of the wheel and then is adopted on the spot so that it does not have to risk running out of time at the shelter!